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Science And Health Essay Examples

Essays on Science And Health

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Investigatory Project (Natural Mosquito Repellent)

Abstract Mosquito repellents are essentially required these days. Mosquito coils are one of the cheapest and effective way of avoiding them, but this coils are made up of chemicals which can harm our health. So we thought about making a substitute mosquito coil that is not harmful to our health and that is the Anstor katol a natural and environmental friendly coil. Introduction Background of the Study: We chose this project because a mosquito coil made up from natural mosquito…...

The purpose of a CPOE system

1. Provide a brief overview of the case (one paragraph or less). What is this case about? -This case study talks about Emory Clinic implementing a computerized provider order entry system and describes the changes the clinic went through. The case study also talks about how the system affected the hospital and the healthcare works when implementing to system. It discusses people’s reaction to the system and the advantages and problems that arise when the system was being implemented. 2.…...

The Myers-Briggs Type Indication

The Myers-Briggs type indication is a psychological test that is based upon the theories of Swiss Psychiatrist Carl Jung. The test divides people into 16 distinguishable personality types, based on high and low scores on 4 "scales" (Zemke, 1992). On the basis of their responses on the test, people are classified as extraverted or introverted, picking up or intuitive, thinking or feeling and evaluating or perceiving (Langton, Robbins and Judge, 2013). The MBTI has actually been utilized by many companies…...

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Insect Repellent and Investigatory Project

We make this Project to be used as a Natural Insect Repellant. Aside from it is homemade, its ingredients can only be found in your background. It is not bad for the environment, it is not also bad for your skin if you use into it. For Lemongrass is a plant. Aside from the leaves and the oil are used to make medicine and some people apply lemongrass and its essential oil directly to the skin for headache, stomachache, abdominal…...

The Use of Pesticides

The use of pesticides is an important decision that thousands of communities face each year. Nobody likes dealing with mosquitos and the diseases they bring so using chemicals and pesticides is an option but with other consequences. Mosquitos carry West Nile Virus that affects the city of Genericville every year with 50 cases projected this year in the city and two fatalities as well. On the other hand, the chemicals proposed for controlling the mosquito population has its own risks.…...

Properties of Hydrates

Purpose: The purpose of the "Characteristic of Hydrates" lab is to study hydrates, and have the ability to recognize them. This lab also concentrates on observing the reversibility of hydration reactions by hydrolysis, and also evaluating compounds for efflorescence of deliquescence. Procedure: A.Identification 1. Place 0.5 grams of each substance (Nickel Chloride, Potassium Chloride, Salt Tetraborate, Sucrose, Calcium Carbonate, and Barium Chloride) in a little dry test tube. 2. Heat carefully with a burner flame and observe carefully. If droplets…...

Psychological and Sociological Insights

This essay will address how psychological and sociological insights help nurses to understand health lifestyles by exploring life sciences, focusing on people who engage in smoking and how they seem to override the fact that they are putting their health at risk. In addition to this I will also be highlighting statistics and briefly discussing the health complications that develop from smoking. Consequently, it is important for nurses to understand how people function, more so when they are healthy so…...

Cobra vine, a native herbal plant

Product Background Introduction In this highly luxurious extravagant world, food and other beverages has always been one of the things which maintain the mainstream of life. Aside from being one of the basics for survival, gatherings are also made perfect by food preparation and stress is now often associated with food. This activities show that food intake nowadays is far different from the conventional times. Furthermore, this lavish lifestyle most of the people have results in an unhealthy body. On…...

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