School Essay Topics

School Prayer & the US Constitution

Prelude There was a lot of happening in 1960’s, or so it seems. The lawyers, the clerics, the socialists, the politicians, the religious activists and the common public; they all appeared to have something critical, urgent and spat on their agenda; rather exceedingly controversial and notorious matter; the Prayer in Schools. Court prohibits Prayer in… View Article

Integrating different perspectives

School violence is a growing concern in our schools at present, and it is a reality that we must deal with if we are ever to find solutions for these situations and how to prevent it form happening again. The world was shocked when the recent killings in Virginia Tech occurred last month and somehow… View Article

After School Activities and the Effect on Student Academic Performance

Due to an increase in concern surrounding the academic performance of students, a growth in the number of mothers working outside of the home and the risks surrounding children who are unsupervised after school a national concern has been raised as to the after school activities that captivate the students’ attention.  As the result of… View Article

The Impact of Discipline in the Behavior of Middle School Students

Abstract: While the impact of discipline on middle school students can vary, it is important to investigate into practices and discipline strategies that have been proposed used and for middle school environments. It is becoming increasingly clear that problem behaviors need to be addressed not only by school staff but by the community. The following… View Article

The Quality of Education in the Public School System

Basic education whether it is from a public or a private school is one of the most fundamental needs of mankind. It is responsible for the advancement of our civilization. Education is a vital necessity and the fundamental right of an individual. It is difficult to put a price tag for education. However, it can… View Article

The School Culture

The school culture stresses on a diverse mix of students; life at the school is a unique experience for the students. How will your candidature contribute to the culture at this school? I have studied at two very different universities. This has given me the opportunity to mix with many people as well as coming… View Article

School Culture: Impact on Language Teaching

Introduction School culture, also named school climate, refers to “the sum of the values, cultures, safety practices, and organizational structures within a school that cause it to function and react in particular ways” (Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, 2006). This culture can be either stimulating or discouraging to teachers, bringing out their potential or,… View Article

Prayer in School

John Knox Press, 1996. 45-218. In this book the author gives an epic description of the controversy surrounding the debate on prayer in public schools. It touches on the legal aspects as well as the interpretation of among other articles the first amendment. Alley uses history and preceding events to bring out his argument against… View Article

Charting a New Course for Schools

Marc Tucker’s article, “Charting a New Course for Schools,” highlights the most urgent problems that the American education system currently faces. He mentions the need to reform the education system in order to compete in today’s global economy.             Tucker pointed out the deficiencies of the educational system in the country today. Furthermore, he stressed… View Article

Victimization At School

One type of victimization that can happen at school is school shootings. We have seen too many times where students and teachers have been victimized by other students who bring guns to school and take innocent lives, due to many personal reasons. There is a huge need for stricter gun control laws to make certain… View Article

Use Of Cell Phones In School

The New York city public schools should allow the use of cell phones in schools as cell phones represent the wonderful synthesis of a host of modern technologies that can be used in assisting students with education and training, along with providing a useful tool to help in cases of emergencies that enhances safety and… View Article

Plagarism in schools

The term ‘plagiarism’ comes from the Latin word meaning ‘kidnapping’.  It is form of academic dishonesty in which one person passes on another persons work, words and ideas as own.  Several universities and schools do not allow plagiarism of any sort.  Some of the educational institutions often term plagiarism as the worst form of academic… View Article

POLC in the School System

Just like any other organization, a school system would not be able to function properly without an efficient administrator and an effective administration process. In the case of school systems, the administrator would be the superintendent of the school. As the administrator, the superintendent serves as both the leader and the manager of the school…. View Article

Life and Debt in the University

Incurring debts while studying is never a pleasant experience. However, today’s increasing tuition and school fees, coupled with rising costs of living, have made indebtedness inevitable for many students. Although there are students who get heavily indebted from living frivolous lifestyles, most of the students I know usually had valid reasons of being compelled to… View Article

Career Advancement: Work experience or Graduate School?

One of the greatest accomplishments of a student is graduating from college. Graduation is a students’ climactic completion of their academic requirements and it signifies their emancipation from their scholarly life. More so, it indicates the start of their entry in the “real” world.  The question of what to do after graduation dominates the common… View Article

Decreasing Population of Bachelor of Secondary Education

INTRODUCTION Anyone who chooses a teaching career in the Philippines must hold a degree in teacher education. Teachers in public and private elementary schools must have at least a bachelor’s degree in elementary education. High school teachers are expected to have a bachelor’s degree in secondary education with specialization (a major and a minor) in… View Article

First Day of School

Looking up at the clock, the hands finally read three o’clock, the piercing sound of the school bell ringing, releasing my classmates and I from our first day of kindergarten. As I step outside the front doors, I see the long line of buses, which seems to infinitely extend into the distance. “Six”, I said… View Article

Has the World Treated Me Fairly or Unfairly?

Everyone has a different perspective on fairness of the world, people would say that the world has been fair, unfair, or both to their lives. I stand where I believe the world has been fair to my life. Living in Saipan gave me a lot of opportunities and great moments. I received great education and… View Article

Education in the Philippines

The system of education in the Philippines was patterned both from the educational systems of Spain and the United States. However, after the liberation of the Philippines in 1946, the systems have changed radically. The Department of Education (or DepEd) administers the whole educational system, which also includes the allocation of funds utilized for school… View Article

Proposal Preventing School Dropout

Introduction Currently, it is expected that all students should graduate from high school. Still, hundreds of students in American schools drop out of school before graduating. Many observations made clearly show that more students continue to drop out of schools and the goal ensuring that each student graduate from high school remains a pipe dream…. View Article

Improvement of the School Environment

On behalf of the students of SMK Bagan Serai, I, Lee Shun Zhuan, the head prefect would like to draw your attention to certain problems of the students. Our school is the quintessence of schools in Kerian district, but for your information, there is still room for improvement of the school environment. In fact, most… View Article

My Ideal School

What is a school? To me, a school is the center of education. It provides intellectual ,emotional as well as spiritual enrichment. I am sure everyone has their own notion of what an ideal school is. It is a place where one feels most comfortable to learn in. In my opinion,an ideal school would consists… View Article

School Administrators

The role of education does not solely revolve around creating opportunities for children to learn and acquire information. At the same time, the role of reaching out to the community and reaping its benefits have been becoming part of administrative practice. With this idea on mind, there is an increasing need for administrators and educators… View Article

Private schools vs public schools

Introduction: The controversy related to private schools vs public schools has developed over the years. Several arguments have been forwarded from the proponents of both view points and have eulogized the one stream of schools over the other. Private schools are generally regarded a better option for educating the children if one has the resources…. View Article

Public and Private Schools

There are many advantages and disadvantages to both public and private schools. As a parent, both options must be explored and the choice must be based on what is right for each particular child.  Public schools often have a larger variety of subjects available, especially when it comes to electives. However, what is learned is… View Article

Going Back to School

Returning to school was something I alway intended to do in my life. I knew there would be some obstacles and hurdles i would have to overcome to make my dream come true. Here are some obstacles I had to overcome in my past with previous school experinces I have had to return back to… View Article

Look on the Bright Side

Throughout everyone’s life they are surrounded by negative people and their thoughts and numerous negative environments. It is your own choice as to whether you are going to see the world in a positive or a negative aspect. As for myself, I chose to try my best to live my life as an optimist. It… View Article

Embedded Assessment

This Embedded Assessment is very mentally challenging. The assignment keeps you thinking. After I heard our assignment for today, I just sat there wondering, which aspect of my life do I choose? Out of all my symbols which one is going to be the easiest to write about? I realized, it isn’t about getting it… View Article

High school

In the last semester of junior high school, I left home for my study experience in Sydney. Though I initially had a hard time because of language barrier, I later made friends with my interesting enthusiasm and friendliness. Thereafter, I also studied abroad in Canada, an experience that helped expand my general perspectives in life…. View Article

The German and American School Systems

Although German students and American students start at around the same age, and both attend Kindergarten and their goals are the same, the school systems are very different. The German School System German children start Kindergarten at around the ages of four to six years old. They attend five days a week. Kindergarten starts, on… View Article