Education Privileged: About The Importance Of Higher Education

Education is a very significant and necessary part of today’s society. It is one of the most crucial things required in the life of everyone. However, as much as we appreciate the importance of higher education and accept its necessity in people’s lives people do not receive the same kind of education. Though, those who have received the privilege are likely to claim it is a right. The ability to pursue education is a great privilege to have. It is also clear that not many can receive the education that they possess a right to.

In the article “An Instructor's Guide to understanding Privilege” the author writes “privilege is simply put societally granted, unearned advantages to some people and not others.” This has led to an automatic divide among individuals into two groups, the educated and the uneducated individuals. As stated in an article by the READ Foundation, “Both groups of the societies have their disadvantages and advantages which can be assessed in terms of social status, mentality, and the level of economic power” (Educated vs Uneducated).

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Based on the proof from day-to-day activities in the world, it is evident that the world has more opportunities and privileges for educated individuals than it has for uneducated people.

Whenever someone thinks of people who are educated and who are not uneducated, about the importance of higher education, the first thing that comes to that person's mind is the difference in the level of income. Educated people have academic certificates verifying their educated status and this counts a lot anywhere in the world.

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As Kendra Thomas says, “Having these academic certificates puts more opportunities at their disposal and this implies that they will have good employment slots and therefore earn a better income” (Thomas et al. 109). It is important to understand that people who get educated have more opportunities to get better jobs and income. Uneducated people must perform a lot of heavy tasks like working in a construction field or have temporary jobs. They go through this because they have not completed the required minimum amount of academic qualification. They can cut down their chances of securing a good, well-paying job. This elevates the social status of the educated people to a level higher than the uneducated because earning more money during one’s lifetime often results in having a good quality of life, better days, better food, and longer life. The issue of their level of income brings out the aspect of being higher raking and lower ranking in the society. When a person has more money, they seem to be generally respected by other people. Another reason educated people may have a superior status in society is that of their daily life activities. Uneducated individuals have comparatively less time to add quality to their life since they even lack enough income to help their families.

The other aspect that shows how education puts people in a privileged position is the mentality of the educated. The educated people possess the advantage of having greater know-how about the world, possibilities, and other people. This is because they have gained more information both culturally and scientifically, or technically. On the other hand, the uneducated are usually close-minded because most of what they have learned, and seen is from their parents. Often, uneducated parents want their children to grow up making better decisions and doing better than them. Uneducated parents tend to raise their kids under the same mentalities that they were raised with. They want their children to come up making better decisions and doing better than them.

In the world today, an amount number of grownups can not read and write. These people struggle daily and in various situations as they try to live in a world that keeps on changing and is less keen on feeding them. However, being uneducated can bring these individuals a hard time when becoming accustomed to the ways of the twenty-first century. Our society runs on technology and computers. Therefore, “with uneducated households, these kids may miss additional home learning to be instilled by their parents since the parents encounter problems trying to help their children with school matters such as class reports, projects and homework” (Walford 21). All these inabilities pull a child backward. There is only so much learning a student can gain from school, and they require more from their home through their parents.

The voice of educated people is more likely to be listened to, compared to an uneducated person’s voice. One of the biggest challenges today is poverty. According to Kendra Thomas “The amount and quality of education people receive enables them to proceed to higher education, gives them a stronger voice, and a more stable and comfortable place in society” (Thomas). Educated people want to learn more, accept if they are wrong, and try to make the best out of the situation while uneducated people just want to be right. Most adults who are uneducated have no power in changing their current conditions. This is because they do not have different skills that can allow them to compete in the search for jobs with more benefits and income. Generally, educated people have always been an outstanding example of strength. Uneducated people fight constantly on a day to day to support their families and they never give up easily. There are also uneducated people who despite having pretty much nothing, still share whatever they have with the people who have even less.

Lack of education also makes people go through difficulties in their social encounters. Social relationships are made difficult due to the lack of skills and information as people experience problems keeping up and understanding their kid's school because of the inability to read letters, and reports and take part in class meetings. Thus, they will feel out of place, embarrassed, or isolated when in the presence of other grown-ups. Also, there is a tendency for people to segregate others whom they deem illiterate or who are below them in status. This notion is false because there are many uneducated people with some important lessons to offer. Generally, an educated person's opinion about various things is usually respected by society. There are also uneducated people who despite having pretty much nothing, still share whatever little they have with the people who have even less. Educated people can therefore learn something about the beauty and simplicity of life by observing how the uneducated make the best out of their limited opportunities.

In conclusion, all children begin the learning process at birth. The challenge that makes some end up uneducated is that sometimes many of the resources for learning are not given to people equally. For example, poor working-class parents do not often have professional jobs that can allow them to have paid maternity leave that allows them to have time for their babies. Similarly, low-income parents mostly struggle to afford stable and safe childcare, let alone the enriching, stimulating early childhood education that will prepare a child for school. Therefore, this results in large income-based readiness gaps in students. Many suggest that high-quality baby and infant care and pre-school care services are made accessible to every family. All of this reminds members of society that they should never be underestimated the significance of education.

Updated: Feb 14, 2024
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