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With the way the world is advancing, the college has become almost a necessary requirement in finding a job. We have to agree that in today’s economy high school is not worth anything in the job market, without higher education, it is difficult for people who have a basic high school diploma to get a good job, most of the time they will be stuck working minimum wages jobs. By attending college, students gain the necessary skills to pursue a satisfying professional career, as a matter of fact, college graduates are more likely to be hired in a higher paying job than those with a high school diploma.

One argument against college education is that college is not a guarantee for a job and often not even a requirement; this is partially true we cannot deny that many people could learn in their job and become very good at what they are doing but still, they won’t be hired today without a college degree.

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Just a generation ago, receiving a college degree was not a necessity; people did not worry too much about it, they could easily transition straight from high school into many different jobs. But not today, technology has taken over; almost every industry has incorporated technology into their business, therefore one needs additional skills that only college education provided. Having a higher education is indispensable; it’s largely the first step in order to meet the job market standards. So it’s not a good idea to ignore the value of college education, the best one performs in the college, the more job opportunities are available for hard working and engaged students.

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Through college, students become more tolerant toward differences and diversity of culture, in fact during the learning time for a college education, students have the opportunity to learn and meet with a lot of people from diverse backgrounds, which has similar effects as living in another country or culture. It’s both a challenging and rewarding experience, because being exposed to individuals from a different race, religion… helps students develop and form relationships and learn how to resolve any conflict within this relationship. Moreover, they learn about aspects and perspectives of life through a different culture and people, as a result, will easily adapt to any changing environment

Furthermore higher education expands individual critical thinking, no matter what degree students pursue, it is indispensable for them to take courses in a variety of subjects, and most of those courses will require them to think critically, participate in the conversation and communicate more clearly. Those are the skills that employers require when they are hiring. Even the students that attend college seeking only a degree that allows them to enter the job market, will be surprised to find that their ability to think critically, speak and write clearly has been developed as a result of the learning experience through the college years.

To conclude higher education is good for many things in a society that is constantly changing, this challenging and rewarding experience help students to truly find themselves.

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