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Importance Of College Education - Essay Examples and Topic Ideas

Education has always been believed as the key to success. The success in this aspect includes the knowledge acquired that aids one to advance in his career, and social life. This is manifested through access to better health, a house, a dream car, education for one`s children, good food, and so forth. This belief has made many people sacrifice their resources in pursuit of knowledge. However, their hard work has met a lot of challenges since it has compounded their lives further. Many have pursued an education in expensive institutions but have either failed to get a source of livelihood or the income generated has not been comparable to the level of education.

Additionally, there are those who have got frustrated in the pursuit of careers that match their education thus getting frustrated and resulting in drugs. Moreover, there is another category of those who either had little training or none at all and are living better lives as compared to their counterparts who toiled in school. This baffles many and leads to the question as to what, how, and when will the benefits of education will fully be felt.

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