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Depending on who you ask, most people will tell you that attending a four-year university, graduating with a bachelor’s degree or higher is necessary to be successful in the future. However, that mentality is what is causing students to feel obligated to go to a university when it is not the right answer for everybody. 

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Reasons Students Don’t Graduate

The college dropout rate is exceptionally high and is continuing to increase. Currently, fifty-seven percent of students in college have not graduated after six years, and of that thirty-three percent of them drop out. When asked for their reasoning behind dropping out, the three main reasons were, cost of tuition, not being prepared, and the added independence and responsibility of a college student. (Vedder)

Ohio State University conducted a national survey that showed seven out of ten college students feel stressed about their personal finances, and it was also reported that 32 percent of college students neglect their studies because of the money they owe. Many students have a job while in school and find it difficult to balance both. Therefore, 54% said they dropped out because they couldn’t balance work and school.

Also, reported that in 44 states more than half of the students surveyed said they were not prepared for college academically. (Butrymowicz) And even academically prepared students often become overwhelmed by the prospect of so much independence and responsibility and the high demands of their school work, that they shut down. College students do not always recognize all of the possible options after high school because society tells us to go to college when we graduate.

Tennessee Promise Alternative

Depending on what you want to do, taking an alternate route from the typical four-year university might be what’s best for you. Living in the state of Tennessee, we have access to Tennessee Promise, which gives us access to two free years at a community college or technical school. Yet, many students decide against this due to the stigma regarding community colleges or their need to get away. (Travis)

Due to the negative stigma regarding not going to a university, many believe the four-year university is the only route to a successful and respectable career. However, many people who end up going to university usually end up dropping out, and would have been more successful starting or even finishing at a community college or technical school.

Getting Two Degrees

However, depending on your degree, you can get an associate’s degree, and make more money starting out than many bachelor’s degrees. For example, an air traffic controller makes $120,000 a year, a radiation therapist makes more than $80,000 a year, a nuclear technician makes $80,000 a year. The list could continue. These people start their careers as early as age twenty-one and have no college debt. For example, one graduate has shared her experience at a community college. She said that she always took pride in her academics and that she saw that going to a community college was a downgrade for her. However, after earning her associate degree and transferring to a four-year university she shares it was one of the best decisions she has ever made.

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