Robot Essay Topics

Enlightenment virtue

The advances in robotics have also been staggering. Today’s robots, in addition to doing the menial tasks once performed by unskilled laborers, are considered vital contributing participants in such diverse environments as hospitals, factories, universities, offices, and banking institutions. The level of artificial intelligence attained is not quite at human levels, but is approaching those… View Article

Robots Are Not Human Beings

It is almost impossible to create a creature which is exactly the same as humans. Most of the robots can think as logically as we can and they can maybe act approximately the same we do but they hardly ever can show feelings. Not be able to think cognitive is one of the major problems… View Article

Asimo by Honda

Asimo by Honda is capable of being a giant help in japans catastrophic Radiation problem which is consuming lives as we speak. Honda has created robotic arms based off the asimo robot to assist the workers in the cleanup. asimo is a fully rotational fully capable intelligent creation using the most advanced technology known to… View Article

The Enhancement of the Quadruped Robot

1. A TOY ROCK CLIMBING ROBOT The goal of this thesis was to build a simple toy rock climbing robot, and to explore problems related to grasping, path planning, and robot control. The robot is capable of climbing a wall of pegs either under manual control through a host system and an infrared interface, or… View Article