In our current society we have a number of different technologies

In our current society we have a number of different technologies that we are surrounded by everyday. These different technologies come in many different forms and have many different uses. As a child born in 1996 I grew up with movies that depicted that the future there would be crazy inventions such as paperless offices, flying cars and robots. Our society is working towards those goals but are in the very beginning stages of these promises. The four promises are as follows;

The first promise, the paperless offices, is a work in progress but in my opinion I don’t think offices will ever be completely “paperless” but the amount of paper used will be greatly reduced.

Offices are in fact using less paper because the main form of communication is email and other software. Much older documents are being digitized so that they can be organized and accessed electronically with ease. Though some documents require a physical copy, which is why this promise will be difficult to fulfill.

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Companies will always have to keeping physical on hand so going completely paperless is essentially a pipe dream.

The second promise, flying cars are another form of technology that was very popular in movies in the 60’s. Today cars have changed whereas many cars have built in computers with cameras and GPS’s. Some cars have the technology to drive themselves. Flying cars in my opinion will not be a promise that will come to fruition. ; There is very little current innovation moving forward toward this promise though we have access to more resources and materials that are safer, lighter and more efficient.

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For this to be real possibility the world’s economy would have to change along with the infrastructure, For example, we would see the disappearance of roads. . A new form a licence would have to be created. The world of aviation would be fundamentally changed as well. Therefor I do not see this promise being fulfilled at any point in the near future.

The third promise, Robots in this day and age are not as far along as movies have depicted them to be. We do have some appliances such as vacuums that are “considered” robots; another example of a robot is the mars rover but was controlled by a human. Robots of the future are being designed to look, feel and act similarly to humans. They are being designed for a number of different reasons. While Hollywood’s depiction of robots and androids area far cry from today’s reality, there are many programs and engineers who are in the process of building more futuristic robots. There is a program to build “rescue robots” in which robots are being built to be programmed to assist in search and rescue missions’ individuals in distress. I believe that this promise will be fulfilled within the next couple of years when we have the proper technology to reach this goal; and that it will be made a priority.

The fourth promise; Artificial Intelligence also known and AI. We today all have some form of artificial intelligence, our phones. Each smartphone has “Siri” or some kind of virtual assistance in the palm of your hand. Many homes now have an “Alexa” or a “Google Home” that you can ask a variety of questions, shop, and even have your house lights or temperature change just by asking. Essentially your house will become a smartphone. There are a number of risks and benefits to AI as with anything else One of the big risks. With which everyone is familiar mainly deal with privacy and security issues. While the rise of Artificial intelligence has many years to reach its potential researchers must use that time to plan ahead and to compare and contrast the benefits and risks of AI and to possibly prevent future issues and threats that the public and government are rightly concerned about.

In conclusion the four promises as mentioned above are all works in progress, but some are further in production than others and some have and will branch out into different forms of technology. There are several questions that needs to be considered with regard to each If all the promises are fulfilled, how will the four promises affect our economy, jobs and future? Will it aid or can it negatively affect our current society?

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