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Robots And Machines

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 3 (547 words)
Categories: Human, Human Life And Environment, Innovation, Robot, Robot A Wonderful Machine, Technology, Vehicles
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STUDENT NAME : Ahmed Taher Elsayed Ibrahim

STUDENT ID NO: 201900794



As of late, we have seen robots and machines supplanting numerous occupations that used to be finished by individuals. The inquiries at the forefront of everybody’s thoughts are when will it stop, will robots replace people in all things, what occupations will be left? As innovation keeps on advancing, robots are turning out to be cleverer than individuals and PCs figure out how to perform undertakings with more noteworthy proficiency than us, it is stressful to feel that one day robots will be in each workplace and there will be fewer and fewer occupations accessible for individuals.

PCs bring numerous advantages for organizations, who commit fewer errors, set aside cash and work quicker and more definitely. This is the reason numerous organizations in all fields are starting to utilize more machines.

Some time ago, individuals created vehicles and drove them.

Machines would now be able to do both of these things, with robots built up that can drive vehicles securely, which could mean occupation misfortunes later on for transport and cab drivers. Throughout recent years machines have gradually been assuming control over the job of building autos, in each organization and each plant. Toyota nonetheless, has chosen to take a pace back and procure progressively human representatives, as they feel that as long as they are all around prepared and truly comprehend the errand they are doing, they will bring preferable quality work over robots. Toyota’s sentiment is that machines resemble a great deal of normal specialists, while individuals who are prepared well resemble aces in the work environment, in this way making better items.

There are presently less individuals utilized in the retail and bank enterprises, as self-serve machines and ATMs imply that clients can do most undertaking themselves on these, and less representatives are required. This is the equivalent for drug stores, where some are presently utilizing robots rather than individuals to fill in solutions. There is even programming now that can create stories and articles, which implies less work for journalists and correspondents, and programming that can audit archives that would have recently been broken down by legal advisors.

Machines would now be able to do a great deal of human undertakings, with even robot space explorers being created by NASA. Fighters are additionally easing back being supplanted, first by rambles and furthermore with robot troopers being grown, however this might be viewed as a bit of leeway to numerous as it will spare lives.

There are currently over 1.2 million modern machines and robots working over the globe, and will develop as innovation propels. Anyway there are numerous fields wherein people won’t have the option to be supplanted, as masterful occupations that utilization our innovativeness and creative mind, something that PCs are not ready to reach and places, for example, medical clinics. While there are currently robots that are performing medical procedure, not all assignments in an emergency clinic can be embraced by robots. They may have steadier hands, however aren’t fit for associating on a human level with patients.

Robots can’t show empathy like individuals do and ought to always be unable to supplant us with regards to human collaboration.


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