The Role Of Robots in The Future Of Humanity

In the coming years managers would have to adapt to managing robots rather than humans. Managing robots will be a lot more effective and more efficient than humans, as it can be easily be modified to do any work. Humans have limited abilities to perform work such as they need a period of time to take rest, you would have to spend a lot in order to get proper employees for the work, and you will have to monitor them a lot in order to make sure they are doing their job.

It is quite common for people will working together to have some sorts of fights now and then and this would only cause loss for the company, so having a robot will avoid this since it doesn’t have any emotions and will do only what it is programmed to do. Robots can produce data with minimal mistake almost 9 out of 10 times, unlike a human who is more prone to make mistakes.

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At the same time robots do have a down side such as it will increase the unemployment rate, which is a major problem these days.

With the level of competition these days in companies’ people tend to have more arguments. Such as between employees or between an employee and the manager just because one of them didn’t have a good day, etc. All of this will only lead to negative effects on the company such as having a hostile environment and work not being done in time, which will put more work load on the manager fixing everything.

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This can all be avoided just by having a robot do the job, robots don’t have any sort of emotions so even if someone were to start an argument it wouldn’t respond as it is not programmed to and would just continue to finish its job. This will give the manager to focus on more crucial matters such as planning strategies to improve the company rather than fixing a dispute between employees.It is no doubt that machines are more efficient and effective than human.

Robots can do a work within minutes when it takes a human to do it in hours, robots are very less likely to do any mistakes in their work since each and every file will be recorded and organised properly, while humans have a lot of factor which will have an effect on how their work and can cause many failures in the job which will be a major problem for the manager. When managing robots, a manger does not have to worry about late submissions, major mistakes or files not organized properly. All of this can help achieve company goals as quick and effectively as possible and will give managers more time to add in new goals.Even though a robot can do so much work in short time and effectively there are somethings which a robot won’t be able to do.

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Updated: Feb 13, 2024
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