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There is no doubt that the artificial intelligence and

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 5 (1007 words)
Categories: Art, Intelligence, Psychology
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There is no doubt that the artificial intelligence and robotic machines have revolutionized the technology world. In fact, the automated machines make our lives easier than ever. We are more dependent on machines and all we need is automation and easy-living life. Different advances in areas of artificial intelligence resulted in the production of even more smarter robots. There are number of different future predications revealed about artificial intelligence that is robots and computers will replace human jobs.

So are we supposed to expect the jobless future? Well, according to different experts, jobs will be shredded but not completely eliminated. There is nothing to get worried about jobless future as the thing is robots and machines will take over the boring tasks so that humans can have more time to spend on high-level tasks more effectively. Most of the surveys always revealed that artificial intelligence can transform number of jobs but full automation will less likely to be expected.

This is to observe that some of the jobs can be easily automated but some other jobs are quite difficult to automate human abilities as they require judgment, creativity and social skills. However, the automation of some manually doing jobs enable people to focus on other aspects of the jobs, think creatively that will ultimately increase their productivity and quality of work. Well, this sounds interesting that humans will no longer need to do some of the boring tasks and they will continue to focus on their creative level to do their job in a better way.

Let’s have a look on what are those jobs that are already replaced and soon to be replaced in the future.

One of the jobs that can easily be automated and will replace in the future is bookkeeping and accounting. There are different software providers already automated data entry and bookkeeping services. There are so many advantages of automation of data entry as there will be less chances of errors and robots will do more faster work within no time at comparatively low prices. One advantage is that human will no longer spend their time on data entry jobs and they will find some other opportunities to do some creative and interesting job tasks.

One of the predictions is Chinese will soon introduced one of the best technologies to recognize criminals. And that will be the artificial intelligence camera. This would be the great addition in technology world as there will be no longer need of humans. There will be no need of a person who constantly sitting at station. There is just need to download the app and let artificial intelligence camera will do its work. The AI camera will easily recognize and access all the information regarding suspected criminal.

Moreover, Amazon Alexa and Google Home already replaced the receptionist’s jobs. This advancement in technology will surely have the high potential to replace the human receptionist’s jobs in future as well. However, the thing is this is one of the jobs that require human interactions as getting information in person is more reliable and preferable by customers. So, might be in future there will be loss of different business opportunities as when customers will not find human receptionist to respond to their queries.

When it comes to customer service providers, AI bots sets the best example. In today’s era number of food restaurants and organizations already used the automated customer services that provide the best possible services. Artificial intelligence bots are doing the best jobs and will also do the best job in customer service. AI bots actually provide solutions in number of different ways such as its constant availability to number of customers at a time. Support and provide the right information without any delay. However, one thing that is going to be problematic and inconvenient for the customers is bots can’t able to identify the human emotions and their feelings at deepest level. So, in some cases the customer services provided by artificial intelligence bots will going to be not supportive.

Most of the experts also predicted the jobs of telemarketers are on the dark side. Artificial intelligence is already take over the telemarketing jobs as today the best advertisements services are provided online related to different products and services. So, it is predicted that there will also be no longer need of direct customer advertisement in coming future.

Furthermore, conducting interviews will no longer be a hassle. Artificial intelligence will also make this task easier and will take over the job of interviewer. People don’t need to visit the place and have to sit in front of the interviewer. What they need to do is to just set up the webcam on the smartphones, iPhones, tabs or computers and the question paper will be displayed on the screens. After that all they need is to video record all their answers. The algorithm of artificial intelligence bots quickly scan the video and recognize the phrases. All this process will make convenient for the interviewer to narrow down the number of applicants and after that all they just do is to short-list the applicants and conduct the final in-person interviews.

Some other jobs will also going to be in danger and the future of other jobs is also no bright. I would like to briefly mention the names of those jobs. Here are following jobs that would nearly be replaced by robots and machines. The cashier jobs, library technicians, truck drivers, bank tellers, warehouse workers, human resource administers, auditors, desk clerks and the list is going on.

This sounds weird and majority of people will take long time to embrace this big change in technology. People will feel surprised and it will look quite weird when hotel customers deal with the robot receptionists. And is this going to happen in real that chat bots will easily deal with angry and frustrated customers? The thing is people don’t need to get worry about as many experts already predicted that only manually doing jobs will be replaced, not all. All we need to hope for the best and bright future.

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