Relationship Essay Topics

The Minister and his Gem

The father-daughter relationship has typically represented one of the strongest bonds of humanity. Generally, this familial bond is so strong that it can outlast even the most daunting of obstacles. However, sometimes strange circumstances can affect this relationship. Such is the case of Reverend Arthur Dimmesdale and his daughter Pearl in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Scarlet Letter…. View Article

Relationship and School Community

Method While keeping in mind Mai’s method for determining subjects, I read the article “Care, Concern, and Communication” by Susan Pickford. I chose Mai’s conception because Wilson leaves out one major method of indexing that could be named user-oriented method (Mai, 2000). The basic idea of user-oriented method is that the indexer needs to have… View Article

Employment relationship

Unitarism is a process assumes that everyone in an organization is a member of a team with a common purpose representing the goals and policies of a company. The Unitarism has a univocal concept for every individual associated with the company right from managers to lower-level employees, should share the same objectives and work together… View Article

Relationship change

1. Why do Maggie, the first-person narrator, the mother, and Dee do not have a very close relationship? Maggie and mother (on the one hand) and Dee on the other do not have a good relationship because of their differing beliefs about the function of heritage and culture. Dee’s arrogance has led her away from… View Article

Managing Relationship

The relationship chosen for this assignment in one that involves my wife and I. Both of us have been married for over five years and we have been together for a total of seven years. I met my wife through my best friend as she was his front door neighbor and we have also seen… View Article

Swallow the Air/ Goldie

‘Relationships are essential to finding a true sense of belonging. ’ Discuss with reference to your prescribed text and one related text of your choosing. Belonging is the feeling of acceptance and inclusion when there is a sense of security and support to a certain group or community. Relationships are an essential factor that may either… View Article

Sammy Case

Assignment Question: Base on what you have learned in this course, your textbook and any reference books that you may have read, what are the problems that the main character has? What possible solutions would you suggest (with theoretical support) to solve the problems? In referring to your own life, what have you learned from… View Article

How Do People Get Along with Others

“Social skills are the ultimate determining factor in the child’s future success, happiness and acceptance.”- Richard Lavoie wrote in his book, it’s So Much Work to Be Your Friend (Lavoie, 2005). Interpersonal relationships is an important aspect of life and by socializing with others, this goal will be met. In this paper, the importance of… View Article

How to end a relationship

Ending a relationship is one of the hardest processes in the development of any bond between two friends. Ending a relationship especially when it is intimate is the most difficult thing to do. Starting a relationship is far much easier than bringing it to a close. Most relationships have ended in violence ( verbal and… View Article

Nature of Relationship between Edward II and Graveston and its effects

Marlowe’s Edward II is marked with the thematic expressions of correlation between status and sodomy. Sodomy affects status in the play at multiple level and status influences sodomy in various ways. In the play, Marlowe takes into accounts the story of Edward II, whose homoeroticism takes primacy over his political stature and socio-cultural commitments. He… View Article

Two or More Theories of the Formation of Romantic Relationships

One theory of the formation of a romantic relationship is one put forward by Byrne and Clore called the reward/need satisfaction model. They suggested that we have relationships long term because we find them rewarding, or we don’t like the prospect of being alone. The rewards from a partner can include friendship, love and sex,… View Article

Prevention of Problems and Establishment of Positive Relationship

As a teacher, I believe that communication is one of the most important tools in teaching. Communication happened during classroom discussions and whenever the teacher and the students discuss issues in the class (Laslett and Smith 1984). Just like in the family, an open communication aids the students and the teacher in understanding, respecting and… View Article

Interpersonal Communication

I joined Eclairs Molders in 2003 immediately after I finished my studies. I had been attached to the organization for more than 3 months during my field attachment. Therefore I had a prior knowledge of the organization and had interacted with several people. When they considered my application for a job, I was happy to… View Article

Interpersonal Relationships in the Work Place

In today’s world, there is a need for work to be done as quickly as possible. And for this purpose, working professionals need to have good relations between each other. Healthy professional relations can be maintained by effective workplace communication and teamwork. Interpersonal relationships at work gradually develop with good team participation and communication with… View Article

Strong relationship

Perhaps, growing up as a member of the third sex, most especially in a black community, is one of the most significant challenges that one could face. Black communities are centered on the traditional function of an institution, which is mainly directed in opposing the lifestyles that are deemed to be transgressing the code of… View Article

The Relationships of Duddy Kravitz

Relationships are an emotional connection between two people. In the novel The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz by Mordecai Richler Duddy has many relationships, which change the way he acts, thinks and ultimately changes the plot dramatically. The life of Duddy changes throughout the novel from the relationships he has with his friends, family, and enemies…. View Article

Does Age Matter in Relationships

When it comes to relationship, age really should not matter it should be up to the two people only. What is basically being said is age doesn’t have no bearing here in a relationship unless you choose to make it one. It seems that is a perfectly great argument, there are plenty of people that… View Article

Smooth Interpersonal Relationship

Sociologists find that the definition of “Smooth Interpersonal Relationship” is primarily supported by four basic Filipino values which are concepts of pakikisama, hiya, amor propio, and utang na loob. ( Don Herrington 2001). Also, Smooth Interpersonal Relationship, or SIR, as coined by Lynch (1961 and 1973). This attitude is primarily guided by conformity with the… View Article

Patient-Physician Relationship

The functional perspective is a perspective theory based on the following hypotheses. First, a society is made up of several institution which works together to promote the integration, balance, stability and consensus building within the said society, thus, the society’s main aim is to maintain social order. The society, as a system is made up… View Article

My relationship with my neighbour’s wife

My relationship with my neighbor’s wife and family is one that readily comes to mind. I recently packed to my new rented compound. I am yet to complete a ye4ar in this my new abode. My neighbor’s wife right from the first day became friendly, and was readily available to render assistance. She went as… View Article

A Mother-Daughter Relationship

The publication had the rarest of chances and of course, a bit of luck, to have the honor of reading from Mrs. Jane Bingley excerpt at her house near Longbourn. We have come to speak with the former Ms. Bennet about her mother, who sadly passed away five years ago after a period of ill… View Article

The representation of a Mother and Son relationship

Chang-Rae Lee’s story, Coming Home Again, is a powerful story about the author’s relationship with his mother. The story is told from the author’s point of view. Lee begins the story in the present when his mother is terminally ill from stomach cancer and then quickly flashes back to the time before he left to… View Article

Positive Relationships

According to Steven frost, the energy of relationships can make a huge difference to the feelings of an individual. In the effort to surround yourself with and create positive relationships, the beneficial qualities of taking part in a relationship which identifies as positive can bring wonders to any individual. In my opinion there are several… View Article

Exchange Relationship

1. Introduction Sociologists have long accepted that exchange relationship is a preliminary part of human interaction (Homans 1958; Emerson 1972; Blau 1986). In general, it is accepted by people that who have treated them well should be rewarded and those who have treated them unfriendly or bad should be punished (Gouldner, 1960; Perugini, Gallucci, Presaghi,… View Article

Botanical gardens

Last summer, my two friends rekindled an idea we had for a long time of going for a short excursion to a nearby lake where we would camp for three days. First we informed our parents of our intentions which they supported without any objection. We intended to use this opportunity to help in bonding… View Article

Parent-Child Relationship

The relationship between parents and their children is perhaps one of the most important relationships among human beings. The relationship between parents and their children can determine the personal growth of children as it can likewise influence the behavioral adjustments needed on the part of parents in order to meet the emotional needs of their… View Article

A Nurturing Relationship

In her article, “A Nurturing Relationship”, author Kindy R Peaslee has asserted that mothers should be aware of the extent of influence their eating habits and diet preferences have on their daughters. She proposed that by setting a good example, mothers can motivate their daughters to adopt good food habits. The author has explained that… View Article

Relationship between hypothesized behavior

The aim of the paper was to determine the relationship between hypothesized behavior resulting from a personality test and actual information behavior from a group-based assignment. Traditionally, information seeking behavior is subsumed under a single monolithic theoretical framework. The study seeks to address the empirical categorization of such behavior. About three voluntary groups of ten… View Article

Relationship between Business Strategy and IT Strategy

The relationship between a business and its IT resources extends far beyond the use of IT as a mere tool in proper execution of business operations. Instead, both are linked deeply. The relationship starts with the alignment of Corporate Strategic Planning (CSP) with Information Systems Planning (ISP). Determining an entity’s mission and goals and developing… View Article

To Be Human Means to Have Relationships – Good or Bad

This expository essay is designed to be read by any human being that has some sort of relationship with someone or a group of people. It explores the idea of being human means to have good or bad relationships in the context of Romance and Relationships. This piece is designed to explore and explain and… View Article