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Essay on Popular Culture

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Language in culture: conference on the interrelations of language and other aspects of culture

In conclusion, it is evident that culture is as set of symbolic classifications, referred to as a group of symbols which can prearranged into a paradigmatic set, frequently hierarchical. These systems of classifications show a world view or tribal order. Languages are constituted of the systems of classifications like grammars. Grammars classify number, person and time. Cult...

Fashion in the 20th century

immediately evident. There is an ever-going circle between the world of the fashion consumer and the fashion maker. The fashion maker sees, through cool hunters, who therefore see from society, that a type of fashion is in. The fashion makers make the fashion and market it back to the society who sees it and believe it is cool and then the cool hunters see this in society, and on goes the constant...


New York: Macmillan, 1963 (1931). Lacan, Jacques. ‘The mirror stage as formative of the function of the I as revealed in psychoanalytic experience’, in Écrits. A selection, 1-7. New York: Norton, 1977 (1949)- Barthes, Roland. Le système de la mode. Paris: Seuil, 1967 R. Barthes & M. Ward, Thefashion system. Berkeley [etc.] (University of California Press) 1990 Bruzzi, Stella and Pamela C...

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Global Media and Cultural Homogenisation

Violence, vol.5, no.1, pp. 212-223. Dumas, G, Madel, J, Soussignan, R, Martinerie, J & Garnero, L 2010, ‘Inter-brain synchronization during social interaction’, Plos one, vol. 5, no.8, e12166 Mihailidis, P & Moeller, S 2010, ‘New Frontiers in Global Media Education’, Communication Today, vol. 2, pp.6-13. Fairweather, B & Rogerson, S 2003,‘The problems of global cultural homog...

Is popular culture the strongest influence on identity?

We can hinder this kind of mindset by patronizing our own culture, like listening to OPM’s or what we call Original Pilipino Music. We can also promote our Filipino designers by sharing their designs on social networking sites because we all know that these mediums are powerful. Not only music or fashion should be endorsed, but also our rich culture. It is our only reserve that we should be prou...

English Lang and Composition

The media and pop culture are two reasons why our society has altered drastically over the past 20 years. In modern society, being different is something that is shunned upon. If a person lives a lifestyle that is different than what is popular and accepted, he/she is considered “weird” and “unacceptable”. This is why there are numerous cliques in schools, and why bullying is such a seriou...

The Globalization of Fashion

Achterberg, P. (2006). Class Voting in the New Political Culture. Economic, Cultural and Environmental Voting in 20 Western Countries. International Sociology, 21, 237-261. Crane, D. (2002). Culture and globalization: Theoretical models and emerging trends. In D. Crane, N. Kamashima, & K. Kawasaki (Eds.), Global culture (pp. 1-28). London, UK: Routledge. Kaiser, S. (1999). Identity,Postmoderni...

American Popular Culture In Australia

We can see from all this that the fifties were a big turning point for Australian society. This was the time were American had first been brought to Australia, until the 1950s Australia had not had as much contact with America. But through means of television and improved communications American popular culture influenced Australian society a great amount, in music, film, lifestyle and fashion. Th...

Tattooing as a trend in popular culture

I think that all cultures are different when it comes to making decisions about their body. The culture that we live in has a huge effect on what seems to be Socially acceptable, or what is Socially unacceptable. If tattoos were not seen as "cool" there wouldn't be such a huge "craze" and nobody would want to have one. Everything in our environment, especially the changing trends, determines the t...

The Big 6 Media Conglomerates

General Electric seems to carry the largest share out of all the other conglomerations. The rest of the Big 6 carry smaller but comparable sizes of market share. I think that if any company poses a threat to the democratization of information and culture, General Electric is it. Controlling networks such as NBC, USA, A&E, and the Sci-Fi Channel, General Electric has the capacity to influence ...

Popular culture

Each artwork is conveying its own strong social comment, and presenting it in different ways. Haring has used bright, bold colours and dark lines to put forward the message of the vitality of friendship, through two unidentifiable abstract figures. This means that Haring has left the responder to decide what race and sex the figures are, reinforcing the point that these factors are not important w...

The Importance of Knitting

In recent times knitting has become less popular amongst younger crowds, resulting in a huge decline in overall sentimental knitting production. As the grandma's die off, so does the needles and wool, and away goes the tradition of sharing knit work. It is tragic, really. More stress should be put upon sentiment, and younger children should be exposed to knitting more often. I personally recommend...

Cultural desire

Medical practice can be said to have international roots as well as cultures pertaining to different nations. Hence, more humane and patience would save more points to assume cultural features referred to an individual without any bias at all. Reference Alvarez, J. (1992). How the Garcia girls lost their accents. New York, NY: The Penguin Group. Andrews, M. M. , & Boyle, J. S. (2008). Transcul...

Characteristics of culture

The media is simply able to reflect views of professional politicians, bankers and orthodox economists. (Baudrillard, 1990 pp. 27-31) REFERENCES Barry B. (2002): culture and equality: Ingenta connect pp. 11-17. Baudrillard J. (1988): selected writings: policy press pp44-47. Baudrillard J. (1990): mass media culture, in the revenge of the crystal: Pluto press pp27-31. Castells M. (1999): society an...

Cultural Globalization

It is also called as a McDonaldization effort by some, who clearly opposes the concept and idea. Elements of the west, just like McDonalds becomes an icon of cultural globalization, References: Breidenbach, J. , & Zukrigl, I. (1998). The Dynamics of Cultural Globalization. The myths of cultural globalization. Retrieved March 16, 2009, from http://www. inst. at/studies/collab/breidenb. htm Dycz...

A Rejoinder to the Ethnic Democracy

106-116 Guy (2007), Learning Who We (and They) Are: Popular Culture as Pedagogy, New Direc1ions For Adult and Continuing Education, no. 115 Tisdell (2006), Spirituality, Cultural identity, and Epistemology in Culturally Responsive Teaching in Higher Education, Multicultural Perspective, 8(3), pp 19-25 Villegas and Lucas (2002), Preparing Culturally Responsive Teachers Rethinking The Curriculum, Jo...

Television as a Curse or Blessings

In the aspect of health watching television for long may effect the eyesight adversely. however the veiwer may find the television so interesting that he she may forget their responsibilities and get induldged in watching television. children may neglect their studies. both adult and children may lack sleep for staying up late to watch the show. it is important that people do not become too occupi...

Popular Culture Essay

Malraux, A. (2001, May 2). UCL - Discours recteur Marcel Crochet. Retrieved from http://sites.uclouvain.be/actualites/dhc2001/drecteur.html Oxford English Dictionary. (2012, June). Retrieved from http://www.oed.com.ezproxy.apollolibrary.com/view/Entry/45746?rskey=BftxmA&result=1&isAdvanced=false#eid Plato. (2012, June 4). Here, There, and Everywhere. Retrieved from http://www.psychologytod...

Fashion Icon: Twiggy

The iconic status that Twiggy has in the fashion industry can be regarded as transitory rather than permanent. This is due to the fact that her influence in the fashion world as well as in other areas of the arts still exists up to this present time. Contrary to the common fear of most models of the fashion industry that are regarded as “has-been” when they no longer comprehend with the certai...

Sneaker slaves on Dazed Digital by Pinar&Viola

The right pair of sneakers associates the wearer with extraordinary athletic accomplishments while exclusive special editions seem to have the power to establish an identity in a world where all the same things seem to be available everywhere. Rare models encourage the sneaker freaks to compete with each other. The shoes seem worth the investment. They have the ability to retain or increase in val...

Ethnocentrism Definition

The message that is present within the advertisement is that wearing Air Jordans makes you ‘cooler’ than anyone else not wearing them. This can too be applied to any other name brand item such as cereal. General Mills has a message out there that you get more nutrients from their cereal over any brand. This may also be associated with religious and different ethnic groups when one believes tha...

Fandom in Popular Culture

Also the way that the media broadcasts and streams pop culture to the general public is something to consider when criticizing fanatics. Finally, each fandom, although diverse in its own way, has the same ideal at it’s root in that people become fans because it provides an escape into another reality that does not our problems and hardships to deal with. Overall, fanaticism should not be conside...

Teleserye: The Emerging Popular Culture of Filipinos

An addition to our rich culture is our teleseryes that speaks of the emotional side of the Pinoys all over the world. For 60 years, teleserye has never ceased to quench the thirst of Filipinos for drama. Significantly, these series has been an important part to the lives of the Filipinos in terms of their leisure time. It is clear that this pop culture will have a special place in the hearts of th...

Death and Life - Tuesdays with Morrie

Just as Nagel said, when someone dies the world does not stop, it keeps going. We still must learn how to cope and manage our sadness. Yes, death can be seen as a sad thing when you loose a loved one because you wish you could have more time with them. Maybe death is a sad thing because the deceased had suffered. Death can also be seen as a relief to the family of the person who had suffered, so t...

Psychoanalysis, Popular Culture and Media

Many would argue that not every human desire has to be taught such as sleeping or drinking but many would argue they are not desires just basic needs. For an actual fact the desire is in the quantity of how much we want. The media affects are desires greatly by large and effective ad campaigns. Take for example McDonalds, the ad campaigns, the way they make the food look and its popularity entices...

Cultural Geography

References: Forsberg, A. (Ed. ). (2006). Definitions of culture: Cultural Geography. Hidetoshi, K. (1992). MEDIA, CULTURE, AND EDUCATION IN JAPAN [A COLLECTION OF PAPERS]: National Institute of Multimedia Education. Igarashi, Y. (2007). Politics of Culture in Postwar Japan [Electronic Version]. Retrieved June 22, 2007 from http://www. aasianst. org/absts/1997abst/japan/j141. htm. Robert Drislane, ...

The characteristics of American culture

These features are also reflected in good relations with coworkers, in neighborhood communities, churches, etc. Americans are more open and communicative than other nations, mostly because they change the place of living not for a one time during their lives, moving form one community to another or while young attend schools in different communities. These factors also make an impact on the societ...

Folk and Popular culture

In I love Lucy she went to go visit her husband's family and wanted to talk to them in Spanish, but was not good at it. In the Brady Brunch, it shows a feud between the girls and boys. In the Cosby show they are having a conversation telling the kids they can come and tell their parents anything no matter how bad they think it is. In modern family you obviously see technology as a big part of thei...

Does the Media Dictate Our Life?

In conclusion, it is true that while people choose what to believe and what not to believe, the media ultimately plays a large role in influencing people in various aspects of their lives. It thus becomes a necessity for people to be cautious of what they should believe and what they should take with a pinch of salt. It is of great importance that people do not just blindly believe what is shown i...

Analysis Same Love

These lyrics from the song, stayed in my mind when I wrote this assessment because I believe it should be how we should all live, as we are all equal. Macklemore says “I write songs that challenge myself, they challenge listeners, they might be controversial to some people, songs that push the boundaries of what a rap song sounds like or the subject matter that might be in a rap song. ” Being ...

American Popular Culture Definition

Sure, one can look back and say how gorgeous and beautiful, but will it really matter anymore? Everyone at one point in their lifetime is going to reach and face old age, which also is a step closer to eternal happiness and rest; the stone garden. For some people, once he or she achieves the state of old age, the usual response is that he or she is at the happiest point of their life. This respons...

Adorno notes

Lecture notes Critical theory not keen on television - not for effect of violence/propaganda Mass audience - same thing sold at the same time, different to live/art TV - entertainment, not art = big audience = big profit - repetitive, series, seasons, run on investment hrough advertising Compound industrial form, tv is accumulation of radio/film/plays/ music/novels Dumbling down? tv is art, - free...

Examining The Pop Art Movement

Pop art was and still remains one of the most popular styles of art, it was successful in communicating to the general public in a mode in which few art movements did or have since done. (Encyclopedia of World Art n.d.) The reality that Pop-art is effective in generating such a broad range of responses is a tribute to it’s at first seemingly ambiguous character, a testament that it is more compl...

In the early 1950s while Britain was still recovering from the war

In the early 1950s, while Britain was still recovering from the war years. Citizens of Britain had conflicting thoughts about American popular culture. Although conflicted at the time, they were enthusiastic about the rich world that pop culture promised for the future. Popular culture was presented in western movies, science fiction, comic books, billboards, automobile design, and rock and roll m...

Whenever Declan McKenna songs come out from the radio I audibly remember

Whenever Declan McKenna songs come out from the radio, I audibly remember the times when I found out about my individuality through music. The atmosphere, the chills still runs out in my mind that day. It was a normal summer break day in a local vintage coffee shop, breezy air smoothly swept through the trees while the gloaming light shined through my eyes as I sat alone near the roof drawing my s...

Andy Warholpainting

Campbell's soup cansWe chose the painting Campbell's soup cans by Andy Warhol also known as 32 Campbell's soup cans. This painting came from the period of pop-art. Pop-art started to come to the surface in the mid 1950's and ended in the late 1970's. Pop-art was created to try to blur the lines between high class art and low culture art. Pop-art bloomed in the period of popular culture which is of...

Culture and Identity 1

Culture and Identity 11: Define subculture, folk culture, high culture and mass culture and give examples (20 marks)Subculture: Subcultures form in larger societies that don't all share the same beliefs and general way of life. A subculture is a group within a society that has different beliefs, values, norms or way of life, but can also have directly opposing beliefs. This is known as a subcultur...


The iconic role of Emma Watson being Hermione played a considerable role in favor of giving the witch concept a feminine look, although Charmed and Buffy which took a part in giving the witches a new image (Dangerfield, 2019). However, we can see that this phenomenon that giving the witches an image a young, pretty women and being a white as thoughtful by the pop cul...

Impact of Television

Television has greatly impacted the lives of our children. Shows like Sesame Street and Mister Rogers Neighborhood have been used to raise and educate kids and provided them with some positive role models in their lives besides their parents. I mostly grew up watching Nickelodeon shows like Rugrats, Doug, Hey Arnold, and Spongebob Squarepants. Those shows became popular with even adults and have i...

Stephen King's Pet Sematary Review

One can draw parallels with the political movements that rose to prominence at around that time; From the rise of liberalism in the West, to globalisation in the East, tolerance and acceptance were the key words. These movements gained pace with the advent of the internet; when one can easily learn and get familiar with another culture there is less hatred and xenophobia induced, and so it has com...

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