Poetry Essay Topics

Which equation is correct

he aim of this experiment is to prove whether Copper carbonate decomposes into copper 2 oxide or copper oxide when heated. The equations which include these oxides are: 2CuCO3(s) Cu2O(s) 2CO2 1/2O2(g) 2CuO3(s) CuO(s) CO2(g) To work out which equation is correct I will use mole calculations to work out the amount of gas produced… View Article

Grandfather’s Journey by Allen Say

Question 1. Describe how the story is structured to influence your response to the text. Question 2. Describe one of the story’s major settings. How is it constructed and what is its significance to the story and its ideas? North America is the major setting in this book. North America holds a lot of new… View Article

Compare the attitudes to war in the three poems

‘Rule Britannia’ was written in 1740. The title ‘Rule’ causes the reader to think that this is a command by God. Rule Britannia is an extremely patriotic poem which creates the image that Britain is the place of the Lord and Britain is the best. This image is implied by: ‘Arose from out the azure… View Article

Compare the play “Killed” with “Blue Remembered Hills”

In this essay I will compare the two plays “Killed” and “Blue Remembered Hills”. The play “Blue Remembered Hills” was written by Dennis Potter, I have been studying the Samuel French LTD edition. It is set in 1943 in the south west of Britain. “Killed” was written by Fred Hawksley, it is set mostly in… View Article

Comparison of Wilfred Owen Poems

Wilfred Owen is a twentieth century poetry writer who was born in Oswestry in Shropshire. In 1915 he enlisted fighting on the western front. During a spell in the Craglockhart hospital he met Seigfried Sassoon who encouraged him to develop his poetry. Owens’s poems are amongst the most famous and poignant of the war. He… View Article

War Poetry Coursework

People’s attitudes towards war changed as the war progressed and this is shown in the war poetry which reported about war to the civilians back in Britain. At first these war poems praised war, but when the soldiers realised the truth about war, their poetry changed to show the horrors of war. Eventually poets began… View Article

Comparing two poems

In this essay I will be comparing two poems. These poems are on the topic of war which is very relevant especially as there is a war going on in Iraq as I am writing this. The first poem I am going to write about called: “Dulce et Decorum est” is written by Wilfred Owen…. View Article

Fall in and Who’s for the game?

These two examples of poems are typical of the war propaganda of the period, they are propaganda posters to make normal people get up, tell their friends and to join the army, navy or RAF. They try to embarrass people who like to be masculine and question their masculinity; this makes them prove to people… View Article

War Photographer and Stealingby Carol Anne Duffy

In Both the War Photographer and Stealing By Carol Anne Duffy the occupations of the narrator play a leading role even the titles are names of the occupations they both partake in. This is interesting because it seems that their jobs are their life and feeling even so they both share an extent of guiltiness… View Article

Similarities between ” Disabled” and ” Does it matter?”

Both poems analyze what life is like for people who become disabled in the war and are left, forgotten, in caring homes where nobody comes to see them and they have to just sit their, watching television or listening to the radio to find out how their comrades are doing. They both mention, almost mockingly… View Article

The horror of war in ‘Dulce et Decorum est’

How does Wilfred Owen portray the horror of war in ‘Dulce et Decorem est’? Owen’s ‘Dulce et Decorem est’ is a painful, poignant and blunt depiction of the squalid conditions and distressing experiences which had a permanent effect on the soldiers of the 1st world war. He addresses the subject with absolute honesty and frankness… View Article