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Gilgamed vs Aeneid

...Both plotlines tell the account of a demigod hero with a god-invoked tragic past and their path to a quasi-interchangeable Underworld as a means of catharsis. Considering that these two myths, having been from as much as a thousand years apart and two different regions of the world, have so many striking plot similarities, one must marvel at the power of the story passed through the generations. Myths have survived the test of time and changing cultures to create the myriad of memoirs that we s...

Foils for Odysseus

...Odysseus was a man of wit and courage, one who was unfortunate enough to anger the gods. Even with his unlucky fate of a long homecoming, he was blessed with a loyal and loving family, a family that highlights the various facets of his personality. All of these characters molded Odysseus, just as he molded them through the events of the Odyssey. They reflect his growth as a character with their own trials and tribulations. We find the best depiction of Odysseus’ growth in comparison to other c...

Comparison Between Beowulf the Epic and Beowulf the Film

...The differences and similarities between Beowulf and “Beowulf” are precisely placed in order to retain what makes Beowulf an epic tale, while the differences help to establish a smoother transition and backstory between Beowulf and his fight with the dragon. Similarities between the two include Beowulf’s epic characteristics and his fight with Grendel; while the key differences are Beowulf’s failure to slay Grendel’s Mother and his fight with his own son, the dragon. In the end, the s...

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Seamus Heaney - The turnip snedder

...The repetition of “bucketful” creates a sense of mass murder as there are never ending buckets of dead people, linking back to the idea of terrorism. Also the use of the word “glistering” reflects the idea that the poem is about archaic and obsolete things that are no longer used, as it is an old English word that is not used anymore. In conclusion, Heaney portrays the turnip snedder as a torture device and also as something that refuses to change as the turnip snedder is personified str...

Odyssey Review/Essay Questions

...- The Iliad takes place in one location: Troy; in the Odyssey, Odysseus visits numerous places in his journey home. 15.Explain how Homer uses chronology in telling the story of Odysseus? =There’s a difference between the chronological order of events in the movie and in the story.In the movie it started the day that Telemachus was born and Odysseus was invited to fight in the war.After the war ,his journey in sailing home have begun in sailing different islands and places like the One-eyed gia...

The Last Battle


10 most important events in the odyssey


An Epic Story: Sundiata

...He faces many trials and tribulations along the way but never once does he give into darkness. Never once does he give up and decide he’s done enough. Not until all his people are freed, all debts are paid, and his kingdom is returned does the story end. This is a clear and perfect example of the sense of fate one requires of our epic heroes. Of all the traits of “Sundiata…” the characteristic that most earns it its epic status is the battle of good versus evil and the triumph of good. N...

Grendel - Sympathy

...Grendel knows that people fear him, but he also realizes that people waste their time and make pointless choices. The mead hall for example is a place Grendel always attacks due to it pointing out the stupidity of mankind. He states that he doesn’t like the taste of humans; he just hates the actions, which they perform. In conclusion, Grendel is a monster which readers symphonize. Grendel in Beowulf creates completely different assumptions than the ones he creates in Beowulf. Readers feel bad ...

Divine intervention dealing with Greek myths

...The goddess Athena is definitely a dominant figure, accepting no authority except perhaps Zeus. When thinking of this outstanding goddess, one thinks of her relationships and extensive contact with many mortals. The Greeks favored her because she was a woman goddess of rare quality. Women were never protrayed with the masculine characteristics of Athena, such as her need for dominance and passion for war. This makes her more appealing and puts her in a class above all the rest. By reading both t...

Leadership qualities of Odysseus throughout the book

...Finally, Odysseus's similarity to some of the known leaders of ancient Greece can be used to express how Odysseus was presented as the ideal Greek leader. The first of whom being the democratic leader of Athens, Pericles, and second being Alexander the Great. Pericles was much like Odysseus in a sense of his ability to manipulate and influence those under him, a necessary skill in any democratic society. He was able to influence the other elected officials into believing what he wanted, and ste...

"Helen" by Hilda Doolittle

...In the first stanza Helen is described with words like olive and white which are both associated with beauty, but she is also described as having "still eyes" which creates the idea of a statue like person. The second stanza becomes more involved with Helen being detested by Greece. She is described as wan and growing paler (white). She is remembering what she did wrong in her past, and this begins to change her beautiful appearance. In the end, Helen progresses to either a completely statue-lik...

The Odysseus (movie review)

...Some of the bloodiest scenes I've ever seen occur in this movie. Bodies being gobbled up by hungry sea creature and blood splattering on a wooden deck or a Cyclops tearing a body apart to devour it, wasn't horrific yet disturbing. Because it happens during the daytime, the effect is not as intense. I would recommend this movie to those who like Greek Mythology or who want to have a visual reference in your mind when ready or listening to the translation of The Odyssey by Homer. The ending of the...

Relationships between Gods and Mortals in The Odyssey

...The Ancient Greeks obviously had relationships with the gods they worshipped in a variety of forms. Not only did some have relationships where their respect was rewarded but others were not so lucky. Others had relationships where the gods were practically indifferent toward them. These mortals took matters into their own hands. But there are also the really unlucky ones, the mortals who had relationships with gods where the gods would actually intervene in their lives negatively. Homer's The Od...

Criteria for Heroes

...Between Achilles and Hector, Hector was the better choice for the title of hero, he was respectful of authority, humble about his success, and was very levelheaded. Achilles had great fighting skill as well. However, he had trouble respecting authority and keeping his cool, both results of his excessive pride. If Achilles had not been so prideful, he could have been a much greater warrior and hero, perhaps achieving status equal to the gods. He simply had too much pride. As desired, Gilgamesh le...

Beowulf: A Comparison between Hrothgar and Beowulf

...Countless times in history, people are faced with tough decisions that unknowingly affect an entire society. It is how these people respond to these situations that truly reveal their character. Attempting to hide or run away does not solve the problem, much to the dismay of people like King Hrothgar. If anything can be learned from this, I think it is that when we are faced with these decisions in life, we must trust in what we firmly believe in and fully put our reputation or life on the line....

A close reading of Beowulf

...The Oxford English dictionary defines a hero as "a man distinguished by extraordinary valour and martial achievements; one who does brave or noble deeds; an illustrious warrior." Valor, braveness and nobility are not characteristics usually found in people who are liars. Noble warriors do not have to lie to assert their worth, their actions speak for themselves. Brave warriors do not lie because they are courageous and do not fear anything, especially the truth. Because one cannot be brave and ...

"The Odyssey" as didactic literature

...The Odyssey, like all epics, is a form of didactic literature. It teaches those who read it and those who hear it. The travels and endurances of Odysseus are not the only stories it recounts. Beneath the surface, one can notice the many lessons Odysseus learns and how his character changes. His journey is symbolic of his growth as a person, and his rebirth as a hero. As the trials become more brutal, the lessons become more valuable. He departs Troy as proud as a warrior, but returns to Ithaca ...

"Beowulf" and "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight"

...The main factors that divide Beowulf and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight are literary genre and time difference. Throughout the 600 years that separated the creation of the two manuscripts, society developed, the legal system developed, the emphasis on the comitatus changed, and the popular religion turned from Paganism to Christianity. While all of these factors altered the style of writing and the content of the two poems, the fact remains that Beowulf and Sir Gawain are two great literary he...

Hospitality and Destiny in the Odyssey and Sundiata

...The act of hospitality is prevalent in both the Odyssey and Sundiata. Not only do kings of regions and countries practice this act, but hospitality is expected to be practiced by everyone regardless of their social class. Hospitality should be shown towards everyone regardless how the two parties affiliate with one another. Hospitality goes along way in the stories of Odysseus and Sundiata. It creates relationships with lands that others fear, like the region of Ghana in Sundiata. It also creat...

"Beowulf" by Seamus Heaney and the Anglo-Saxon poem "Dream of the Rood"

...In Dream of the Rood, fealty is shown by the cross to Christ but it doesnt play an actual role in the poem because the cross is an inanimate object and cannot use his fealty to protect his lord. In a sense, the fealty in this poem is more idealistic than in Beowulf since the cross has the determination and the eagerness to aid Christ during the crucifixion but he cannot interfere. This willpower is illustrated when Christ was placed on the Cross in preparation for the crucifixion. The cross stat...

Epic Hero Comparison(Beowulf and The hobbit)

...Near the beginning of their journey, Bilbo was quite vulnerable to the dangers and was frequently rescued by the others. As the adventure continues and Bilbo shows his worth and value first in the Misty Mountains and then secondly with the Elves and then finally the spiders, Bilbo becomes a hero in his own right. As he progressed through the quest, he went on his own little adventures which helped him become braver and wiser. Bilbo willingly forfeits his own claim to the treasure in order to sec...

Violence in the poem “Beowulf”

...Throughout this poem the writer brings to light these aspects of the culture of the Geats and the Danes, and violence is inexplicably intertwined with the culture of these people in many different way. Works Cited Breeden, David, trans. "The Adventures of Beowulf. " Beowulf. 27 Mar. 2007 <http://www. lone- star. net/literature/beowulf/>. "Middle Ages: Beowulf. " English Study Guide. Eastern Oregon University. 27 Mar. 2007 <http://www2. eou. edu/~deeng205/beowulf. html>. Slade, Benjam...

Christianity and Paganism in Beowulf

...When our heroes talk of God, they do so in acknowledgement of His all-encompassing power and dominion. Lines such as “’twas the judgment of God”, “Blessed God”, and “the mercy of God” can be read throughout the text and shows how these characters entrust their life and fate to their newly found religion. Overall, Beowulf should be considered not as a pagan text but rather a Christian one because Christian values compose the backbone of the prose. Beowulf is essentially an insight i...

Authentic Act of Valor and Heroism

...Literary critics can easily refer to the various themes of the epic since they are provided with lines and numbers. SparkNotes Editors. “SparkNote on Beowulf. ” SparkNotes. com. SparkNotes LLC. 2003. Web. 10 July 2010. This site contains a review of the epic poem Beowulf which refers to the Christianity context of the story. In this epic, Grendel symbolizes the evils in the society that must be conquered by the people in order to achieve peace and serenity in the community. This site is help...

Symbolism Associated with Beowulf

...’So may you all'" (Grendel, 174). The narrator's last words exemplify what it is to be a monster; yet again he has no concept of cause and effect relationships and has no grasp on why these "evil" people are taking such pleasure in his destruction, and he even goes so far as to wish the same fate upon everyone. References Roberts & Kay: ed. Roberts, Jane & Christian Kay with Lynne Grundy. A Thesaurus of Old English. London: King's College, London Mediaeval Studies XI, 1995 (2nd ed. - A...

The Odyssey: Odysseus' heroic/frail qualities

...Odysseus avoids many tough situations with his cunning and intelligence. He uses these skills to lead his group to victory and out of trouble from deadly monsters. For example, his crafty and clever idea of the Trojan horse directs the Greeks to a successful triumph over the Romans when they least expected an ambush. Also, with quick thinking, Odysseus rescues his loyal crew from the Lotus-eaters by tying them "down under their rowing benches" (IX,106) and ordering his men to "clear the beach an...

Recklessness in the Odyssey

...Then he went on to revealed his true identity to the CyclopsHe suffered the horrible consequences of his impulsive decisions and actions. Several of his men died horrendous deaths. Their limbs were torn and then they were eaten by a monster. When he instigates the blinded giant, he almost ends the lives of his entire crew because the Cyclops hurls a boulder at the boat. Even though it misses, the aftermath of its splash almost pushed them into Polyphemus' reach. Once Polyphemus knew that it was ...

A reflection of Odysseus and Modern Day Heroes

...Many of today's fictional heroes resemble the character traits of Odysseus. Odysseus' brute strength and athleticism can be seen in Neo. His cleverness and quick thinking resemble Captain Jack Sparrow. His sensual ness towards women, but without losing sight of the greater goal is comparable to James Bond. And his pride and thirst for glory is shared with Spiderman and how both of them were able to suppress it. Overall, it's remarkable that today's characters still resemble such an ancient hero....

The Relationship Between Telemachus and Odysseus

...He openly states that he does not believe himself to be anything like his father: Now we have no man like Odysseus in command. [l. 63] Though he hopes to be as powerful leader of Ithaca that Odysseus had been twenty years ago, Telemachus feels as if he is inadequate for the role. This sense of failure causes Telemachus to have little faith in himself as a man; he refers to himself as a boy when addressing his peers. Through doing this, Telemachus perhaps hopes to imply that he still has room to ...

The role of religion in Beowulf

...I also think in some way, Beowulf is like a Pagan allegory of Jesus Christ. When the story first begin, the narrator tells of a boy-child send form the god, "Afterward a boy-child was born to Shield… a comfort send by God to that nation" (line 12-14). Further links can be made in the fact that Beowulf's name is a symbol for fish "My mother makes sounds…Beware the fish" (149) and in many times in the poem and novel, his name is a reference to the Sea (His arrival from the sea, the race with B...

Anglo-Saxon Values Demonstrated by Beowulf

...Throughout Beowulf's life he earns his place as a devoted and successful Anglo-Saxon warrior because he demonstrates their values not once, but three times. In each of his battles, Beowulf"s actions portray the key Anglo-Saxon values of immense physical strength, the right to seek revenge, and courage. By observing the manner in which Beowulf fights his battles, one can conclude that in order to be a respected Anglo-Saxon leader and warrior one must possess all of these qualities. Leaders today ...

The ancient greek code of honor as demonstrated in Iliad and Odyssey

...WORKS CITED Butler, Samuel. The Iliad by Homer. 27 July 2007. http://classics. mit. edu/Homer/iliad. 1. i. html Butler, Samuel. The Odyssey by Homer. 27 July 2007. http://classics. mit. edu/Homer/odyssey. 23. xxiii. html “Guide to Reading the Iliad”. 1990-2000. http://faculty. gvsu. edu/websterm/Read_Iliad. htm Perry, Marvin. History of the World. Boston: Houghton and Mifflin Company, 1988. Schein, Seth. The Mortal Hero: An Introduction to Homer’s Iliad. Berkeley: University of California ...

King Hrothgar

...d. The idea that Beowulf was buried in a barrow or a burial mound near the sea after being burned into ashes signifies that the people were following Norse pagan beliefs. It was believed that the fire transferred the deceased to Valhalla or the hall of the slain in Asgard, a city in Norse mythology. e. In the Book of Revelation chapter 28 verse 1, a lake is described as a body of water that “burns with fire and brimstone which is the second death. ” This can be aptly similar to the home of G...

Characteristics of Beowulf as a Tragic Hero

...Beowulf was always the stronger of the two because his confidence was already within him whereas Macbeth gained his confidence after he assassinated the king and got away with it. They both had a sense of boastfulness among them and believed they would never be brought down. Eventually this brought them down in the end. Macbeth accepted the consequences of his actions in the end because he said 'Bring it after me. I will not be afraid of death and bane... ' (Macbeth. V. III. 59). Beowulf is kill...

Essay about Beowulf is an Epic Hero

...Beowulf, like other epic heroes, possesses the following heroic qualities: epic heroes are superhuman types of beings. They show great bravery, intelligence, strength and resourcefulness. They have a strong admiration for the values of their society. They are dominant male figures and suffer severe pain, but in the end, they conquer evil. Beowulf sjows all of these traits of an epic hero, and more. He did that with his physical strength, belief in god, and the battle with the dragon. These chara...

Epic of Gilgamesh and Hero

...In the end, epic hero's of the past and hero's of today all share the quality that everyone of us has; in the end they have human qualities. Hero's battle emotions, hero's change over time, and all hero's are on a quest of some sort. A quest can be as simple as finishing a college education , completing a marathon, or attending a AA meeting. A Quest can be as challenging as battling the fierce monster Humbaba, or traveling ten years to return to a loved one. Everyone has the potential to be a he...

FAQ about Poems

How does Virgil deviate from Homer in the underworld, and why

...In conclusion, Virgil's "The Aeneid" greatly resembles Homer's "The Odyssey" and this is seen clearly through the poets' descriptions of the underworld. However, while "The Odyssey" was created for entertainment purposes, Virgil has managed to subtly ...

The poem "Ithaca" and how allusion is used in it

...This poem is discussing a life journey to a paradise land known as Ithaca. It describes the horrific creatures that you would meet along the way. It also explains that this journey should take most of your life to reach the place called Ithaca. I thi ...

"o brother where art thou" odyssey

...In conclusion, we find that Ulysses resembles the Greek version of Odysseus and in fact they are the same character playing the same roll, just in a different time period. This shows that stories and legends can live on and can be told and perceived ...

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