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The poem portrays the definitions of sanity and madness. However, these definitions vary from the perspective of people and the surroundings as pointed out in the second line. In other words, the poem points out that for certain people, something normal is considered insane and vice versa. 2. The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost… View Article

Writers And Poems

In this particular question the two writers that I have chosen are T. S. Eliot and E. E. Cummings. Their literary outputs have attributed certain natural tendencies and even appreciation. The poems to be used are ‘The Hippopotamus’ by T. S. Eliot and ‘Somewhere I have never travelled, gladly beyond’ by E. E. Cummings. The… View Article

The Book of Songs

While “Air of the States” depicted the thoughts of the ordinary, minor and major odes have poems that portray the views of nobility and rulers. The Minor Odes is mainly written by aristocratic people, and The Major Odes has the words of the kings and rulers. Divided by decades, the poems tend to talk more… View Article

Three Poems – An English Comparative Analytical Essay

Three masterfully written poems, “Does it Matter? ” by Siegfried Sassoon, “Jorge the Church Janitor Finally Quits” by Martin Espada, and “Undertaker” by Patricia Smith all depict how people toil or feel about their jobs and the hardships or disappointments that come with it All three poems tackle the common theme of work and people…. View Article

Emily dickinsons nature poems

Emily Dickinson’s use of nature imagery in her poetry incorporates elements of both romanticism and realism. These usually contrasting visions allow Dickinson to express a duplicity of perception, a duplicity which can be considered as a part of nature itself, as expressed through human consciousness. Although the overall impact of Dickinson’s nature imagery is romantic… View Article

A Child’s Voice as Reflected in Victorian and Romantic Poems

Child labor is one of the most sensitive and controversial issues today, as it is association with child maltreatment. Nowadays, children are entitled to several rights and privileges like the rest of a country’s population, which secure and protect them from all the possible abuses and maltreatments that they may experience. Today, people’s resentment and… View Article

Compare How Duffy and Armitage Write About Violence in Salome and Hitcher

‘Salome’ and ‘Hitcher’ both use a first person persona and with that, give us insight into their feelings and the theme of violence throughout both poems. In ‘Salome’, Duffy’s character uses a nonchalant tone with no remorse when depicting her actions, which is also present in ‘Hitcher’ too. Salome had ‘done it before’ and will… View Article

Confusion and Anxiety in Robert Frost’s Poems

During his lifetime, Robert Frost wrote poems that relate the confusion, anxiety, and struggles of the human mind. In his poems, he depicts how people’s minds may be imbued by confusion and anxiety as they experience pain and explore life’s possibilities. Particularly, in “The Road Not Taken” and “Acquainted with the Night,” the poet illustrates… View Article

Keats Ode Poems

This essay will work in unifying themes of Keats’ poems, Ode to a Nightingale, Ode to Melancholy, Ode to Psyche, Ode to Indolence, and Ode on a Grecian Urn. The paper will analyze these poems and then apply thematic links. In Keats’ poem Ode to a Nightingale, the first stanza begins with the narrator describing… View Article

Transition in William Blake’s Poems

“Transition into a new phase of life can seem frightening; however these transitions can result in positive consequences. ” Discuss this statement with reference to two of Blake’s poems and the visual stimulus ‘Growing Up’. As an individual, we may feel daunted by the thought of moving into a new stage of life. However we… View Article

William Blake in Contrast of Songs of Innocence and of Experience

William Blake, an engraver, exemplified his passion for children through his many poems. Blake lived in London most of his life and many fellow literati viewed him as eccentric. He claimed to have interactions with angels and prophets, which had a great influence on his outlook of life. Blake believed all prominent entities, those being… View Article


Both of Emily Dickinson’s poems are about death. “Because I Could Not Stop For Love” is more about the cycle of life than death. “I Heard a Fly Buzz When I Died” relates to the final moment before death. Emily Dickinson’s poems are both centered on death; “Because I Could Not Stop For Death” is… View Article

A Reading of My Papa’s Waltz

Theodore Roethke’s “My Papa’s Waltz” speaks of how a daughter is able to see past the defects of her father with such adoring calm and respect. The poem is playful and innocent, the choice of words child-like, and the rhyme measured at a pace of a child’s anxious breathing. Yet a sense of caution rings… View Article

Compare how feelings are presented in two of the poems Harmonium and Brothers

Everyone experiences feelings; they cannot be ignored as we have no control over them. In ‘Harmonium’, Simon Armitage explores the feelings of the relationship between himself and his father, using the extended metaphor he presents the instrument ‘harmonium’ to test his feelings that exists between the father and son. The name itself ‘harmonium’ immediately highlights… View Article

Little thing

Of the five poems I have selected beforehand, I happen to choose the poem “The Pebble”. It took me awhile to choose which poem to talk about but somehow, I keep coming back in reading this poem. I favour this poem compared to the other four because of the simplicity it implies. It starts off… View Article

Poems from the Kokinshu: A Literary Analysis

Poems from the Kokinshu is an anthology of poems from the Japanese medieval times (Lawall. ed, 2002). The anthology is divided into different poems depicting human emotions as they vary season after season, or as people move into an entirely new environment. The principal theme of the poems revolve around the concept of love—the progression… View Article

On His Arrival at the Age of Twenty- Three Poem Analysis

On his arrival at the age of twenty-three, written by John Milton was created during the puritan period. John Milton was born in cheapside, London, in 1608, he grew up in a wealthy family that gave Milton all the opportunity’s to be well educated and attend Cambridge University one of the most highly decorated schools… View Article

Compare and Contrast Poems by John Donne and Michael Drayton

The poem, To his coy mistress is very much Carpe Diem but the poet Andrew Marvell who wrote it was influenced by both Metaphysical and Classical types of poetry, the way in the beginning of the poem he seems to talk about things in a very slow way, walking, time slowing down to try to… View Article

Stone’s Throw vs Woman Speaks to Man Who Has Employed Her Son

The poems “A Stone’s Throw” and “The Woman Who Speaks To The Man Who Has Employed Her Son” both deal with different views of women and how they are treated. The speakers in each poem have different attitudes towards women and various devices are utilized to illustrate the treatment of women in each poem. In… View Article

Consider the poems Dreaming Black Boy and Epitaph

a) Compare the ways in which these two poems deal with the experience of oppression and racism. b) State which of the two poems you find more disturbing, and give reasons to support your answer. c) Identify and comment on TWO poetic devices used in each poem to highlight the workings of oppression or racism…. View Article

Different Symbolic Meanings of Animals in Poems

In the poem “The Fish” written by Elizabeth Bishop, the story of the speaker’s moment catching a large fish was narrated. It was a sort of a descriptive writing wherein the speaker is using the first person recounts his/her story and what she thought and felt in that instance of catching a fish. But looking… View Article

Dream of the Rood & Christian poems

Dream of the Rood is considered to be one of the oldest Christian poems which belongs to the Anglo-Saxon literature. Its authorship is still unknown even today but the text reveals that it is a very old English poem that talks about the personification of a particular tree which was made into a cross where… View Article

Elizabeth Bishop and Her Poems

Elizabeth Bishop was not just a simple poet for me during her time. Her family background contributes to her life and career in a significant manifestation. Because she was not raised by her own parents, she used to perceive things in a broader knowledge – accepting everything that she has despite of her parents’ incapability… View Article

Ways to Understand Poems

Billy Collins’ “Introduction to Poetry” is a short poem consisting of seven stanzas but is nonetheless a colorful piece of literary work that is filled with figurative language. Collins explores how poems in general suffer from the hands, in a manner of speaking, from those who attempt to study them, especially students. The narrator tries… View Article