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Education is the most important factor in national development

Education is very important in the development of any nation and should be provided adequately to all people. The quality of education is the critical aspect which determines the impact of education to the nation. In order for education to be beneficial in nation development, standards and quality of education must be very high; there should be massive investment in the education sector...

The Africa National Congress (ANC)

The weakness of the strategies used by ANC is that they are not based from windfall of profit from industrialization. Instead, they are accompanied with shrinkage of the employment in South Africa productive sectors .Therefore, looking at the ANC governments Growth, Employment and Redistribution (GEAR) macro-economic strategies, is a failure as compared to the unchanged conditions in South Africa....

National Integration in India.

National Integration is of great significance in a country like India where varied cultures, religions and languages exist. Integration is not achieved in India because of communalism, castism and linguistic differences. The need for national integration is of utmost importance at this period of India’s history. National integration is very essential for social peace and harmony. No progress can...

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National honor society

Lastly but not least is character, mostly of my peer members in national honor society I see every day, and I work hard towards getting along with everyone I meet without coming off to strong. Being in NHS I have experienced and inspired as a waitress, caring, and being considerate. If I were to explain my character I believe it would be endeavor my ways to becoming a better human being. Being a s...

Cultural Diversity in Mauritius: Myth or Reality?

Despite all, for some, Mauritius has a marvellous timeline of peaceful cohabitation. We need not go back at the time of independence where we stood together as a one nation to steal a glance of that. April 2013 marked the flash floods which affected Mauritius causing large-scale disasters. The Mauritian solidarity and unity that we were to witness in providing the huge aid to the victims in need w...

Rhetorical device Project on Pearl Harbor Address to the Nation

Roosevelt’s tone was very calm yet very powerful as it is shown in Fig. 1, when he is presenting his speech to Congress and the nation. As a result of Roosevelt’s capability to address two audiences at once and to deliver the speech with an appropriate and effective tone the speech was very successful. He successfully informed the audience about what happened without causing confusing in neith...


Have we really forgotten our responsibility towards our nation or that we are knowingly skipping the tasks to achieve development? It is observed that, the youth who always fight for enjoying their rights, never wish to take up the pains of responsibility. According to me, Indian youth is socially responsible and moreover is working complicatedly to see India attain the developed status. Many educ...

Ethnicity as a Heart for Ethnocentristic Tendency

A negative view of ethnocentrism are the assumptions based on individuals' own perception, that what works for them must work for others and that if it doesn't, something is necessarily wrong, can cause harm, offense, ill-feelings or otherwise put a damper on further relations between different societies. It could also cause oppression, prejudice, and cultural degradation, which can lead to actio...

Teacher as a Nation Builder

No nation reconstruction is possible without the active cooperation of the teacher. A teacher builds a student who has properties like Discipline, Punctuality, Respect for elders,Ambition,Faithfulness,Confidence,Responsibility,Cleanliness,Dedication,Good Manners, Devotion, Creativity, Sense of Competition, Patience, Knowledge, Positive Approach, Fortitude, Innovative, Self Reliance,Courage,Sinceri...

The Role of United Nations in Peace Movement

Barash David P.,2000;Approaches to peace ;Oxford University Press: New York Barash David P., Webel Charles P.;Introduction to peace and conflict studies ;Sage publications, California Darby, John(s) ed. 2003; Cotemporary Peace Making; Palgrave Macmillan Press; New York. The Unied Nations Today; 2008; Published by United Nations Department of Public Information ; New York. Rahid Harun ur; introduct...

National and Global Finance

-Inflation, they want the inflation to be low so that the can sell their products for higher prices to the U.S.A. Another thing investors don’t want is an unstable country, whether that’s political or economic troubles. The last thing investors want is a high interest rate, if the interest rate in China is 15% and in the U.S. it’s 9%, then that company will probably want to invest with a com...

Test Questions for Learning Outcomes of Draft National Curriculum

• Ask the learners to list their parents' occupations; you could even include their relatives or other people they know. Ask them to explain the nature of these occupations in detail. You can ask them what kind of work they would like to do and why (Mwamwenda 1995:473). As the learning programme educator, you need to understand the value of your subject. The skills which you teach via your learn...

Promoting national unity in Malaysian public schools

Among the government educational policies built on the educational reports, the national language, common curriculum, standardised syllabus and examinations and national schools have always been tools of unity. Such policies have been effective and workable throughout the first 50 years of the nation’s independence. However, the idea of integration has somehow progressed further according to th...

National Integration

The five-year plans of economic development have contributed to the raising of standards of people without regard to community, caste and creed. The class distinctions of the people have broadened out to economic distinctions from those of religion, community or caste. The art and culture of the country is also being developed on nationalistic lines. There is also due effort to develop a national ...

ESmith Assignment 10: National and Global Finance

11. Describe at least three exchange rate factors that are likely to attract foreign investors to a country's currency. Explain why these factors are attractive for foreign investors. (3-6 sentences. 3.0 points) * Exchange rates are prices that are determined by supply and demand. For some countries the exchange rate is the single most important price in the economy because it determines the inter...

Compare and Contrast the Culture of Cahokia to the Anasazi Nation Apush Frq

The political aspects of Cahokia and the Anasazi were at an extreme opposition. The economic situations were dissimilar, location is partly to blame, but both nations conquered obstacles and managed to blossom. Their social structure also differed, but the groups of people upheld strong relationships and friendships with the other members of the community. Although the Anasazi and Cahokia nations ...

Association of the South East Asian Nations

ASEAN SWOT Analysis Analytical Framework. (n.d) About strength, weakness, opportunities and threats. Retrieved august 25th, 2013, from http://www.adbi.org/files/2013.02.22.cpp.day5.ses3.3.final.policy.options.myanmar.pdf ASEAN summit held amid protest, criticism from civil society. (2008) retrieved august 25, 2013, from http://www.11.be/11/111111-english/artikel/detail/detail/asean_summit_held_ami...

National Symbols of India

In 2003, four more languages, were added Bodo, Dogri, Maithaili and Santhali. (92nd Amendment) Official Language: The Constitution ordained Hindi in the Devanagari Script as the common language for all over India and Arabic numerals as the common numbers. English was to be retained as an official language until 1963, when it was to be replaced by Hindi completely. Rupee Joins Elite Currency Club ...

Afrikaner Nationalism

The application of segregation will furthermore lead to the creation of separate healthy cities for the non-whites where they will be in a position to develop along their own lines, establish their own institutions and later on govern themselves under the guardianship of the whites. Domination in South Africa was the purpose of the Afrikaner Nationalists to secure the safety of the white man. The ...

Educating The Girl Child Is The Best Way To Enpower The Nation

Education for the girls is more important as she not only builds the home, but all routine responsibilities are completed by her.Today 's girl child will be the mother of tomorrow.In ancient time, girl 's education played significant place in the society.Gargi Mitreyi played very encouraging role in spreading the education to a great extent.That is why, empowering the girl child is the best way to...

Mahatma Gandhi and the national movement

He started the non co-operation movement and along with the issues of Rowlatt act and Jalianwala bagh tragedy, he also combined the issue of Khilafat. iii. Gandhiji’s constructive programmes: From 1924 to 1929 Gandhiji devoted hjmself to the constructive programmes of spinning and encouraging Khadi, Hindu-Muslim unity, prohibition and village upliftment. iv. Hindu-Muslim unity: In 1920 he combin...

Nation-building refers

Men should show humanity in their behaviours and they should work hard. Social harmony and unity is very necessary for building of nation. We should follow our religion because our religious history is filled with the examples of nation building. We can see that how our Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) reformed Arabs and made them a successful and civilized nation. We should remain honest in our relations a...

Concept of the Filipino Nation to Rizal

Rizal is branded a mere “reformist” because they have not read his letter to Ferdinand Blumentritt from Geneva on June 19, 1887, his 26th birthday. We do not know the issue or situation that gave rise to Rizal’s words. But these words are significant if only to show that Rizal was not averse to revolution or violence if necessary. We also have to realize that when some historians and teacher...

Field Trip to the National Botanical Garden

I think that our field trip to the National Tropical Botanical Garden can connect to my life because I am more knowledgeable about some of the plants there. I can use that as an opportunity to bring my siblings who have yet to visit the garden, and teach them about what I learned, so that they too can be more aware of the plant life that we have growing on Kaua’i and throughout the state. Anothe...

Individuality vs Nationality

While individuality impacts innovation, the importance of individuality can also be seen in the well-being of society. One may argue that nationalism promotes security and stability; however, this is not the case. Over history, rises of nationalism have often caused the uprooting of morals and the corruption of power. It manifests the feeling of unethical supremacy, which has been the driving forc...

National Museum Review (Philippines)

What the heck. Our history, the evidences of the great journey of the country were located there, yet we don’t give enough care and love on that institution. I have entitled my reflection “An untold Chronicle through Art (The Pearl of the Orient)” Because it’s so amazing and mind blowing, to think that through the paintings and sculptures, clothes and silks, structures and literature our a...

National Service

Custom essay on Cultural differences as the cause of the war ... www.essay.tv/custom­essay­on­cultural­differences­as­the­cause­of­the­...​ Premium custom essay writing service provides research papers, custom ... Basically, by 1820 the trade between the British Empire and China trade, but in order ... to influence the national interests of China, undermining the health of Chinese ... ...

The United Nations: Paper Tiger?

In conclusion to this essay, you could probably say that I have mixed opinions toward the U.N. being a paper tiger. I have stated an important fact which issues that it gives smaller minority countries a voice in the wider population but in saying this some resolutions take lots of time to process when in the long run it fails and the U.N. end up wasting their time. I do believe that having a U.N,...

The Role Of World Vision Philippines In Nation-Bulding

Jordan, L.,2005. “Mechanisms for NGO Accountability”, GPPi Research Paper Series No. 3, Global Public Policy Institute, Berlin, Germany. Edwards, M. & Hulme, D. 1996. “Too Close For Comfort? The Impact of Official Aid on Nongovernmental Organizations,” in World Development, Volume 24. U. K. Native Nations Institute. 2013. What is Native Nation Building. Stephenson, C. 2005. Nation-buil...

Role of youth in nation building

Many educated youth had already realized the necessity of utilizing their skills for the betterment of the society but at the same time, the youth is also misguided to a larger extent by some evil sources making them irresponsible towards the society they live in. It is pathetic but true that, due to many –a-problems that exists in today’s world, youth is highly attracted and/or fancied toward...

National Health and Social Care

Health and social care workers: health and social care professions, eg nursing staff, social workers, professions allied to medicine; technical support professionals, eg medical and non-medical laboratory staff; other support professionals, eg managers, administrators; role of professional bodies; career pathways, training and qualifications, workforce development; codes of conduct, roles and resp...

United Nation

The biggest achievement of the United Nations since its existence is that it has prevented the repetition of the holocaust of Second World War. It has successfully intervened in regional and global conflicts to stop the outbreak of another war. The Indo-China War, The Arab- Israel War and the superpower confrontation in Cuba in 1961 bear ample testimony to the significant role played by the r Unit...

Role of Youth in National Development


Should Wealthy Nations Be Required to Share Their Wealth with Poorer Nations by Providing

This is the best lesson for children about the important of sharing in hard times. From that, the love of human races will be larger. However, the government of poorer countries should not only rely on others. They also have to improve their own situation by carrying out the reform in education, changing some unsound customs and opening to obtain the knowledge of the world. In conclusion, if the r...

Business National Btec Unit 13

Scenario: You are head of recruitment at Sheffield Park Academy and will be interviewing candidates for the advertised role of Business Studies teacher. The interview panel will be made up of various senior members of staff and some members of the Business department. Not all members of the panel have interviewed before so they are not familiar with the regulatory requirements. Design a briefing s...

The League of Nations Had Its Greatest Successes in the Work of the Special Commission

There would have been far more resistance by the big 3, as they were far bigger countries in terms of size and population, and far less understanding of the different situations in the world, as both Switzerland and the Netherlands had not been affected by World War I at first hand. America’s unwillingness to join was a huge setback for the league though, as I think the League would have been fa...

Introduction to Contemporary Society

Agents of socialisation do not exist as static entities that have a defined, once off influence on an individual’s identity at a given point in time but rather as dynamic entities that continue to interact with one another throughout an individual’s lifetime. These agents also vary in their influence and impact on individuals and they encourage individuals to learn and adapt in order to fit co...

National Festivals

The second type of festivals depict the religious association of the people.Most Indian festivals have their origin either in religions or in the myths and legends of popular faiths. Some are contend with the memory of venerable men and events and are, therefore, commemorative in nature. They are intended to keep alive the memory of those events and personalities and inspire people to emulate thei...

Role of NCC in Nation Building

Even appeasement has not brought the requisite dividends. The country's unity and culture are anything but safe. Countless people would agree that our unity in diversity is probably a myth. Undeniably, there is a fantastic diversity, but there is less of unity now. Our traditional tolerance, our spiritual values, our peace-loving, conciliatory nature and cultural traits seem to be disappearing. Th...

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