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The Reason Why My Mother Is My Best Friend
Words • 819
Pages • 3
Looking up to a person is different for everyone, for me, it is my mom. My mother is strong and independent. A person who many people look up to including me. Someone who has the biggest heart in the world. Even when something is dragging her down. It took me so long to spend time with my mom. Like any teenager, I was rude and uncaring about her and how she felt. Never spending any actual time with her. Moms…...
My MotherMy Mother My Best FriendMy Mother My Inspiration
My Mother, My Friend: The Most Important Person In My Life
Words • 607
Pages • 3
When it comes to thinking about a place in my childhood that I find of importance, it is not a place, but a person that comes to mind. This person in my mother. I mean no disrespect to my family they are important too, but the love I have for my mother goes beyond them. My mom is my everything, from when I was a child, until now, and until forever. Since I was a little girl she has been…...
My Favourite Personality My MotherMy MotherMy Mother My Best Friend
My Mother Is My Favourite Personality and Best Friend in My Life
Words • 565
Pages • 3
My mother is without doubt the most important person in my life and the only one I could never live without. According to Erich Fromm, “a mother’s love is peace. It need not to be acquired, it need not to be deserved.” I personally have the greatest gift in my life which is my mother. When it comes to physical appearance my mother has striking features that are able to turn heads even in her advanced age. She a bit…...
My Favourite Personality My MotherMy MotherMy Mother My Best Friend
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My Mother: My Favourite Personality and Role Model
Words • 1115
Pages • 5
My mother was there to grab me even before I fell to the ground riding my huffy marvel spider-man bicycle at just 3 years old. Her eyes always full of concern; constantly accusing what going to happen next. The mother who always has time to listen to me when I have to express my feelings. A mother is a mother no matter if they stay at home or if they are working. Years ago, a woman’s job in society was…...
My Favourite Personality My MotherMy MotherMy Mother My Inspiration
My Mother Is the Best Teacher in My Life
Words • 564
Pages • 3
My mother is, without doubt, the most important person in my life and the only one I could never live without. According to Erich Fromm, “a mother’s love is peace. It need not be acquired, it need not be deserved.” I personally have the greatest gift in my life which is my mother. When it comes to physical appearance my mother has striking features that are able to turn heads even in her advanced age. She a bit short and…...
Mother Is The Best TeacherMy MotherMy Mother My Inspiration
When My Mother Taught Me How to Swim
Words • 1081
Pages • 4
Experts say that all babies are born with a love of water because it is all that surrounded us for our 9 months of development in our mother's womb. That is why water births are recommended so as not to traumatize the baby. Babies thrown into the swimming pool after only being weeks old are like fish taking to the sea. Yet, at a certain age, from being fishes, we turn into dogs with a severe case of hydrophobia. Nothing…...
My MotherSwimmingWater
In Memory Of My Mother
Words • 619
Pages • 3
As the title suggests, this poem is about someone who's mother is deceased and he is reminiscing her. It is obvious, yet important, to point out that the author is deeply involved with this poem, as the deceased mother seems to be his own. In the first stanza it appears that the author cannot, and will not, accept his mother's death. I feel that he is describing his mother as being like poplar trees. The phrase 'I see you walking…...
MemoryMy MotherPoetry
“I Ask My Mother to Sing” by Li-Young Lee
Words • 222
Pages • 1
The poem I Ask My Mother to Sing by Li-Young Lee is about his grandmother and mother singing a song and how it makes Li-Young Lee feel. This poem really shows how powerful emotion is portrayed through singing or a song. Most poem's also have a rhythmic theme to it that make some lines or all lines rhyme, but this poem doesn't rhyme this poem sounds more like a regular story. This poem is a song sang by his mother…...
My MotherPoetry
My Mother Never Worked
Words • 371
Pages • 2
In the essay “My Mother Never Worked,” Bonnie Smith-Yackel recollects the time when she called Social Security to claim her mother’s death benefits. Social Security places Smith-Yackel on hold so they can check their records on her mother, Martha Jerabek Smith. While waiting, she remembers the many things her mother did, and the compassion her mother felt towards her husband and children. When Social Security returns to the phone, they tell Smith-Yackel that she could not receive her mother’s death…...
My MotherThe Scarlet Ibis
Praise Song for my Mother by Grace Nichols Analysis
Words • 901
Pages • 4
What are the poet's sensations about family and how does she communicate these ideas? Grace Nichols writes Praise Song for my mother as ode, or letter, as an event of her mother. Having moved from Guyana to the UK, the 'ode' remains in a Caribbean design, applauding her mother for all that she has done. Nichols blogs about what family is, and what it implies to her, and the poem appears to be positive, in adoration of her mother, however…...
My MotherPoetrySong
Presentation of Jackie from “My Mother Said I Never Should”
Words • 1347
Pages • 5
Throughout the play we see Jackie portrayed in different ways, her characteristics change and we see her grow as a person. Jackie as a child was very rebellious and through her life faces many challenges. Firstly as a young mother then later with the loss of her mother. As a young woman in her teens Jackie is very rebellious we first see this when Jackie tells Margaret that she has slept with her boyfriend. Jackie tries to make Margaret feel…...
My Mother
Praise Song for my Mother by Grace Nichols
Words • 799
Pages • 3
The poem, as the name recommends is a tune where the poet is rejoicing her relationship with her mom by using simple but powerful images. It is essential to note that unlike the commemorative poems that are typically composed by Western authors, "Applaud for My Mother" does not have a requiem like elegiac state of mind. The overall tone of the poem is enjoyable. "Applaud Song" is a panegyric on the author's mom. in which she commemorates a female who…...
CultureMy MotherPoetrySong
A Review of “Todo Sobre Mi Madre (All About My Mother)”
Words • 765
Pages • 3
The Spanish culture has actually been understood for its masculinity. Bullfighters, soccer gamers, and other manly figures are typically associated with the image of the Spanish culture. They had even presented the word "machismo" to the English language. One motion picture provides us a slice of the Spanish culture: "Todo Sobre Mi Madre (Everything About My Mother)", a movie written and directed by Pedro Almodóvar. The movie had gotten a broad reception both in Spain and other parts of the…...
My MotherWomanhood
Someone Who Motivates Me
Words • 528
Pages • 2
Motivation is the reason we get out of bed in the morning instead of sleeping all day. It is what drives us to get to work or the gym and work harder, smarter, and more efficiently than the day before. Motivation is the reason that great ideas are turned into great accomplishments. Motivation is what drives us to get things done! When a person plans or wants to do something, he or she has a motivation for that specific thing.…...
ChoiceHow To Do SomethingLifeMotivationMy MotherPsychology
My Mother Angel
Words • 321
Pages • 2
When God set the world in place, and hung the stars up in space, when He made the land and the sea, then He made you and me. He sat back and saw all was good, and saw things were they should be. Then he decided that he needed to create an angel in disguise and he would name her mother but whatever for?? He knew that she would be there to teach and guide me. One who can see…...
AngelsMother natureMy MotherReligion
My Mother: My best friend
Words • 662
Pages • 3
In my opinion, “Friend” is really important for me. I can live without computer and TV but I can’t live without ”friend” the person who is sharing my mood with me whenever I’m happy or sad and I have “her” my really best friend who has nice appearance , good personality and I’m very happy that I can be friend with her. My best friend is My Mother. She’s cute, good looking and does not talk too much with the…...
FriendI admire my momMy MotherMy Mother My Best Friend
The Courage That My Mother Had
Words • 297
Pages • 2
The great amount of respect and admiration a child had for its mother's courage is abundantly evident throughout Edna St. Vincent Millay's The Courage That My Mother Had. Simultaneously, the poem conveys feelings of betrayal. Millay's poem, through strong associations with equally as strong words, such as rock and granite, infers the general theme of the poem and the amount of titular courage the poem's mother possessed. In lines 3-4, a rock is compared to her mother, who was born…...
CourageMy Mother
My Mother’s Generosity
Words • 519
Pages • 2
At my family's house back in Brazil,there is aways someone arriving to get clothes,to get a bag of fruits or vegetables from my mom's garden , or to get a piece of furniture we don't use anymore.We rarely keep stuff that we don't use, and that is all because of my mom. My mother is very generous and highly opinionated. She believes that if you don't use it, you should donate to someone else who is in need; she makes…...
My Mother
My Mother in Garden
Words • 410
Pages • 2
Alice Walker also uses her own mother as a method to explain the way they are and the creativity they have lived in . She explains, "Guided by my heritage of a love of beauty and respect for strength-in search of my mother's garden, I found my own. "(Walker 675) This quote shows how Walker was able to find her own creativity by seeing her mother's creativity in the creation of her gardens. Walker's mother grew beautiful gardens at every…...
GardenMy Mother
The Exploration of Womanhood in All About My Mother
Words • 1794
Pages • 7
In his critically acclaimed 1999 character-driven drama film All About My Mother (1999); writer-director Pedro Almodovar cements his reputation as an expert on the complexities and intricacies of womanhood. The film features several complex and multi-layered female characters that are portrayed with great emotional depth. Throughout the course of the film, these characters are forced to struggle with impediments such as loss, betrayal and societal prejudice. Yet, in the end, they triumph over these obstacles and take control of their…...
My MotherWomanhood
How I Know My Mother Loves Me?
Words • 520
Pages • 2
When I was very young, I was a sickly child. In fact, I had to spend most of my life away from school and in bed. Not surprisingly, I was miserable. I fretted a lot and constantly demanded my mother's attention. I was a spoiled brat.During the day, I would demand that my favorite delicacies be served to me and that my favorite stories be read to me. At odd hours of the night, I would ask for a hot…...
CurfewI admire my momMother's LoveMy MotherPatience
Leader of my life: my mother
Words • 594
Pages • 3
An influential leader in my life is my mother because she exemplifies a godly woman in many ways. She is a whole person. She is a cooperative leader in the home. She also understands and accepts her role, despite cultural trends and pressure. She models authentic spirituality. She is the keeper of intimate feelings. She demonstrates and teaches compassion. She desires to complete duties with her heart. Her strong faith in God is contagious in my life. As a whole…...
GodI admire my momLeadershipLoveMy Mother
My Idol Is My Mother
Words • 357
Pages • 2
Everyone in the world have an idol in their life. Idol is someone that you admire so much, maybe a singer, an actor, a football player, or a model. For me, my mother has been my idol since the day I was born. She is fifty years old. She has become a good mother for her children. She really loves her children. She looks like a Chinese or maybe a Japanese. Almost all of her siblings have slanting eyes. My…...
I admire my momIdolMy Mother
The Strongest Person My Mother
Words • 790
Pages • 3
Everyone has a crucial individual in their life.An individual who has actually shown them how to do things whether it be dancing, cooking, drawing and even just provided love. I have a person that has actually shown me a lot and has done more then I can repay them for. That person is named Edit Mendoza and she's my beautiful mother. I might be buddies with people who do not constantly make the best options and try to suck me…...
I admire my momMy Mother
Meaning of Teresa Palomo Acosta’s “My Mother Pieced Quilts”
Words • 553
Pages • 3
Various threads are needed to form one unique quilt. Similarly, a mother quilts together the best and diverse threads of life to form one unique identity in which a child lives with forever. In the poem "My Mother Pieced Quilts" by Teresa Palomo Acosta, the mother chooses the different aspects of the quilt, forms those aspects to make one quilt, and releases that one quilt on which it lives. In the beginning, the mother must choose the best treads to…...
My Mother
Why I Admire My Mother?
Words • 352
Pages • 2
In every person’s life, there is someone they undoubtedly look up to and, without a second thought, my admiration goes towards my supportive and considerate mother. To the world, she has not done anything extraordinary like finding the cure for cancer or winning a Nobel prize but, to me, every little thing she does each and every day is amazing. Each morning I am awoken by her gentle and cheerful voice, giving me reassurance for the day ahead. She always…...
I admire my momMy Mother
“Praise Song for My Mother” Grace Nichols and “Harmonium” Simon Armitage
Words • 804
Pages • 3
Nichols has written a personal love poem to her mother which expresses a deep respect and admiration for her. In Armitages poem however, the tone is very different as the poet reflects upon the lack of communication between him and his father and recalls a moment when an opportunity to speak about the serious subject of death was missed. Although both poems are modern, they have quite different structures. Nichols poem uses a simple three line stanza which she repeats…...
Human NatureMy MotherPoetrySong
Poems “Nettles” and Praise song for my mother”
Words • 738
Pages • 3
Explore how the parent child relationship is presented in “nettles” and “praise song for my mother” and comment on the feeling expressed in both poems Introduction Both “nettles” and “praise song for my mother” focus on parent child relationships. “nettles” is a poem that tells a story about a little boy who falls into some nettles, and “praise song for my mother” is a poem that displays love and praise for someone’s mother. However both poems show the feelings of…...
My MotherPoemsSong
My Mother
Words • 399
Pages • 2
My Mother Life without someone who loving us is just like an empty world. All people in this world have their own person who always takes care of them. So do I. She is the only one, ‘my mother’. My mother is Beautiful, a very helpful to a family member and a caring person. see more:short essay on my mother My earliest memories of my mother was her pretty face, beautiful smile, and small frame.To me she was the most…...
MotherMy Mother
I Was Helping My Mother When Suddenly…
Words • 702
Pages • 3
I was helping my mother in the kitchen when suddenly an ear-piercing sound struck from above.I dashed to the upper floor to check out what was happened. ‘Oh god.What is this?’I wondered while pointing at a footprint. I knew something weird was happened.The footprint was familiar.I ignored it.Instead,to make my mother calm,I said that was nothing occurred as she is suffering from cardio-illness,a common disease suffered by the Malaysian. ‘What’s happening?’ my mother asked me.’Nothing,just the sound of lightning.We better…...
Helping OthersMy Mother
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Bonnie Smith-Yackel in “My Mother Never Worked” and Judy Brady in “I Want a Wife” both used the theme of “women’s work” to talk about the roles women uphold in society, but from different settings and different eras in time. The expectations on women in regard to their roles and duties in society still sparks conversation in today’s society and these two essays help to weigh in on the discussion. The two essays shed light on women’s roles and societal expectations by challenging and provoking thought by giving us a view through the experience of the writer while also being different in many ways such as in time period, setting, and the way they deliver their points

In both pieces of literature, diverse duties of women are extensively explored. Additionally, the two essays talk about the expectation of women who are housewives and mothers in a societal context. The recital in “I want a wife” (Brady) explores the duties of housewives and mothers in a descriptive manner. It explores how the mother is expected to have duties like laundry washing, house cleaning, cooking, looking after the children, and mending the clothes. In a similar dimension, “My Mother Never Worked” (Smith-Yackel) also explains the duties of a mother. However, the author explains such duties by only particularizing on the scope of what her biological mother’s duties consisted of. The author elaborates on the duties of her mother not limited to home duties like washing clothes, cleaning the house, cooking, looking after the children and husband, but also to other duties. The author extensively explores increased duties like farm duties that her mother had to do. These include raising flocks of chickens, feeding the pigs, milking the cows, planting and also harvesting the gardens.

In both narratives, some degree of irony is experienced throughout the literary work. In “My Mother Never Worked” (Smith-Yackel), it is ironic that the government would only consider those who worked in government-related jobs or business jobs as employees and not those who have been outsourced by house, farm, and family errands. “I want a wife” (Brady) possess a speech that the author uses to add a little humor and to amplify a judgment of what man’s perception is on women’s roles. The author supports the male perspective on women’s roles. However, it is realized that the author is a female when she sends a message to all the male audience, a description of coercing a faultless wife in their upcoming life. She argues that women should do too much through listing their roles in society. She later emphasizes the wrongful and absurd expectations placed on women in society.

The author in “My mother never worked” discusses this differently. She explains how a mother represents a role that cannot be easily be taught. She describes motherhood as being the most ticklish job that the world ignores. Diverse sentiments shared by the author aspire to explore certain degree of emotions. The author sticks to her point in addressing gender inequality within a societal context. She talks about the sacrifices that women are required to have. Additionally, the author extensively provides a universal ground for discussion on women’s roles as well as the recognition they deserve. Her arguments possess some form of criticism to the government because the government does not recognize women for their efforts. The literature possesses some level of entertainment and can be espied diversely by different audiences depending on their relationship with their parents. The author’s intentions are to provide the audience with an understanding of sacrifice and long-time commitment like child upkeep.

Contrary in “I want a wife” the author petitions to demonstrate her credibility as a woman. The author primarily discusses women’s roles from her experience. She explores the jobs meant for women. She hunts to indirectly support the duties that women are entitled within the societal context. Her arguments are barely or more directed to the feminine gender. She decrees the audience to get angry and feel emotional with regards to gender inequality. Despite mentioning women’s duties, she also emphasizes the wrongful view of women through criticizing the male gender. She implements certain methods to point out the selfishness of the husband and men who picture a wife that would entitle anything for them. Reiterating of plentiful words used within the article shows how the author pictures a prejudiced part of men’s perspective on their wives’ roles.


In conclusion, some emotional and logical stances have been used to explain one’s views with regards to the discussion on women’s roles and expectations in society. Additionally, the reader will be able to relate after being able to read such literary work as it was presented. Certain similarities, as well as differences, can be grasped in “My mother never worked” (Smith-Yackel) and “I want a wife” (Judy Brady). The most interesting part of this review is being able to view the similarities of two pieces of work from two different points in time that essentially focus on the same issue. This essay, therefore, provides a universal exploration of both their similarities and differences with regards to the work and expectations of women in a societal setting.

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The Reason Why My Mother Is My Best Friend
...Everyone has a mom, no matter how much she has put you through she will always be your mom. My Mom especially is the best. She will always put me before herself, and I will forever be thankful to have her. She has raised me into who I am today, and h...
When My Mother Taught Me How to Swim
...I learned to love the water and trust in it. The scouts may have taught me how to drown proof myself, but it was my mother's love that gave me the confidence to let go of the fear and believe in myself. Nowadays, I swim in Olympic sized pools sometim...
Someone Who Motivates Me
...My mother always motivates me to make choices, to be the boss of myself. She tells me to write down the advantages and the disadvantages of each choice on paper, and then consider the pros and cons carefully to make a final decision. However, after m...
How I Know My Mother Loves Me?
...My friends made a quick exit as she ranted at me, her arms waving wildly. I didn't say a word, in case one of those hands should find its mark on my face. I was ordered straight to bed.As I got into bed, she stood in my room, still ranting at me for ...
Why I Admire My Mother?
...She has never once grown frustrated with me when I return home with a poor school grade; she simply sits down with me and calmly guides me through the work until she is certain that I understand. I can often become short tempered and say hurtful thin...
I Was Helping My Mother When Suddenly…
...I shouted and called my mum down.She was shocked and nearly fainted when she saw my father. ‘Actually,I planned this thing with the workers in the management office.I knew that your mother would call them.And my plan to be back in our Anniversary D...

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