How i Met Your Mother

Friendship is highly entertaining especially with all the adventures to get life on the desired path. The entertainment is used in many comedic shows to create a welcoming, relatable tone with the audience. The two comedic shows, Friends and How I Met Your Mother compare the, main idea of the shows, the character’s personalities, and whom the humor is directed towards. The shows value friendship and growing up. The shows have different main topics. The main ideas are friendship and romance.

The first show is Friends, which is a show about five friends whose lives constantly affect each other. The main point of the show is to show the daily life of the friends and show all the encounters they have.

It centers on daily problems that one would experience. For example, on Thanksgiving, one of the main characters wears a turkey on his head and freaks out because it does not come off. The groups of friends go to the coffee shop daily.

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At the coffee shop, they talk, update, and gossip about their lives. The show captures each of them at work, and shows the positives and negatives of each of the friend’s jobs. The show is told with no narrator because the audience just watches their lives. It takes place mostly in the present with a few flashbacks here and there. On the other hand, How I Met Your Mother centers on the story of Ted Mosby, the main character, meeting the mother of his children.

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It centers on moments that lead Ted to meeting the mother while incorporating his friends into the stories.

For example, Ted gets a butterfly tattoo because he was drunk and out with this wild girl. The dermatologist removes the tattoo and he ends up falling for her. The show hints that she could be the mother until she leaves Ted at their wedding. There are constant symbols that are brought up to tease the audience to see if the next women he encounters will be the mother. The whole show is told in first person from an older Ted Mosby. The show is all told in a past tense causing some of the story lines and timing to get mixed up in the midst. The main topics for story telling and the friendships are slightly similar, but the characters are more similar.

Next, both of the shows have characters that fit in either the easy-going or uptight personality. In the show Friends, the main characters that fall under the easy-going category are Joey, Phoebe, and sometimes Rachel. These main characters go with the flow and do not worry about problems that much. An example of this is Joey and Phoebe do not care much about what people say about them. They are not very smart, but they are great with people and make people laugh. Rachel is a pushover and goes with the simple decisions. The uptight characters are Ross, Monica, Chandler, and sometimes Rachel as well. These characters want control and freak out over the simple things. Monica has to be the best chef, so when she gets a bad review she takes a simple cooking class to show off her skills. Ross wants to be right for every topic. Rachel wants situations to go according to her plan or she gets upset.

Chandler gets very uncomfortable in social situations if he has no control over it. In the show, How I Met Your Mother has the same categories. The easy-going main characters are Robin, Barney and sometimes Marshall. Barney goes to the bar every day and tries to find any girl to be with. Barney goes with the flow and moves on if his pick up lines do not work. Robin does not worry too much about problems and prefers to drink and relax them away. Marshall goes with the flow when he listens to his wife and with family. The uptight characters are Ted, Lily, and Marshall. Ted tries so hard to find the perfect wife and job. He even freaks out multiple times because it takes so long for him to find someone to be with. Lily is a kindergarten teacher and when anyone gets in her way, she takes something that they value highly.

Marshall is uptight with his job. He is a lawyer and is very strict on himself. Although the main characters share alike characteristics, the core of the humor is different between the shows. Lastly, the heart of the humor for the shows is unalike. One show focuses more on friendships, daily life, and wanting to grow up while the other is romance, daily life, and not wanting to grow up. In Friends, the show focuses mostly on the relationships the friends share with each other. It shows how they act with one another and the way they feel towards each other. For example, Ross and Rachel break up because Ross was with another girl while they were on “a break” splitting the group up.

The rest of the friends had to choose whom they wanted to hang out with. They also are shown to wanting to grow up so they can avoid these problems and have structured lives. They want to get better jobs, start families, and settle down. It is shown through a character’s constant marriages and divorces, Chandler and Monica’s marriage, and Rachel having a baby. In How I Met Your Mother, it focuses a lot on their love lives. The show displays how the character Barney is a player, Robin and Ted have chemistry, and Marshall and Lily always are together. The continuous stories that lead Ted to his wife incorporate all of the actions in his friend’s lives during this time period.

Although the How I Met Your Mother friends’ love lives are important, the friends do not want to grow up. They constantly spend time together and enjoy just having to worry about themselves. The drama picks up when Lily and Marshall have kids, Robin focuses on her career, and Ted finally shows how he found his wife. The story leads to more drama and the splitting of friendships. Both of the shows take the simple topic of growing up and make it relatable to different types of people.

In the shows Friends and How I Met Your Mother, the shows take the idea of growing up and mix it with different types of humor to connect with the audience. The humor appeals to the audience because it is relatable and heart warming. The story telling and characters let the audience feel comfortable because they are not overwhelmed with the topics. The show topics are interesting and down to earth. The show’s main purpose, main character’s personalities, and main humor topics relate to the idea of growing up. Growing up is more enjoyable with loving friends by one’s side.

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