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The Importance of Mother’s Day
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In the articles 'A Mothers Day Kiss- Off' and 'Understanding Mom' both authors address motherhood and divorce, Leslie Bennetts the author of 'A Mothers Day Kiss-Off' focuses more on women who have been given the wrong impression of motherhood, while Deborah Tannon the author of 'Understanding Mom' seems more concerned with motherhood and the failure of her marriage. The start of 'A Mothers Day Kiss-Off' discusses how extraordinary Mother’s day is and everything that happens to moms on Mother's Day…...
Mothers Day
Mother’s Day
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I would like to read from Proverbs 31:25 "Strength and honor are her clothing; and she shall rejoice in time to come". When I read this verse I thought of my mom. My mom is a strong and honorable woman. Today is Mother's Day, a day to honor our Mothers. Before I honor my Mother, I would like to share just a few tidbits about Mother's Day. There are several claims to the origins of Mother's Day in the USA;…...
Mothers Day
International Mother Language Day
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UNESCO's declaration of 21st February as the International Mother Language Day has brought fresh glory and prestige to Bangladesh which is making significant strides towards peace, progress and prosperity at home and discharging international obligations abroad. After 1952, the people of Bangladesh have been observing every year the 21st day of February as their glorious and unforgettable Language Martyrs Day. What happened on 21st February 1952 is widely known. Still let us very briefly recount the fateful happenings of that…...
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A Mother’s Day Kiss-off by Leslie Bennetts
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“A Mother’s Day Kiss-off” was written by Leslie Bennetts to change the male view of everyday mothers. Bennetts wrote this because she has witnessed and studied these events. She wrote that mothers should not just be praised on one day a year versus the 365 days that she is doing it alone, well mostly. Not only is this problematic for the child but for the parents relationship as well. She wanted to make clear that women’s roles in parenting have…...
FamilyMothers Day
The International Mother Language Day
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Pages • 3
Introduction: We are very proud because the UNESCO gas declared the 21st February as the International Mother Language Day. It is such a prestige that we cannot find the right words to express our sense of jubilation. How it happened: The 21st February, our Martyr’s Day, is unique in the history of the world in the sense that in no other country have lost lives and suffered for the preservation of the mother tongue. So judging the significance of the…...
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