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How to Read Literature Like a Professor Revised by Thomas C. Foster?
...Summary: In this chapter, Foster explains how literature is all about connecting the dots and making connections from previous readings and or works of literature. Foster shows how practice, as in continuously reading literature, can enhance one's kn...
How Many Words in the Harry Potter Series?
...In books about Harry Potter, such usual themes as love, friendship, courage, and anger are mentioned. However, the manner in which they are presented, determined the success of this series. Each book is a small world into which you are plunged. After...
How I became literate in my lifetime?
...All the instructions I have read, all the words I learned how to pronounce, I did it on my own through reading. As a matter of fact, I don’t even remember seeing my father ever read a book, and my mom didn’t start reading until after she went bac...
Who I Admire? – Essay
...From her beginnings as a child whose imagination drew her away from her peers into a private world, to her days as an adult with all the burdens of a single mother, J.K. Rowling's story is a fairy tale. This biography is for all those who want to get...