Literary Genre Essay Topics

In poetry. Literature

In poetry, what are “free verse” and “haiku”? B. They are poetic forms. Which genre and form BEST describe the following poem? A. narrative haiku Which of the following is NOT a genre of poetry? C. allusion Which of the following words and phrases from the poem does NOT contribute to our understanding of the… View Article

Motif Essay

In a narrative, such as a novel, motifs are recurring structures, contrasts, or literary devices that can help to develop and inform the pieces major theme. The Serial Garden is a short story written by Joan Aiken. The Serial Garden is about Mark Armitage, a boy who dwells in and out of magical worlds. In… View Article

Song Analysis on Revolution by John Butler

“Countries are starving because of the World Trade Organization or the World Bank or from mining the hell out of the world. My state is completely infested with mining companies that are basically digging holes everywhere and are disenfranchising people in the process. When I look at all this stuff, it’s quite overwhelming. As a… View Article

Death of a Salesman

Themes are the fundamental and often universal ideas explored in literary work. One of the principal themes in this literary work is the pursuit of the American Dream. This concept is well connected to Willy Loman, an exhausted 63-year-old man who wants nothing more than to reach the American Dream, but in reality he fails because… View Article

On the side walk bleeding

In General, The things that make it difficult to read a book is being able to sit and concentrate only on that book, and actually reading it to the point where you know exactly what you’re reading and what’s going on and not forgetting what you read. To me in order to stay totally glued… View Article

The English Restoration

The Restoration was a revolutionary period for both history and literature. Before the Restoration period began, England was under rule of the Protectorate. They believed in strict Puritan law. Under this law, Protestants and Jews were accepted, but they would not accept the Episcopalians or Roman Catholics. There was one man who acted as the… View Article

My hobby (listening music)

What is music? Music is the art or science of combining vocal or instrumental sounds (sometimes both) to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion. As a teenager, I listen to music everyday. I can name almost name every song that comes on the radio. Listening to music takes the stress away from… View Article

Supernatural Drama Media Essay

Explore how far the ‘Vampire Diaries/Being Human/Misfits’ DVD cover conforms to genre conventionsIn this essay, I will be analysing the DVD cover of the ‘Vampire Diaries’ which is a television programme in the teen-supernatural hybrid drama genre. I will also be analysing the covers of ‘Being Human’ and ‘Misfits’ and I will compare and contrast… View Article

Media Research Example

Start with a short intro You can start with the title or genre as your basic point. Dicussing why, where,when or how. Remember to always do background checking on the genres to get the codes and conventions to make yours suit the conventions, not to confuse your target audience. Dont forget to do some research… View Article

Thematic Comparisom

In Stephen Spenders poem “What I Expected” and “The Moustache”, a short story by Robert Cormier there is the common theme that life is unpredictable and you can’t always predict what’s going to happen. However the way these two authors convey this theme is very different; Spender uses diction and imagery, while Cormier uses details… View Article

Music Represents the Soundtracks of Life

Music is an unavoidable ingredient in everyone’s life. Whether its music we play by personal choice or music we hear in supermarkets or a retail store. Society will hear music. What comes along is what will affect the listener. Through time music has changed to meet the needs of society. In the past music was… View Article

Taken Essay…

Taken is an action, thriller film directed by Pierre Morel. The film is a typical action thriller, where the heroic protagonist beats the heck out of everyone who gets in the way of him attaining his goal, action film. Director Pierre Morel has used genre-typical techniques such as fight choreography to have a predictable effect… View Article

Harry Lavender Essay

All characters have their own distinctive voices but the main voice is Cluadia Valentine and she makes all other characters involved in her search to find the real truth of the crime that has been committed to Mark Bannister. Claudia Valentine is drawn into Harry Lavenders web of corruption and the world of organised crime… View Article

Themes by Means of Unique Style- Bishop

Elizabeth Bishop is known for using the same recurring themes throughout her thought-provoking poetry. Some of these themes include childhood experiences, travel, the natural world, loneliness, detachment and the art of writing itself. Each of these themes has introduced themselves to her by means of personal experiences throughout her life. In her poetry, she shares… View Article

Maus reflection

I do hope that you took the time to enjoy my genre recreation project. The idea was a very spur of the moment decision, and came to me quite suddenly in the middle of Michael’s craft store. My original thought was to create a scrapbook of a certain characters’ life, and make a sort of… View Article

How Do We Cultivate Interest in Reading

How often have we heard other people saying that they have no time for reading? This is a mere excuse. In actual words, they are implying that they have lost the urge to educate themselves by keeping abreast with the current trends of thought like science and technology. This trend can be seen in many… View Article

White Trash Primer Essay

In the short, personal memoir, “White Trash Primer,” Lacy M. Johnson talks about a girl’s life from childhood to her early adult life. Johnson begins her piece by talking about the girl’s childhood that seemed like an average child’s life growing up in a rural area. This girl grew up in a family where her… View Article

Is Del-Del by Victor Kelleher a Gripping Book?

I do not think that Victor Kelleher is an exceptional thriller writer. However I do agree to the statement which says that “Del-Del grips like a vice and holds the reader taut, on a nerves edge, until the final page. Victor Kelleher is a very talented thriller writer, the technique where he drops small clues… View Article

Coraline Essay

In response to the school board’s request for student feedback, I am writing to express my opinion about which should be used to teach about the Fantasy genre, Coraline the book or Coraline the movie. In my opinion, I believe that Coraline the movie should be used in schools to teach the Fantasy genre. This… View Article

Democracy in the uk

I love reading romance tragedy books. Firstly it gives me the opportunity to identify love; how love growths, what specific element bring the personas close and attached emotionally. Furthermore it gives in-depth information about love and the aspects of love, this is interesting because love is part of everyday life and a lot of people… View Article

Philippines Literature

The diversity and richness of Philippine literature evolved side by side with the country’s history. Long before the Spaniards and other foreigners landed or set foot on Philippine shores, our forefathers already had their own literature stamped in the history of our race. Our ancient literature shows our customs and traditions in everyday life as… View Article

The Relationship Between Reader and Writer

The relationship between reader and writer is intertwined. Of course, a writer can write without a reader, but if their words remain unread and unexplored, then do the words really mean anything? On the other side, a reader cannot exist without a writer. Therefore the relationship is one of symbiosis – a relationship of mutual… View Article

Stereotypes in the Media

Abstract The aim of this research is aimed to compare the frequency of stereotypes between different genres of prime time television shows. 36 Year 11 students were enrolled to record the number of stereotypes they saw portrayed in televised media. The results were collated to compare how many stereotypes appeared in the genres. Results indicated… View Article

What Is E4 Missing

E4 is a channel which provides the audience with a variety of shows that fit into separate genres and have a mixture of programmes for their audience. The institution have specific timings for specific shows, there are some shows such as ‘Dog Soldiers ‘and the ‘Inbetweeners rude road trip’ which are shown after 9pm. This… View Article

Lit Review Stages

You have located articles, read and evaluated them, and created an outline that synthesizes the conclusions of those articles. Now, in the final step, you will write a thematic synthesis. The guidelines here show you how to put the literature review together – how to flesh out the ideas in your outline – including how… View Article

Crime Fiction Notes

Study: – read over your essay and familiarise yourself with your wording – have discussions – Figure out the arguments in your head – practise exams – don’t just Know the material REALLY UNDERSTAND it The Big Sleep Observation: – conventions that are constant throughout generations of crime fiction genre (passion, detachment, love, hope, justice)… View Article

Essay About Literature

Literature is timeless, it endured all the changes of the past and is still is being appreciated till the present time and will still be as time goes by. Literature exists in every country, in every language, and in every period but each has its own uniqueness that stands out for their styles. It exceeds time;… View Article

Genre Conventions

How genre conventions are used to raise audience expectations in horror movie trailers. ‘The word genre means ‘type’ or ‘category’’ (Teach yourself film studies) it is really important as an audience member to recognise genres as then things become categorised and easier for them to understand which is more comforting. Sometimes however genres are crossed… View Article

How Typical Are X Factor and Csi of Their Genres?

Genre is a way of classifying and then categorising a particular text, they are made up of their own codes and conventions for example narrative, characters and themes which standardise the way in which a story is told. X Factor and CSI have all been huge successes in their own respective genres and this essay… View Article

Review Literary Terms, Eng 125

Imagination is the power to create. It is the key component to literature. Without imagination, there won’t be an interesting story, I believe. Imagination is not only important to the writer, it helps the reader broaden their interpretation of the story. “When you allow reading to unlock your imagination, your connection sets the stage for… View Article