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Essays on Interview

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Research design: Qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods approaches

Qualitative Research Design Introduction             Qualitative research design is an approach used in research by researchers and scientists to study the behaviour and habits of human beings in the society. According to Flick, (2009 p. 17) the research design is used in various fields such as health, social sciences, business and other social sciences to study different behaviours. In health, qualitative research may be used to study issues on health awareness, availability of health facility, and access to primary, secondary,…...

Evaluate the usefulness of the documents in the interview pack for a given organisation

Justify actions a business might take when experiencing cash flow problems? At first ,the owners of business need to start a cash flow analysis for current month and the future.The owners should know and find out what’s wrong with the company and check which areas result the most money to get out of their company.However, the receivables are always a big problem.Because the owners are busy with their business so that they forget to send the money for a long…...

Counselor Interview

Mrs. T C***** currently is a guidance counselor at YPre-K center in _____. She has overseen the YPRE -K counseling program for about 10 years, which is designed to be compressive and developmental, with an emphasis on positive behavior and support. Mrs. C is a trained professional certified by the state of Texas. She received a Master’s degree in Education with a minor in Guidance Counseling from Sul Ross University. From a young age Mrs. C knew she had the…...

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Case Manager Interview

The interview with a case manager took place in Kevin on October 25, 2013 at 11:00 am and it was done around at 12:15 pm. What we will be evaluating in this interview utilizing the survey as a guide to much better understand case management. The survey or study utilized for this interview has twenty-four question associated to case management, which we will explore one question at a time. The very first part of the survey address different function of…...

APN Interviews: Caring, Competency, and Compassion

The healthcare system is ever changing and the need for advanced practice nurses will be in demand. I had an opportunity to interview two advanced practice nurses. Jolene and I met at her home in St. Charles, IL Jolene graduated from the University of Colorado at Denver in 2005 with a master’s degree in nursing and was granted the title: Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP). She got married and accepted a position as a Primary Care Provider at VNA Health Care…...

Interview With Manager

Throughout the essay, the managers will be referred to as Mr X and Mr Y and their company’s will be referred to as Company X and Company Y respectively due to confidential reasons. The first manager that was interviewed in order to fulfil this task was Mr X. He works for Company X, which is, a large service based organisation at the position of ‘Head of Corporate Credit Administration.’ His key responsibility at this bank is to provide credit administration…...

SG Cowen: New Recruit

There were several different key decision points used by SG Cowen in making hiring decisions on each stage of recruiting process. During the informational interview, team captains assigned to each schools weren’t particularly evaluating possible candidate. However, it did served two purposes: -To gauge some candidates are more serious and enthusiastic than others -To give candidates chance to learn more about the firm and industry before the interview that they will be evaluated. During on-campus rounds, recruiting bankers really started…...

Recruitment and Selection Strategies

The goal of this paper is to assist Bradley with the recruitment of brand-new worker and the selection procedure to benefit the start-up of his company. A crucial factor to determine in the procedure is to have a strategy with an outline instructions with an overview of the time reserved for recruitment. The recruitment process should not delay the opening of the business and each description ought to include the area, demographics of the business dynamics, and establish position, duties,…...

Bob Dylan's Individuality and Social Commentary

During an interview with the Los Angeles Free Press in 1965, Bob Dylan said, “All I can do is be me, whoever that is,” (Dylan) which perfectly describes the sentiment you get from his works. During his music career, he has changed many aspects of his image, music style and religion, going so far as to legally change his name from Robert Zimmerman to Bob Dylan. Living during a very fast changing society, his works reflect on the Civil Rights…...

Data Collection Process

Identify and briefly explain the quantitative data collection. Data collection is often costliest and the most time consuming portion of study.Quantitative research is an approach for testing objective theories by examining the relationship among variables.The data collection method in quantitative research is in structured manner which involves decent planning of data collection. The planning of data collection process involves certain steps as follows: Identification of data needs. Selecting types of measures of the variables. Selection and development of instrument. Pretesting…...

Interview questions for capital market & NSE

What is capital Market? Capital market is a market of securities. Where a company and government raise long term funds. it is a market where money invested more them one year. In this we include the stock market and bond market Definition of 'Debt' An amount of money borrowed by one party from another. Many corporations/individuals use debt as a method for making large purchases that they could not afford under normal circumstances. A debt arrangement gives the borrowing party…...

Adolescent Interview

When picking my adolescent I had quite a few choices to pick from but I decided on my adolescent 15 year old sister since I know a lot about her and have seen first-hand how she is coping with this adolescent stage. Patricia is a normal 15 year old girl still in high school. She lives in a household of 7 with 3 older siblings and one younger one. She mentioned that she lived in a small home with three…...

Analysis of Transcript Between Piers Morgan and Cheryl Cole

The interview I have chosen to analyse is a television interview by Piers Morgan with Cheryl Cole. It took place in a studio in front of a live audience. The interview is to gain knowledge over Cheryl’s personal life, and Piers obviously has vivid background knowledge of her life along with some pre-prepared questions to ask. The main topic is a contestant who was in Cheryl’s group during the famous show ‘The X-Factor’ and we can tell this as Piers…...

Unit 13 – Investigating Recruitment and Selection

|P1 |Task 1 | | | | | |Briefly describe Alton Towers’ and Ashton 6th Form College’s business objectives. | | | | | |Briefly describe how each organisation plans and conducts its recruitment. Explain why there might be a reason for a | | |vacancy (include employee leaving, increased volume of business, different work, maternity cover, sickness). Add a | | |paragraph to explain any current vacancies that these two organisations have and why they have arisen. | |…...

Interview Skills

1. List three key components involved in the communication process. •Sender (encoder). •Channel (Message). •Receiver (Decoder). 2. Identify three key characteristics of effective communication and briefly explain their impact on the communication process. Openness is a key characteristic of communication, as by listening with an open mind and showing genuine interest, the relationship and trust between the client and counsellor grows. Openness with body language is also important, as it lets the client know you are being honest and congruent.…...

Leadership Interview

Could you speak a bit about your background and the function you have today? I initially began school for engineering, and after that after 2 years I found my enthusiasm remained in nursing. So I began over at school, taking different types of classes as I pursued nursing, and 3 years later finished with a nursing degree. Several different paths where traveled in nursing for me, indicating I tried several departments and assignments. Then by accident I wound up as…...

Interview with an Entrepreneur

The restaurant was founded in 2006 in Lodz. From the beginning, it was a restaurant with possibilityto organize closed parties like birthday party, wedding and so on. After market confrontation,restaurant was changed into a pub oriented directly to teenagers. The organization of events waspreserved. The company employed  in the beginning 3 people, then 8 person.1. What was motivated you to start your own business? The most important thing was to create something new what can bring more benefits than…...

"The Road to Hell" Case Analysis

Description This case starts simple and becomes complex in nature as you get closer to the end of Matthew’s interview. John Baker an Englishman is the chief engineer of the Caribbean Bauxite Corporation of Barracania in the West Indies. Baker is given a task to groom his successor into his position within thirty days of leaving to his new position as production manager of Keso Mining Corporation. Young Barracanian Matthew Rennalls is being groom for as his successor to take…...

Interview with My Mom

For this assignment, I decided to interview my mom. Her name is Tracy Michelle Jorgensen, but she goes by Michelle. She is a strong woman who single handily raised two girls. With a heart of gold, she always puts others first. She is generous and would never expect anything in return. And although I may be biased, she is the best mom I could possibly ever imagine. As wonderful as she may be, seldom does she ever go into detail…...

Analyse your contribution to the selection process for the position of Classroom Assistant

Assignment M2 In this assignment I will analyse the contribution of the interview and selection process that leads to the position of Classroom Assistant. I took part both as an interviewee and observer therefore I am able to compare how the different roles have contributed to the process. Before being selected through for the position, there are three stages that each applicant must face: the pre-interview, the interview itself and the post-interview. Each of these stages plays their part in…...

The Carter case assignment

Chapter 1 1) Make a list of five specific HR problems you think carter cleaning will have to grapple with 1) Recruitment and selection of new employees as they are expanding. 2) Training and development of the new recruited employees. 3) Appraisal of their performance 4) Compensating the new employees 5) Benefits 2) What would you do first if you were Jennifer? First I would hire a consultant in order to start the business expansion in a proper way I…...

ED Leadership: Reflective Essay (Interview)

I was fortunate to have the unique opportunity to interview my Principal, Dr. Tim Anderson and Head of School, Dr. Julie Giardino. Since we are employed at a Christian school, I was interested in learning their personal teaching philosophies, views on education and personal beliefs on leadership. In regards to their teaching philosophies, both believe innately and unequivocally that all children have the ability and a right to learn. Together, they have over 30 years of educational experience and their…...

Elderly Interview with Mrs. G

Mrs. G was chosen for an official interview, the purpose of this interview was explained prior to she signed the consent form. The meaning of OT and the role of OT in wellness was discussed with her. The interview was set up at her boy's house in the living-room for around one hour. She was seen at 5pm in the afternoon. According to the Quality of Life Index for Adults 1997, Mrs. G is experiencing some problem within the domain…...

Leadership Interview Paper

Place: I had the pleasure of interviewing Ms. owner, founder, and head of schools for owns four five star Montessori Schools in Durham County. She is a pioneer in the early childhood arena and has been in this field for thirty years. Because has been able to manage four five star facilities, I wanted to hear in her own words what she felt her leadership contributed to the program’s success. Facility spreads across acres of prime real estate in the…...

Senior citizen interview

I interviewed a senior citizen named Debbie. Debbie is 57 years old and was born in Lynchburg, Virginia. She was raised with two other siblings. She has two brothers and she is the oldest of the three. Debbie attended school for thirteen years completing elementary school and high school followed by four years of college. Debbie graduated college with a degree in Elementary Education. Her various occupations over the past years have ranged from a caretaker of small children, homemaker,…...

Feature Writing

The term “feature article” is quite general and can include many different forms, such as profile features, news features, expose’s, and many others. Feature journalism can also have numerous purposes, for example to inform, to educate, or to simply entertain. While ‘feature article’ is certainly a broad term, features do come with their own set of defining characteristics which make them different to a news article. Feature articles are distinguished from regular news reports because they give the reader more…...

Career Counselor Interview

It is never too early to begin considering the career that you want. This is asked by lots of parents of children at an early age, instructors in elementary school and junior high school, again in high school, however what is not constantly asked is "what is needed to accomplish or reach that profession option?" With school therapists' roles evolving for many years, lots of students see them as leaders and somebody they can turn to for recommendations. Therapists operate…...

Advantages for sociologists in using structured interviews

The structured interview, also known as the formal or questionnaire interview, involves a face-to-face or alternatively an over-the-phone delivery of a questionnaire. Structured interviews use a pre-set list of questions designed by the researcher and asked to all interviewees in the same way, this is know as an interview schedule. Interviewees then choose from a list of set answers, allowing structured interviews to be relatively quick. Structured interviews have various advantages, therefore, some sociologists, mainly Positivist sociologists, choose to use…...

Mock Interview

On April 5th, at 12:30, I had a mock interview with James Anderson, who is a business task senior expert at CIGNA Company. Although I was late on that day, he only said "who does not have a hectic day, right?" which I valued a lot. Considering that the teacher send out those interviewers' mini- autobiography. So I knew that he was operating in Johnson & & Johnson, and we talked a bit about that company which had to do…...

Interview Mental Health Counselors

For lots of years, the function of the psychological health therapist has worked behind the joints attempting to offer the much need help to unique clients, or under fortunate families and his or her siblings. The first interview was extremely fascinating, this specific gentlemen wanted to supply answers for the concerns asked of him. Initially he mentioned that operating in the psychological health field for 25 years. Held other positions such as kid protective services, social worker, rehabilitation therapist, case…...

Reaction with pre employment seminar

Due to the development of our society concerning the technical and ethical progress in the past decades and centuries; it has become a very complicated network of different niches, which are connected among each other. Accordingly every individual person has the chance and in the best cases even the opportunity to select the niche he fits in most. The niche consists of several attributes like profession, social status and political attitude. In consequence of already mentioned complexity of the society…...

Master’s Prepared Nurse Interview

Due to the demands of an evolving health care system and an emphasis in health and wellness, Master’s prepared nurses are in demand. What does a Master’s prepared nurse entails? According to the American Association College of Nursing, Master’s prepared nurses obtain a higher level of learning as well as key competencies and skills. The ultimate goal is to achieve positive patient outcomes resulting in an overall improved health care system. The purpose of this paper is to provide insight…...

Informational Interview

Owner of Nutra-Planet, Sam Hong, is a respected, hardworking man that gave me advice that will be very useful in the future. Nutra-Planet is an online supplement store that has been growingly rapidly the past few years. I met with Mr. Hong for about twenty minutes, and discussed things such as: the education needed to work in his business, his job setting, required skills, and many other things. I chose Mr. Hong because I have been a customer with his…...

Cowen Case Study

1 Introduction SG Cowen, located in the United States, is an industrial company established in July 1988. Orientated in the financial sector, SG Cowen constituted a hiring approach containing diverse steps with methods, approaches and decision criteria. To asses the job applicants and to make a decision about the most eligible candidates, we have created a standardized construct to quantify the criteria. 2 The recruiting process The recruiting procedure starts with an on-campus recruiting program by arranging team captains to…...

Adulthood Interview

Background/Introduction The following interview was conducted with the subject known as “George” who is in the middle adult stage of life. George is 48 years old and is an auto mechanic. He lives at home with this wife and two daughters in San Diego, California. George is in Erik Erikson’s seventh stage of psychosocial development which is the Generativity vs. Stagnation stage. In this stage, work and parenting are important factors that affect his life. Physical Characteristics Physical Characteristics: weight…...

New Advice That Changed My Life

In my second interview with Cassie I learned some very valuable things. Cassie told me the best advice she ever received was no matter what happens, keep going, things might seem bad, but it's not over yet and hard work pays off given by a family friend. Cassie says her family friend, Nikki, gave her the advice when she was going through a difficult time in her life and wasn’t sure which direction she wanted to go in her life.…...

Journal: Mock Interview

The mock interview was a great chance for me because it was the real process of how in the real world interviews are conduct. In this interview I took a time to observe myself how I actually did it for example my body language and how I behaved during the interview. This was the first time for me to sit in front of the professional who asked me question about my strength and weakness at first it was hard for…...

Interview with a Human Services Worker

I chose to interview my mother. Her name is Barbara Lee and she works for the Riverside County Office of Education. She is an infant teacher of the deaf and hard of hearing. She has been working in her position for about 30 years and she still loves it! The human problems she works with are working with hearing impaired children and their families. There are both parent-child classroom settings and in-home settings. Some of the technologies used are hearing…...

A job interview

Interview is an important step when you want to work in most places. Doing well in a job interview will highly get you the job. There are certain things you will want to do to prepare for a good interview. First, you should be knowledgeable. Try to get as much information as you can about the company and the position you are applying for. The interviewers usually ask you something related to your job, so you can answer it confidently.…...

Interview Reflection Paper

I did my interview with a relative who we’ll just call “Sarah” for the remainder of this paper for confidential reasons. Sarah has been struggling with her addiction since the age of 28. She started experimenting with drugs in her late teens. First it was marijuana, all of her friends and even family members were smoking the drug. By the time she reached her earl y 20’s Sarah started experimenting with cocaine which eventually lead to her addiction to crack…...

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