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How Technology Affects Us Essay Examples

Essays on How Technology Affects Us

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Is Google Making Us Stupid

Have you thought about the effect technology is having on your mental abilities? Me neither until coming across “Is Google Making Us Stupid.” Never before have I been concerned about what the internet is doing to me. I might because I have never seen a time when I couldn’t click a button or type a word and all I need was on screen. No real effort is being put into research or writing or even reading. This essay used its…...

Electronic Devices, Communication and Educaion

Ring! Ring! “Honey it’s your mother, please pick up your phone… well call me when you get this message.” Two out of five kids get this voicemail daily during the week. The majority of students having a cellphone are only to contact parents and relatives. I think students should be able to have their cellphones and iPods out during school because after school kids should be able to contact their parents for any emergency. Students should also be able to…...

Review of Article "Is Google Making Us Stupid?"

In his article “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” Nicholas Carr explains his point of view of how the brain is being reprogramed due to technology. He states that the Internet changes how we receive and process information and that surfing the web takes almost no concentration and that is why we lose focus easily. Carr gives his experiences as an example in how he is no longer able to keep concentration to even complete reading an article. His main point…...

Justice vs Shooting of Michael Brown

Michael Brown was an 18 year old black man who was shot and killed by police officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri 08/9/2014. Michael had intensions to go to college with no previous criminal record. The death of Brown sparked subsequent events in Ferguson and became a national controversy touching on much larger national issues of race, justice, and police violence. This event grew even more national attention when police reacted to protesters, even those acting peacefully, with military-grade equipment…...

E-Book vs Paper Book

The E-Books vs. Papers Book The e-reader and paper book are becoming hot topic for many reasons today. E-books, one of the newest electronic sources are becoming more and more talked about in debates dealing with readings. Although paper books have their advantages the disadvantages seem to overwhelm in many cases. In my opinion, physical books will disappear due to technological progress and the environmental impact. First of all, I think technology will eventually replace the book but not completely.…...

Information and Communications Technologies

ICTs stand for information and communication technologies and are defined, for the purposes, as a “diverse set of technological tools and resources used to communicate, and to create, disseminate, store, and manage information.” These technologies include computers, the Internet, broad casting technologies (radio and television), and telephony. The Effectiveness of ICTs in Education ICTs are a potentially powerful tool for extending educational opportunities, both formal and non-for mal, to previously underserved constituencies—scattered and rural populations, groups traditionally excluded from education…...

Is Google Making Us Stupid by Nicholas Carr

In his article, “Is Google Making Us Stupid,” Nicholas Carr, a former executive editor of the Harvard Business Review and a member of the steering board for the World Economic Forum’s cloud computing project, criticizes the overall impact of the internet, as a whole, on the human process of thought, comparing his past level of conception to “a scuba diver in a sea of words” whereas his current understanding simply “zip[s] along the surface” (Carr 68). Carr targets the prominent…...

Growing Up In Cyberspace

There is an argument ongoing about how the children of today are seemingly missing out on real life experiences because of the emergence of a virtual social circle via cyberspace. In his essay “What Adolescents Miss When We Let Them Grow Up In Cyberspace”, author Brent Staples argues that teenagers who spend their time in cyberspace become socially and emotionally stunted in development and growth. Most people though, myself included, do not believe in such statements because we believe that…...

Virtual Reality as Future Of Computer Technology

Douglas Adams concluded in Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy that "There are those who think that VR may be the most important development since man first chipped flint, and there are those who don't know what it is yet". (2) We can say that VR is one of the most topics talked and discussed in our early days. First, we can call it a form of technology and there are many ways we can use it. New uses are constantly…...

Health, Socio-Psychological Concerns and 5G

Are 5G Benefits Worth the Risks Fifth Generation (5G) network technology is currently available in many cities and will be launched globally in 2020. 5G is expected to herald a new phase of computing, by enabling tactile internet and smart interaction. This system is being promoted enthusiastically while recognizing some security, financial and technical obstacles. The sociological, psychological and physiological impacts are rarely part of the 5G discussion and should be the most important factors in the risk-benefit analysis.What is…...

Technology of Human RFID Microchips

Human RFID Microchips: Embrace It or Ban It Rosina ArrietaIS 301 " Information Systems for ManagersEastern New Mexico State University - PortalesHuman RFID Microchips: Embrace It or Ban ItIntroductionRadiofrequency identification (RFID) is a controversial technology that employs transponders or tiny microchips, also called smart radio tags, which are placed on or within objects. Remote readers using radiofrequency signals can interrogate these to yield information ranging from simple identification codes to detailed information about the object on which the tag is…...

Side Effects Of Reliance On Technology: Technological Progress

Aldous Huxley once said, "Technological progress has merely provided us with more efficient means for going backwards". Though satirical the quote can be taken more seriously in the sense that in 2019, are we closer than ever to his vision of a technological ravaged world? It is widely argued that technology has more positive effects in the world than negative effects. Most people believe that technology has helped improve our society and has made it a lot easier and more…...

Marker Based and Marker Less Technologies

Motivation We are facing many problems in our real life. Now we live in the era of science and technology.so we are trying to give any problem's solution by using science and technology. I choose this topic for some reasons. A few months ago my mobile phone is not working. Everything was okay but incoming and outgoing calls are not allowed just because of networking issue. I go to a mobile repairing shop and they charged me 1000tk to solve…...

Technology is Helping Humanity

Technology is improving a lot helping humanity in so many different ways. Technology was invented in 1867. It is improving every day by people who are making updates and other things to advance our technology making us able to do more than we could before. There have been so many ways that the use of technology has helped humanity. It doesn’t really hurt humanity if it is trying to make things easier and more improved for people. Technology has helped…...

Cause and Effects of Effect of Phone Addiction

With the ongoing advancement in technology, new devices keep coming to compensate for the needs of human beings. Mobile is one such gadget comforting our lives. Mobiles have helped people remain connected with the world from wherever they are. As per statistics, “ 3 billion people in the world own a smartphone”(2019). Constant modifications are done in mobiles to provide us with facilities like messaging, camera, recording, internet and so on. As a matter of fact, people become addicted to…...

Negative impacts of Social Media on Society

How much time a day do you spend on Social Media? “Every morning, almost every individual’s first instinct is to reach for their phoane and check their notifications and social media. They wake up scrolling through them, liking pictures, commenting” (Phoon, 2017, p.1). People are using social media in every part of their life. Because social media plays a vital role in transforming people’s life style” (Siddiqui, 2016, p.71). It changed the way of people living, such as it transforms…...

Should Children Under The Age of 13 Allow to Use Smartphones?

At this present time many parents are concerning, should their child have smartphones at what age. After all, the smartphone is the key access to the internet that many bring benefit but also danger with it. Unlike other things that have laws to control or a guideline on what age is the right age like driving a car or drinking alcohol, there is no legal age for a parent to decide when a child is ready for a smartphone. Since…...

Cell Phone and Addiction to Technology

Addiction to Technology has increased very fast over the years, even though the use of tech-gadgets has many positive impacts, on our lives but it also has negative impacts on the individuals. A tech-gadgets will make an individual strong in technical skills but make them weak in real-life practical skills. Due to the time spent on the devices the person will abstain from some outdoor activities with friends and family. When someone says they have an addiction, most people might…...

Phone Addiction - Major World Problem

Phone addiction is a major world problem and it’s growing into a bigger problem everyday. The average adult spends more than 90 minutes per day on their phone (Yau) although this might not seem like it but in the long run it is, this is about 32,872.5 minutes per year and roughly 548 hours. And since the average lifespan in America per person is 78 years and the average person gets a phone at the age of ten to thirteen…...

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Smartphone Technology

Introduction Smartphone technology is an advancement of classic mobile telephone communication that integrates the functions of a computer. It enables a mobile handset to handle multimedia, data capture, and processing, web browsing alongside voice calls and messaging. Users can now enjoy these services with the comfort and convenience of their location. This essay looks at the benefits and negative effects of using smartphones. Smartphones have revolutionized navigation and tracking of objects, making it easier to move from one point to…...

Impact of Smartphone's on Society

This paper will discuss both the benefits and challenges of Smartphone usage has on Society. I will discuss the Psychological and Social Impacts that smartphones have on adolescents and I will also discuss the benefits that Smartphones have for adolescents particularly in assisting in studies. One of the biggest dangers of Smartphone usage amongst teenagers is that it can be linked to depression and suicidal behaviour. (Wood and Scott, 2016; Maras et al., 2015). Liu et al. (2015) a study…...

The Truth About Smartphone Addiction

Ajay Raj Sethuraman et al (2018) have done a study on “Smartphone addiction among medical college students in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands”. Their cross-sectional study was done among 192 medical students. A self-administered SAS scale has been used to assess the level of smartphone addiction. Subjects were classified into smartphone non-user groups, a low smartphone user group, and a high smartphone user group. They found that out of 192 subjects who completed the questionnaires 85.40% (n=164) had smartphone addiction.…...

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