Humanity's Relationship with Technology

As technology continues to advance and become more prevalent in everyday life, humanity is faced with loss of human contact and loss of control.Technology will continue to advance and an exponential level, and will forever be part of our everyday lives. Humanity thrives on new and improved technology every year. Now, the advancements of technology can have its disadvantages but their will always be benefits to it. For Instance, over time technology has evolved the modes of transport to be almost effortless and help us save time while using it.

Its helped us make breakthroughs in science and helps our society work more efficiently and faster. Technology has become so prevalent in today’s society that it’s impossible to go back.

Wherever you go, people will always be on their cell phones. Posting on social media, talking on the phone, texting, emailing, the list goes on and on. Which results in the loss of human to human contact. Even at most companies, computers fill most of the work spaces, with its employees taking phone calls.

Humanity started from only human interaction, technology was never present. We now live in a world where we have artificial intelligence doing things that some humans can’t without error. And if this trend continues, eventually technology will run the world, not humans. In the movie A Space Odyssey, it does a great job displaying all the advanced technology including artificial intelligence present on the spaceship. It also shows how the humans are so reliant on the technology on their mission.

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This movie shows that technology is a huge part of humanity, and that it is not going anywhere, it is only going to become more advanced.

A Space Odyssey was very ahead of its time. The movie gives humanity this ‘plan’ of things to come. It broadcasts the use of technology that has been talked about, but never been implanted into our lifetime yet. These scenes shows us how great technology can improve our lives as human beings. As in scene 8 of A Space Odyssey, there are multiple shots on their commercial flight sending them millions of years into the future with a man sleeping on the space flight about to dock. In this scene, it’s depicts that technology has been advanced to a point to where man is rarely involved anymore. It’s almost became effortless since everything that is happening is solely being operated by computers and machines. Which is such a stretch compared to how things operate in space currently.

Now there is obviously technology helping the men on the space crafts today, but they have way more duties including communication with his other partners and designing software and making sure everything is running smoothly. Where as in the movie the men aboard the spacecraft really dont take part in much work at all. The software and technology do that for them. In the movie it shows that the relationship between humans and technology has reversed roles in the future, compared to how it is now. Also In scene sixteen in A Space Odyssey, Almost all the members aboard the spacecraft are in a state of hibernated sleep.

While the ship is being operated by its artificial intelligence called HAL 9000. A super computer that has never made a mistake. Again, this scene helps us see that humanity will soon be so caught up in technology eventually run almost everything we do. These men on board the spacecraft have basically put a computer in charge of their lives. And it’s funny to think about because in today’s world, a lot of people like to solely rely on technology, yet its faulty and will always stop working in the worse case scenarios. This scene gives us a little foreshadowing on what to hope for in the future on how we can solely rely on technology without having the fear of it failing on us.

As our relationship continues to grow between humanity and technology there is always a chance that technology will soon pass the mental ability of humanity itself, and soon be the demise of all human life. Safe to say technology already controls us, and finding an safe ground where we can stay one step ahead of it should help us in the future. But if we don’t, we will soon meet our doom. In scene 21 of A Space Odyssey, HAL 9000 was having a malfunction error in the antenna. HAL said it was due to human error, since HAL has a error-free system. Then it transferres into the very next scene of Frank and Dave going to discuss whether or not HAL is malfunctioning, and if he is, they were planning on deactivating him. Little did they know that HAL is able to read the lips of them without even listening. Analyzing this scene it really becomes apparent that technology has taking control over humans.

And is now starting to outsmart them. It continues to the next scene where Poole was moving into the EVA pod to go and replace the broken antenna, but as he was going to fix on it, HAL took control of the pod and cut his oxygen flow. In the end HAL kills Poole due to lack of oxygen given. These scenes do a great job of how advancing technology will soon outsmart humanity, and how once this technology gets to that point, it’s hard to reverse because it will always keep outsmarting humans. In today’s society our relationship with technology is relatively stable, due to the fact that we haven’t created something that can lead humanity to its demise. We have made huge advancements in the past decades, but nothing to extreme. If we get to far ahead of ourselves we are going to create something that we can’t deactivate or stop. And once we let technology have the slightest edge over humans, we are done for.

Technology and Humanity are very intertwined. Without one the other one cannot function. The movie A Space Odyssey does a great comparrison of how humanity and technology work side by side. Humanity’s relationship with technology is very complicated, In some instances, its feels like we have bitten off more than we can chew. In other instances in can be used in tremendous ways in our society, it all depends on how we use said technology.

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