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The Computer: Humankind’s Greatest Scientific Discovery
Words • 363
Pages • 2
Discoveries throughout time have moved mankind forward in many fields, such as medicine, technology, communications and manufacturing. These findings have also contributed to shifting the way humankind operates on a global basis. Defining the greatest discovery should encompass the revelations which have had the most beneficial impact on our societies. For our generation, it is the founding of the computer. The computer has affected virtually every aspect of our lives, from the way people do business to the way we…...
Age Of ComputersComputers
The Contribution of Computers to the Study of Cognitive Psychology
Words • 1760
Pages • 8
Cognitive psychology in the last years has produced impeccable data concerning specific elements of the structure of the mind. Scientists from many disciplines, including physical science, life science, mathematics, chemical science, and neuroscience, contribute to the study of cognition. Cognitive psychology, the scientific study of the human mind and information processing, is at the core of empirical investigations into the nature of thoughts and behaviour. Earlier cognitive scientists viewed the mind as a processor, like the newly known digital computer…...
Age Of ComputersCognitive Psychology
Describe the Laptop
Words • 547
Pages • 3
In our culture we use the Laptop to do our works. Like the homework, projects and designing. A laptop is a personal computer that can be easily carried and used in a variety of locations. Many laptops are designed to have all of the functionality of a desktop computer, which means they can generally run the same software and open the same types of files. However, some laptops, such as netbooks, sacrifice some functionality in order to be even more…...
Advantages And Disadvantages Of ComputersAge Of ComputersComputersPersonal ComputerScience And TechnologyTechnology
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Age of Computer
Words • 2052
Pages • 9
Eras in the history of art and architecture may be distinguished by styles such as Renaissance, Gothic, Impressionist or Surrealist, and so on. Techniques too have marked different eras over the centuries: from the primitive tools of the Stone Age, to the Industrial Age marked by steam and electrical power and the discovery of turbines, and engines. Today, we have entered a new era: the computer age – an age which owes everything to inventors. Charles Babbage, an English mathematician,…...
AgeAge Of ComputersCharles BabbageComputersInventionWorld Wide Web
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