Paper Topic I: Changes that Computers had in Society 

In the modern century like the one we live in today, computers have changed the ways we run our daily lives. Computers, without a doubt, contributed to advancements in data, machinery, old technology, and are more environmentally conscious. From speedier communication and better ways to meeting people, the use of mail has turned digital and computers are now implicated into smartphones and tablets. The use of eBooks is significant for not only the environment but are more accessible to everyone worldwide.

While computers have created new jobs in the engineering field, it has also offered a new pathway for computer forensics that help solve crime unlike before this new generation.

The many benefits of having a digital book compared to a hardcopy makes eBooks more helpful to society and gives everyone equal opportunities. According to this article by Remez Sasson, “eBooks take up less space. You practically don’t need any space to store them. You don’t need a library or a room for them.

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You can store hundreds and thousands of eBooks on your computer or reading device.” Providing a great reason why tablets and phones are easily stored without taking too much digital space and unlike a library, eBooks provide an online library showing what books you have bought and owned. Libraries have disadvantages of course like needing to turn a book in on time and is harder to access if you don’t live near one, which makes eBooks a more reliable source. Although they may have same content, it is easier to just go to a phone and read with the touch of a button rather that flipping pages and trying to keep track of which pages you’re on.

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There is also an equal opportunity for people from anywhere to be caught up on the same information and have a balanced education. Back in the 1900s when technology was still in the works of the old techniques, crimes were still happening, and it was hard to pretty much find suspects but because technological advancements, specifically computers, it has opened way to solving crimes more logically and faster. Computers now are installed in police cars to look up data which leads to a large, stored database that helps narrow down people involved in crimes or even to check histories of those involved in car accidents/tickets. Drones and helicopters mainly help find a suspect on the run and, according to this article by Timothy Roufa, “In addition, drones can capture video and images of crimes as they occur, providing crucial evidence in future court proceedings.” (Roufa) Making the truth more obvious which can be better than relying on memory and instead having actual knowledge of the events.

It is also thanks to fingerprinting technology created in the 1980s that criminals are having a harder time committing a crime without leaving even a partial print. This article made in 1987 by Howard W. French well explains that “Sometimes, latent prints from unsolved cases are matched against thousands of other latent prints kept on file, in the faint hope that a string of similar cases – usually burglaries or rapes -can be linked.” (French) meaning that because a criminals’ fingerprints are kept in a data base, crime solving has been easier since they can be known to repeat crimes again. Advanced technology has also created features like facial recognition which includes 3-D scan of the face and an eye recognition.

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