Nowadays technology is the driving force of the society. People cannot live a life of comfort without technology. With the invention of smartphones, the society has changed dramatically. Smartphones can do anything within seconds in our fingertips. The value of physical quantity has been decreased as everything is represented in terms of digital. Social networking sites and other massaging apps promotes physical loneliness from the society. People assume that social networking sites such as Facebook brings more people together and closer.

I don’t think Facebook has help us in bringing quality to our life and I support the statement Technology promotes loneliness.

Social networking sites such as Facebook decreased the physical value of a person is as it is being replace by the virtual value. Nowadays, the number of likes and comments determine the popularity of the person. The person with more likes and comments think he/she is more socially accepted with lots of friends. But they will get frustrated when people don’t show up physically in times of need.

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In fact, most of the Facebook friends are virtual friend. After realizing the fact, people usually tend to feel loneliness. They can even suffer from depression when the quantity does not prove the quality they expected.

Many false propagandas are also being spread in social networks mainly in Facebook. Facebook cannot refine the authenticity of a news or a post on Facebook. So, during times of conflict it can create communal tensions among the people. Fake news and post are share and circulated to millions through groups and pages in Facebook.

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during election times, it has been used by politicians and political parties to spread propagandas. Facebook also acts as platform for goons and other anti-social elements in blackmailing others through private photos and videos. Every state has its own cyber crime units to monitor excess fake news during time of conflicts and to book blackmailers and other anti-social elements. Many a time internet has been shut down in parts of India as a measure to control such kind of misinformation. These frequent incidents of internet shutdown lead to a loss of a huge amount of resources, revenues, money, etc.

Physical interactions are a must in order to socialize a person. Unfortunately, today’s generation are more addicted to the virtual world. Facebook and other social networks work entire on the virtual world. No physical interaction is there in Facebook. It creates a sense of loneliness in difficult times. Before the invention of smartphones, people used to hang out together, attend social gatherings physically and mentally. It creates memories instead of creating collage of pictures to upload in Facebook. Interactions among the family member become a festival as it does not occur often. Family members are busier using gadgets and Facebook. This led to misunderstanding between the family members. As physical interactions are seldom, the value of the person decreases within us. This can lead to loneliness.

There are also advantages of social media especially Facebook. People can stay in-touch anywhere in the world at any time. This made the world a global village. Nowadays, social media plays a very important role in higher education (Goyal 225). It has become a platform where students can discuss in groups in far places which helps in boosting their knowledge. It also helps in the development of business marketing platform through post and pages of business. Friends, relatives or families of the past which are far away from each can be search through profiles and connect them with Facebook (Błachnio et al. 28). Although these are the benefits of Facebook, addiction will cause immorality, lack of socialization and loneliness.

Technologies has its own pros and cons according to a situation. With the advancement in social network especially Facebook, we can get many advantages, but it does not account for the loss we get. Addiction to Facebook leads to loss of morality, conflicts due to misunderstanding and fake news. Moreover, People lacks socialization due to addiction in technologies such as Facebooks and other social networking apps.

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