Technology and how it affects ethics

We reside in a world where innovation is quickly evolving daily, where the 2nd you purchase a brand name brand-new computer system it is currently outdated within that very same year with something much better already being produced. And now devices such as google glass which enable individuals to take images and videos just by blinking without the approval of those around the user, how precisely should we as a people adjust and change our views on principles as innovation continues to evolve.

One of the most significant ethical concerns today is the creation of unmanned drones and their use during violent disputes. The primary issue many individuals have against them is their ability to take a human life and not experience the scary or conflict of making such a choice. Where does that leave us as humans where we will ultimately permit robots to make the choices of whether or not to eliminate a particular person based on information it has actually collected.

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On the other side of this argument there is something called the Millian harm principle where lots of people think that (“The only purpose for which power can be rightfully exercised over any member of a civilized neighborhood, against his will, is to prevent harm to others.”) An extremely strong declaration but one that does make good sense in my own viewpoint. Seeing how innovation today is currently affecting us and making us as humans take a look at principles in a different way and perhaps developing brand-new policies in order to adapt to this ever changing world, what we do now may have a larger result on individuals in the future.

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In an essay by Patrick Lin he specifies that “The intro of any new innovation alters the lives of future people. We understand it as the “butterfly impact” or chaos theory: Anything we do could begin a chain-reaction of other impacts that lead to actual damage (or advantage) to some individuals someplace on earth.” Nevertheless he likewise mentions that although there will be results on those in the future we ought to not stress excessive due to the fact that as people we have no other way of in fact anticipating the future, its more of a care indication stating that though a new technology may pose some theoretical threat in the future we must think about the repercussions of such technology prior to moving forward with it.

Lastly how does technology nowadays affect us as individuals and our own personal rights to privacy, security, communication etc… Privacy is one of the biggest issues when it comes to technology and how businesses monitor their employees. Companies can track internet usage, individual movement as well as personal information from their employees and though there are rules and limitations as to what companies can collect where do we draw the line as to what is appropriate behavior.

The issue with this is when does it stop becoming a permissible act within a business and ethical issue when it comes to individual rights. There is a fine line between precautions for a business and invading someone’s personal space and privacy, it is why as technology continues to evolve we must carefully traverse this territory and be cautious when creating new ethical policies as they might have a negative effect on us now as well as the future.

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Technology and how it affects ethics

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