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Homework and Paper Activities

 As a teacher, I will implement a strict rule regarding homework and other paperwork. Home works are strictly to be done at home and should be immediately passed as soon as the student arrives in the classroom, The purpose of this is to avoid cheating among the students and to encourage them more to do… View Article

How to Become a Straight a Student

Introduction “My friends always wondered why I was never in the library, but instead in the student center socializing, or at a party, or at an event. They said I made it ‘all look so easy. ’” Anna, a straight-A college student This is not your average college study guide. Unlike the titles next to… View Article

Student Athlete

Participation in college athletics is a fun and enriching experience for many students. In fact, thousands of student athletes participate in athletic games each year, and thousands receive scholarships to do so. However, the life of an athlete in college is not as great as it seems. Most coaches emphasize on the “student” part of… View Article

English-language films

Working as a congressional page, I was given the ability to manage my academic success through my own initiative. Dealing with independence was a revealing experience for me, giving me new responsibilities and shaping my work ethics. I didn’t have my parents, now 5,000 miles away, to urge me to finish my homework or to… View Article

No More Homework

Homework has historically been given to students to reinforce what they learn at school, and ultimately to help them learn the material better. However, too much homework is not helpful, and can be counterproductive. Excessive amounts of time spent on completing homework can take away from a student’s social life, family time, and limits participation… View Article

Homework Assignment

1. List three abiotic factors in the environment of a fish. The abiotic factors in the aquatic ecosystems include temperature of the water, salinity of the water, presence of dissolve gases such as oxygen and carbon dioxide. 2. Describe two ways that decomposers differ from herbivores. Decomposers are organisms that feed on dead and decaying… View Article

Position Paper

It is truly a T.G.I.F for elementary students in public schools because last September 16, 2010 Department of Education released a memorandum, called Memorandum 392 that orders elementary teachers to avoid giving their students home works during weekends. The Memorandum states that ‘ 1. Homework or assignments have been part of the pupils’ lives in… View Article

Advantages of working alone

Working alone has a lot of advantages such as having the ability to start and finish your task whenever you decide, but I prefer to perform my home work and assignments in a group because of several reasons. First, when you make a group in order to do your project, you get familiar with new… View Article

Recommendation for Oral Examination

The thesis entitled ” The Study Habits of Bachelor of Science and Office Administration Fourth Year students in their Major Subjects Stenography” was prepared and submitted by Group 2 in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Office Administration major in Management who is hereby recommended his oral examination Approval Sheet… View Article

Working students coping ojt requirements

The purpose of this research was to determine the common problems and coping styles of CBA working students and there OJT requirements. Also it is an attempt to test if there is no significant difference between common problems and coping styles of CBA Working Students. We choose this topic because as we observed that their… View Article

Invisible Man Satire

Nov 12, 2012 – Invisible Man Satire Many of the characters and places in Invisible Man have satirical names that represent the place or character’s importance … Satirical Intent of Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison by Jessica Davis on … prezi.com/…/satirical-intent-of-invisible-man-by-ralph-ellison/‎ Mar 4, 2013 – Presented by: Jessica Davis Rachel Wolf Dylan Hoover Kameron Smith… View Article

College Success and Personal Responsibility

Honesty is the key component in personal responsibility because it shows that an individual can be trusted with key information or completion of homework assignments. There is a strong belief that one’s word is their bond, meaning what the individual states or a claim is valid and true. Other essential components to personal responsibility are… View Article

The Tyranny of Homework

Go to school for seven hours, go to practice for two hours, go home and do homework until you fall asleep. That is the life of most high school students. We are all so busy with schoolwork, clubs and not to mention our outside of school life. Homework is just a source of stress and… View Article

My Reasons Why Homework Isn’t a Good Idea

Go to school for seven hours, go to practice for two hours, go home and do homework until you fall asleep. That is the life of most high school students. We are all so busy with schoolwork, clubs and not to mention our outside of school life. Homework is just a source of stress and… View Article

Why English Is an Important Languege

English is an important language because in today’s global world, the importance of English cannot be denied or ignored since English is the most common language spoken everywhere. Solomon Island is a developing country and everyone has to learn English because today everything seems to be English. Language plays an important role in human life…. View Article

Argumentative Essay: Topic-Daily Homework

Procrastination. Students are constantly complaining about receiving too much homework, when they only have themselves to blame for being negligent. By observing the falling grades of students, one can see that students need homework as an aid. Homework reinforces the material learned in class for a clearer understanding. Many students, however, constantly procrastinate. They blame… View Article