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Heritage Assessment Essay

Paper type: Assessment
Pages: 4 (994 words)
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In all aspects, the background of any medical practitioner determines the overall attitude, aptitudes and performance of the practitioner. This paper seeks to identify this correlation with due reference to Culture Care Guide to Heritage Assessment by Spector (2009). The guide ardently utilizes the tools inherent in the guide in developing basic nursing principles within the fraternity. Within the guide, the write uses self experience in analyzing the traditions in the nursing profession.

This paper seeks to make a clear comparison between the family of the writer and two other families in relation to their overall approach to health issues.

The issues given expended attention are promotion, maintenance and restoration of health. The paper undertakes a dissection of how families adhere to subscribed health practices and traditions. Thereafter, the paper will give a brief overview of the author’s professional nursing heritage. Heritage Assessment Tools According Spector, the response of any patient to medication depends to a reasonable extend on the patient’s heritage, language and background.

Spector (Spector S. , p 9) argues that the health of any individual can expressed in terms of the experiences and the expectation of individuals. Consequently, most of the medical professionals will tend to identify their experiences with their own heritage. Vividly, the understanding of the self assists one to be able to understand the other party. Within the precincts of this assertion (Spector S. , p 34) it’s imperative, according to Spector, that practitioners first understand themselves. There seems to be a tremendous paradigm shift within the American medical fraternity.

This shift has been apparently precipitated by the trends in migration and the immigration patterns. By any feasible standards it appears arguably tenable that the mixing of the cultures has also contributed to the changing trends in Medicare. One of the key and outstanding aspects of the present medical system in the United States of America is that any practitioners have to ardently understand the myriads of the ethno cultures. To be able to understand the varied medical needs of the mixed cultures, two other cultures have to be identified for any feasible heritage assessment.

The comparison is tidal as it does reveal the differences and similarities, if any, in the heritages of people with distinct backgrounds. Consequently, the analysis assists in the understanding of the different approaches to the maintenance of the varied heritage and their socialization prospects (Spector S. , p 16). The assessment also seeks to understand the acculturation process within the American system. In analyzing the heritage of the writer, the writer completed 29 questions that were designed for the Heritage Assessment.

The instructions on the Heritage assessment Tool were very explicit asserting that if the degree of one identifying with their own culture was high, there would be a high number of the positives. The writer (Spector S. p 28) argues that after the family moved to a new place in the united states, despite the different socialization, she was assimilated, developing newer cultural identity. The writer argues that much as her culture and the heritage have determined her health and life values, the time of growth have played a bigger role.

The promotion of health would be supported and promoted through a number of practices and routine activities. If the weather is very cold, anybody is expected to dress in a manner that is appropriate to ensure that the individual does not contract ailment related to cold. In addition, individual are expected to take part in the physical activities such as can keep their bodies physically healthy. Similarly, (Spector S. , p 23) the use of the right foods also assists in the promotion of good health. The food eaten assists in the reducing the likelihood of contracting certain ailments.

The use of these foods is a practice that is developed over time. Clearly, this is where the heritage and the culture of any individual come in. This is indicative of the fact that the health promotion is a result of a multifaceted practice. The medical fitness of any individual as result of a conglomerations of numerous aspects which will play a role in the restoration, the promotion and the subsequent prevention of any ailments. When the first individual was assessed, it emerged that the religious foods were inevitable in the diet of the respondent.

Clearly, if the diet is balanced through the use of the religious foods, the health of the individual will be maintained. This appears common in believers who are staunch. The assessment of the second individual showed that the individual was religious and that for him, physical activities were inevitable. The individual asserted that the father had insisted that every day in the morning he does some drills before going to school. Besides, the individual indicated that his food was not tied to religion. Vividly, unlike the first individual, the accumulation of fats would be unconceivable with such traits.

Perhaps for this family physical activity had been turned into a culture (Spector S. p 12). Consequently, this would promote the health of the individual. Professional heritage The writer has a strong bond towards the profession, not as a result of any family ties but as individual innate desires towards the profession. Having yearned to be a professional in the area, the writer makes all the efforts in ensuring that the profession is practical even in his home. He practices various recommended health tenets.

Subsequently, this not only promotes his personal health, but it also does enhance the transmission of the same practices to both the patients and the neighborhood. Conclusion It can be adduced from the foregoing discussion that the medical wellbeing of any individual is not only dependent on the culture but also on the habits that are implanted in an individual by the environment. The environment will be inclusive of the family, the religious group and the community. The practice of the professional ethics and sobriety will also depend on the environment and the innate aptitudes.

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