Goa is undoubtedly one of the best beach destinations in India. However, this exquisite destination is much more than just the beach and white sands. People from all over the world visit this vacation hub to get the taste of its culture, food, and the unique feel it offers. Food experience in Goa can be categorized into two parts – Local Food and Fine Dining. It is suggested to get the taste of both to enjoy your vacation to the hilt. Here are some of the best places to eat in Goa:

  1. Villa Blanche This is one of the best offbeat restaurants in Goa.

    The old-world little bistro serves a lavish assortment of pastries, teas, and coffees and pastries. Try out their specialties – spinach lasagne and apple pie. The place is also known for freshly prepared sweet fruit juices and milkshakes. You would also love to try out their gluten free pancakes.

  2. Sakana Visit this amazing place to indulge in Japanese cuisine.

    Don’t miss out on delicious miso soup and rice served here with an assortment of seafood. Also try out the Kingfish, tuna teriyaki, and home-brewed wasabi vodka. This restaurant is run by an Indian-Israeli at Anjuna. The place serves the best sushi in Goa.

  3. Gusto Mediterranean Café This is a unique destination for food lovers. It amalgamates elements of a bookstore and coffee shop. You can read a book while enjoying a sip of coffee. The place also has a dining area in the garden. It serves freshly prepared brunches, breakfasts, and lunches.

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    Evening snacks are also available here.

  4. Plantain Leaf If you are staying in one of the luxury villas with private pool in North Goa, head to this amazing restaurant. Located in the heart of busy market area of Calangute, the place serves the best pure vegetarian cuisine. You will be served with delectable food in classic South Indian banana leaf thalis. The dishes served here are budget friendly.
  5. Starlight The place is your ultimate choice for trying out Goan fish thali. Starlight serves the best thali comprising of a piece of fried fish, fish curry, dal or a vegetable curry, and pickle. Located in Arpora, Starlight serves the fresh catch of the day (kingfish or sea perch) at only INR 200! Make sure you are here for lunch. The place serves fish thali only for lunch. So plan your visit accordingly.
  6. The Farmhouse Bar and Bistro The place will serve you with a lavish spread of cuisines. These range from all corners of the world. You can try out the best of Goan cuisines, dishes from North India, Chinese and Continental. Experts suggest you to have the taste of deep fried Calamari Rings. These are served alongside yummy Pork Chops and a glass of whisky. The ambience of restaurant has old world wooden finishing. The roof is beautifully embellished with candescent lanterns to give a romantic feel. Farmhouse and Bistro is the best place for enjoying a romantic dinner.
  7. Anand When in Goa, you must try out their classic dish – Rava Fish Fry. The Goans are expert in preparing this delicious variety. At Anand Dhaba, you will be served with fried fish prepared by coating in crispy crumb. These giant, fresh prawns are worth trying near the sea with a bottle of beer. You can spend an evening at Anand Dhaba watching the sun go down. Just order a plate of rava fried prawns with a large mug of King’s beer. And this will be just the start of indulgence!

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