Six steps to writing a successful narrative

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A narrative should be able to tell a story, whether it relates to fiction or non-fiction ideas. In writing any form of literary narrative, several steps should be followed to arrive at a coherent and consistent whole. The first step involves the identification of an appropriate topic, that which stirs the best interest of the target reader. It is in this first step that the attention of the reader will be established.

Secondly, the major details that will be interwoven into the storyline must be gathered, included in which are the characters, setting, conflict and the events that make up the plot.

Without this, the narrative may be exposed into several risks like, disorganized thoughts and missing details. It may further contribute confusion to readers since this part lays all the foundations of pre-creating a story. Subsequently, the results of the gathered information must undergo the assessment of an instructor or any learned narrative writer.

This serves as a guide whether supplementary accounts must be added or eliminated.

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The fourth step, which necessarily deals with the construct of an outline, takes account of the introduction, the main events and the conclusion. Gathered details are coherently fabricated according to the writer’s choice of style, whether for a tone of whodunit, essay, poems etc. It is best to evaluate the details of this next step through sensory details.

Moreover, transitions and dialogues must be properly observed to help guide the readers on the events the writer tries to show. For corrections to the written work, editing and proofreading courtesy of an instructor constitute the fifth step.

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Finally, the corrected story can now be shared among others to live up the ideas incorporated in it.


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Updated: Nov 01, 2022
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