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Personal narrative writing is writing about a discovery. Write a story about how you discovered something new about yourself, a specific family member or your family in general. The point is to make sure that your story has a lesson learned and that it’s something deeper than the following:

• I learned that moving is difficult
• I learned that playing with matches is a bad idea
• I learned that big sisters are annoying
• I discovered that when a relative dies you feel sad

This experience may be a recent one, or one from long ago.

Either way, try to put us in your frame of mind back then. What were you thinking and feeling? Write from that point of view.

Hopefully, you’ve discovered an interesting story from your family interviews. Write that story! Refer to the Narrative Writing section (begins on page 93) for a small twist on the personal narrative. If you want to tell a story that takes place over a longer period of time, this may be what you need to help you get started.

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Use specific details. Notice the difference: 1) “I was eating cereal and watching TV with my stuffed animal.” 2) “I was watching Buzz Light Year and eating Coco Puffs, and my stuffed animal Horsey was still night-night on my lap.”

Put us back in that time and place by using the senses in your writing— sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch:

“Buzz Lightyear was saving Woody again. I loved Buzz’s deep commander voice: ‘To infinity and beyond!’” “The bacon my mom made tasted stiff, salty and burnt.

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Writing Process

1. Select your topic then brainstorm (web, list, etc.) ideas and details you might include. 2. Download and review the graphic organizers. Select one of them to use. 3. Write your draft with a focus on crafting detailed sentences and making sure your reader can really SEE your story unfolding before them. 4. Download and review the Tips for Narrative Writing from Moodle. 5. Check your draft using the tips. 6. Write 500-1000 words. Save your document in two places for safety. 7. Due Oct 15/16th.

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Heritage Personal Narrative
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