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Genetics Essay Examples

Essay on Genetics

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Transgenesis and Selective Breeding

Transgenic cows making therapeutic proteins. Biotechnology Learning Hub. 24 February 2010. Date accessed: 28 Feb. 14. http://www.biotechlearn.org.nz/focus_stories/transgenic_cows/transgenic_cows_making_therapeutic_proteins Transgenic cows making modified milk. Biotechnology Learning Hub. 24 February 2010. Date accessed: 28 Feb. 14. http://www.biotechlearn.org.nz/focus_stories/transgenic_cows/trans...

GMO Labeling

Dagoberto, M. (2013, November). An urgent case for GMO labeling | MA Right to Know GMOs. Retrieved February 12, 2014, from http://marighttoknow.com/home/why-label-gmos/an-urgent-case-for-gmo-labeling/ Debate: Mandatory labeling of genetically modified foods. Should governments require that genetically modified foods be labeled? (n.d.). Retrieved February 12, 2014, from http://http://dbp.idebate.or...

Genetics of Obesity

Therefore in light of the above criticisms research has begun to more fully examine the extent to which an individual’s behaviour and/or environment can influence the development of obesity. As Barlow (2013) states that at a population level, the increase in prevalence is too rapid to be explained by a genetic shift; rather, it must result from changes in eating and physical activity behaviours ...

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Genetically Modified Foods

Genetically modified foods have come a long way since their first introduction into the market. They have great potential to solve many problems and improve upon many conditions. However, there are many challenges facing governments as far as the advancement of genetically modified foods is concerned. Regulations, food testing, and uncovering more of the possible effects on both human health and t...

Human Cloning

Therefore, I have reached the conclusion that the understanding of the topic is still unequivocally relative to whoever reads this. I choose to let the sense of “conclusion” flow through the minds of the readers, thus making this conclusion, “conclusive” based on the understanding of each people who read this research paper of mind. Let me leave to you my final question – “to clone? Or...

The Importance of Food Labeling

Clark, Marler: “A million Pounds of E. Coli Tainted Meat Recalled”. E. Coli Blog. 06 August 2006. Web. 13 April 2011. Food Inc. Dir. Robert Kenner: Magnola, 2009 DVD. “Food Irradiation.” Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 11 October 2005. Web. 23 March 2011. “Genetically Engineered Foods May Cause Rising Food Allergies”. Organic Consumers Association. May 2007. Web. 20 April ...

Genetically Modified Organisms

Though we may not all have the same beliefs, there is one statement that stands out and should be remembered by us all: “God didn’t make a mistake, no matter how much we’ll strive or boast, trying to transform ourselves in creators, we can’t arrange things better than the way He did” (Sandu, 2010). There is so much technology that serves many outcomes to our people, our society, our envi...

Positive and Negative Impact of Genetically Modified Food

In recent years health professionals have become alarmed by the increasing number of bacterial strains that are showing resistance to antibiotics. Bacteria develop resistance to antibiotics by creating antibiotic resistance genes through natural mutation. Biotechnologists use antibiotic resistance genes as selectable markers when inserting new genes into plants. In the early stages of the process ...

Discuss Biological Explanations of Schizophrenia


Compare and Contrast the Processes of Mitosis and Meiosis.

As for the life of flowering plants and mammals, it is a must that mitosis and meiosis are required in their reproduction. In flowering plants, their reproduction can be asexual or sexual. For asexual reproduction in flowering plants that requires mitosis, vegetative propagation is a common method which the vegetative parts of flowering plants develop into a lot of food stored. Asexual reproductio...

Pros and Cons of Genetic Engineering

The pathogens can kill the target organism or could spread into the environment with unpredictable and dangerous consequences. Even crippled vectors can recombine DNA and therefore genes with their normal counterparts in their surroundings and thus suddenly and unpredictably become infective. | Molecular biologists acknowledge that they are only modifying one aspect of an organism's totality. Howe...

Oryx & Crake Discussion Questions

In an article titled "The Prospect of Designed Genetic Change" he argued that freedom of choice would vindicate the new genetics, and set it apart from the discredited eugenics of old. To implement the older eugenics ... would have required a massive social programme carried out over many generations. Such a programme could not have been initiated without the consent and co-operation of a major fr...

GATTACA: 'Vincent is supposed to be weak. Yet his strength of character is the key to the story.’

While the society in which Vincent lives in regards Vincent as weak and inferior, his character is both key to his success and the story as without his steely resolve and fierce determination there would be no story as society would continue to function as it was designed. Parallels can be drawn with Vincent’s plight and the journey’s of figures in our society like Oscar Pistorious. Gattaca se...

The society of Gattaca

Jerome is lucky enough to have superior genes, thus giving him the opportunity to achieve his full potential. Throughout his whole life he was expected to succeed at everything he was faced with, and being an Olympic swimmer, he was expected to win but “for the genetically superior, success is easier to attain. But is by no means guaranteed. After all, there is no gene for fate.” But what does...

Recombinant dna technology

By providing vaccines otherwise unavailable to humans through biotechnology, many people experience longer then expected life spans. Usefulness of recombinant DNA technology in the worlds healthcare system can not be denied. However, the dependence on GM food in sustaining the world’s population should be examined more in depth. Has enough research been conducted on the effects of GMO’s on hum...

Monsanto SWOT Analysis

Public concern can affect the timing of the government approvals in different countries. Even if the approvals are granted, public concern can lead to increased regulation or litigation against government regulators concerning prior regulatory approvals. Recently, the European Commissioner approved the cultivation of GMO potatoes in Europe, but the decision has come under stiff criticism and prote...

Are we humans the product of nature or nurture?

In the end, not everyone may come into agreement with this debate. The nature and nurture of an individual can fluctuate to a great extent. Some things are hard to decide if they are inherited or learned by the surroundings. I believe that genes can bring about certain behaviours in an individual. Moreover, that the environment and upbringing can help make the behaviour precede to something more t...

DNA Sequencing

To proceed with the procedure sue will need to go to the hospital to get treated right away and take antibiotics to cure her disease but antibiotics doesn’t always work with some peoples immune systems. Sue and anyone else she contacted with or know with meningitis symptoms should go to the hospital right away or they can be dead in 24hrs or so. Symptoms of meningitis: fever, vomiting, headache ...

Biology Lab Report “Independent Assortment & Dihybrid Cross"

The Drosophila melanogaster is appropriate to use for studying genetics because we can get constant quick results with them. This allows us to check our data and determine if it is consistent. This also demonstrates and proves that Mendel’s law of independent assortment is true. Finally, each ratio that was acquired for the fruit flies was very comparable to each phenotype, because our observed...

Seeds of Death Unveiling the Lies of GMO

The documentary stimulated my listening and viewing literacies to a certain extent, as I stated earlier that there was a lot of repeated information given throughout the documentary. Although I enjoy watching documentaries, I prefer to read as I feel it is more captivating and can give you more information and details then what you get in a documentary. I found that the articles gave me more infor...

Genetic disease

a) Which solution sample contained a single dye: S1, S2, or S3? How do you know? S3 contained a single dye because it only had one band. b) The molecular weights for the dyes are 452.38 atomic units (au) for orange G, 669.98 au for bromophenol blue, and 538.62 au for xylene cyanole. How do these weights compare with your original conclusions about the weights of the dyes? Base on the order of mov...

Outline and evaluate biological explanations of obesity

Participants were asked to assess their levels of hunger every 30 minutes, and it was shown that 5 out of the 6 participants used, showed that their ghrelin levels were closely correlated with degree of reported hunger. This was a lab study, with a high level of control, and easily replicable, so has high internal validity and reliability. However it is hard to determine whether the predicted leve...

Cystic Fibrosis Case Study

If I was in this situation, I would chose to adopt a child. The reason is there is a risk of having a baby with CF, and I wouldn’t want to take that small chance. 22. (Krickett) It seems to me that Sarah and Michael really want to have a child of their own. So, if I was them I would choose to get pregnant and continue with the pregnancy no matter what. Since there is not really a huge chance of ...

Genetics of Ascospore Color in Sordaria lab

The spore pattern was studied in the asci to determine if crossing over has occurred or not. Wherever gene recombination took place, black and tan ascospores were observed in the same ascus. If the ascospores arrangement has four black and tan ascospores in a row, then hybridization took place but no crossing over arose. Also, if the frequency of crossing over is recognized, one can estimate the d...

An essay on dwarfism, telling the causes, symptoms, and treatments

Although dwarfism may be detected with prenatal testing, most cases are not identified until after birth, by X-rays, and the child's appearance. The is no known way to correct the results of dwarfism, but some examples of treatments are joint, and hip-replacement surgery, which relieve the pain in joints by reducing the pressure, of the unbalanced weight. Another treatment is limb lengthening. In...

World such as that depicted in "Gattaca"

Gattaca is a captivating film that deeply explores the issues of genetic engineering, genetic discrimination and presents to the audience an example of a eugenic society. The film shows the world the possible outcomes of science and medicine dominating the world. It clearly portrays a society that may have taken medicine a little too far by making genetic engineering the norm. The film also teache...

The advantages and disadvantages of cloning

Overall I agree with cloning. Religious beliefs against cloning are very strong but there are many potential the benefits. If the techniques for cloning could be improved and the risks could be minimised, I believe cloning should be allowed. The cases where cloning could allow childless couples to have children when no other method is successful or where there are chances of transferring diseases ...

Heredity, the Environment, and Development

(Biological, Social-Environmental, and Psychological Dialecticism: An Integrated Model of Aging, 2000). As well with age innate biological changes impact our brain based on both shared and non-shared environmental experiences. A keen understanding of morbidity, mortality and how genetics influence both health and behavior are all important factors in how biological changes in the brain are associ...

Pros and Cons of Genetically Modified Foods

2.Dubey, R.C. A Textbook of Biotechnology. New Delhi: S. Chand, 20063.Kumar, H.D. Modern Concepts of Biotechnology. New Delhi: Vikash Publishing House, 20034.Purohit, S. Agricultural Biotechnology. India: Agrobios, 20055.Purohit, S. Biotechnology: Fundamental and Applications. India: Agrobios, 2004Internet Reference:1.Bragi, David. "Food Savior Or Frankenfood? The Debate Over Genetically Modified ...

DNA Replication Transcription and Translation

Hence, the resulting mutation is “silent” for the amino acid sequence in the protein-ending gene is not affected. On the other hand, chromosomal mutations are triggered by the chromosomal rearrangements with alteration or non-alteration in the chromosomal number. Chromosomal mutations induce birth defects in humans such as in “cry of the cat” syndrome which involves deletion in the chromos...

Genetic Engineering

A society of pretty, healthy, and intelligent people may sound reasonable and even favourable, until the full social implications are considered. Genetic engineering is a great step on our journey to helping those in need. It shouldn't be wasted on vanity. Whilst I understand how parents want their children to be perfect it is not moral to completely determine and change the future of an unborn ch...

GATTACA film analysis on the final scene

Also, in the beginning of the film Vincent tells us how discrimination is no longer based on colour, religion, ethnicity or money but that it was _"down to a science"._ This is the only part of the film that shows different ethnicities as well as another female whereas throughout the film it was mostly dominated by white men in uniform. This does not make much sense, although a given a benefit of ...

Biological approach to health and social care

These are situations that can play a role in whether or not a person is feeling depressed., the biological perspective is often seen as limited, since it neglects other possible causes for behaviour, the impact of different cultural upbringings, mental states, and emotional desires. For example, it focuses too much on the 'nature' side of the nature/nurture debate. It argues that behavior is cause...

DNA Extraction Lab Report

After the experiment a significant difference in the amount of precipitated DNA was visible in the strawberry test tube in comparison with the banana. This result could have been due to the amount of solution was present in the bag after the strawberry was mashed compared to the amount present in the banana bag. The obvious reason is that more DNA was extracted from the cells of the strawberry tha...

Siblings Organ Donation Introduction

If PGD is deemed harmless it should be considered an acceptable way of finding a healthy stem cell donor that can save the life of another child. The family of Molly Nash faced a serious dilemma and ultimately made the right decision to resolve it. They ended up with two healthy children and avoided losing one of their children to a horrible disease. Why should we prevent such procedures when no h...

Biological Theories of Crime

The usage of hereditary understanding developed by the HGP is most likely to have memorable ramifications for both individuals and society. A number of the questions criminologists have raised about the function of genes in criminal behavior may be answered by the results of research started by the HGP. 7 In the area of crime-control policy, HGP-related information is anticipated to support the ad...

Huntington’s Disease

Other social problems involve marriage stability after diagnosis due to the fact that the children could also be affected as well as change of roles (HCS 26). From the above discussion it is clear that Huntington’s disease though rare, it has been causing concerns among social and medical fraternity. This is important as the social concerns have led to implementation of the Act against discrimin...

Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro

You were brought into this world for a purpose, and your futures, all of them, have been decided (81). ” Real humans are brought into this world for a purpose and they have free will, not like these clones and it is not right. As a real human, clones should have a chance to choose as we all do. Later, when they were thirteen years old they were told that they will not going to be able to have ba...

Genetic Testing

Holland ML, Huston A, Noyes K. 2009. Cost-effectiveness of testing for breast cancer suceptibility genes. Value in Health 12(2):207-16. Ozanne EM, Loberg A, Hughts S, Lawrence C. 2009. Identification and management of women at high risk for hereditary breast/ovarian cancer syndrome. Breast Journal 15(2):155-62. Shi C, Hruban RH, Klein AP. 2009. Familial pancreatic cancer. Archives of Pathology &am...

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