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Schools Ban Books to Protect Their Image 
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An often misunderstood topic to society is banning books in schools. Many believe that banning books is something of the past but it still happens till this day. Books provide knowledge of real-life situations and controversial topics. The numerous ideas discussed in books help widen the lens of a student. In 2017 alone, more than 350 books were challenged in schools, libraries, and universities (Godlewski). Educational institutions ban books in order to protect students from explicit and controversial content but…...
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Controversial Banned Books in India
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Are we a little too close minded? Authors love to explore controversial subjects and well everyone loves to read them too cause they are different. When it comes to India there are a lot of topics which may offend one community or the other. One may find it interesting the other may find it disturbing. This is because of the huge diversity we have. Everyone has different aspects to live life and problems arise one way or the other when…...
Banned Books
The History of Banned Books
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Libraries across the country offer a vast selection of books. Biographies, adventures, and every other topic the reader may hope to find. There is a book for everything, unless if it has been plucked from the shelves. Schools have been faced with challenges regarding whether specific books should be banned from their libraries. Books that are challenged often have themes and elements that parents or other adults do not want students reading. While many people agree with the logic behind…...
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Huck Finn
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Mark Twain's real name? Samuel L Clemens (pen name) What does "mark the twain" mean? Boating term- measures the depth of water to see if boat can pass through What did Mark Twain do? Riverboat pilot, printer and gold miner What did Huck Finn lead to? Book had powerful social themes which led to controversy and banning How old was Twain when he died? 75 years old What was the first official novel of Twain? Tom Sawyer TS characters are…...
Banned BooksHuck FinnTom sawyer
DBMS of Saint Michael College of Caraga
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Chapter I Introduction The world of Information Technology transformed and made the life of human beings easier through the innovation of different machines and software applications. Faster and reliable sources have been offered by search engines which are all over the web. But even though this is the case, many schools and universities are still requiring their students to use library materials in their researches and school works. From the statement of purpose, the compute’rized library system: meeting information needs…...
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