Computer Essay Topics

Our aim is to investigate how much quicker

Aim:- Our aim is to investigate how much quicker a reaction happens if the acid we uses strength goes up, and also to see if there is a pattern which could be carried on to higher strength acids. Background Science:- Chemical reactions play a very important part in our life, some even keep us alive… View Article

IT Definitions Case

HARDWARE * RAM : Random Access Memory. It is the area where all software and programmes run. * ROM: Read Only Memory: This is the memory that is stored in ROM device and it cannot be modified (at least not very quickly or easily), it is mainly used to distribute programmes and firmware (software that… View Article

White Soul System Designs – Creating a Computer System

1 – Analysis 1.1 – Introduction White Soul System Designs is a small computer store that designs and makes many of its own systems and products. It is situated on Queen Street in the centre of Neath. Many people swear by White Soul products and go to the store for any product they wish to… View Article

Computer Systems

Explain the function of the system unit components and how they communicate Central processing unit – The Central Processing Unit (CPU) carries out the actual processing of data. The data it processes is gathered via the system bus, from the main memory. The CPU then sends back the results to main memory via the system… View Article

Supermarket Database-Computer Coursework

Introduction There are many supermarkets around us, but there do you know how it works. In this coursework., we will anyalsis the problem of the old supermarket system and how to solve this problem. Besides, in this coursework, it will introduce a new supermarket system, introduce its advantage, how to set up, how to use… View Article

Computer technology

The salon I am doing on is a business owned by Boitumelo Michaels. It is a privately owned company that specializes in doing different types of hair-does. Her business is located in Mododitshane. She has about fifteen helpers helping her in treating the customers. Computer Project Questions 1. What kind of work does your business… View Article

Violent computer games

The huge influence media productions have on their audience is unquestionable. The use of quirky television advertisement to persuade the public to purchase a particular product ahead of other similar brands is a tried and tested method used by manufactures. The millions of pounds spent on a major celebrity endorsing their franchise is a risk… View Article

The Social Aspect of Computing

How has the online sharing of information, such as film and music, changed western buying habits? Record shops, cinemas, radio stations, video rental stores and even libraries are losing customers to the global trend that is OIS (Online Information Sharing – the official MPAA and RIAA term for internet piracy). It once used to be… View Article

WAN Protocols Case

WAN Protocols are the standardised method of sending data between computers. The protocol will determine how the data is compressed, the error checking to be used, how the sending device will indicate that all data is sent, how the receiving device will declare it’s received everything. The WAN protocols are found in The Internet Protocol… View Article

Bar Codes Case

1. (a). A bar code is a series of lines which differ in thickness and space in between each other which contain data to provide certain information on the product such as the Manufacturer, Product Description, and the Size. The purpose of the bar code is to simplify the amount of data which the staff… View Article

Computer Protection and Maintainance Report

I hope you have received the machine in good working order. Now that you have the machines, there are several pieces of ‘Utility Software’ that should be installed on your machine in order to assist with the smooth running and protection of the machine. There are four main categories for this Protection Virus To protect… View Article

Information Technology Coursework

Input – The Keyboard The keyboard is essentially based on the standard QWERTY keyboard used by typists. The main differences are the additions made by computer manufacturers. The first thing to notice is that the keyboard has three main sections. The first section is the main QWERTY keyboard, which has three extra keys. The most… View Article

Report on Multi User Operating Systems

Resources Sharing – Concepts of Resource Sharing A multi user operating system can support more that one user at a time, this means that multiple users can share the same system resources simultaneously. The users of a multi user operating system can share both hardware and software resources, the operating system carries out complicated routines… View Article

Computer Components

To build a PC you must buy all of the required components otherwise the computer will not work properly or not work at all. Here is a list of all required computer components to make it work: * Motherboard- motherboard is a main component in a computer. It is a printed circuit board and it… View Article

Difference Between Backing Up and Archiving of Data

Explain the difference between ‘backing up’ and ‘archiving’ of data, state the process taken for both and give reasons why they are necessary. It is important to know the basic differences between backup and archiving information, in order to prevent loss of important files on a computer. There is a big difference between the two… View Article