Artificial Intelligence: Will it occupy the world?

Machines play an important part in today’s society but they have decreased the odds of humans getting work done helplessly. Musk (2015) claimed that, “artificial superintelligence is more dangerous than nuclear attacks”. We depend on machines in all areas of our life. Almost everything around us is an application of artificial intelligence. More and more robots are being built every day. The results in the long run seem to be more disturbing. Our improvement in the field of intelligent machines might end up being the largest threat to the humanity

First of all, robots have no emotions or morals.

Hawking (2007) argues that, “it is a cruel combination of intelligence calculating logic and lack of compassion that we truly fear. Effective empathy is something that is important to believe to build in our robots so that they're not cold … well interestingly enough the people in the world that do not have understanding are diagnosed as Psychopaths”. Having robots instead of humans in a workplace will be emotionless.

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People can communicate with each other and exchange ideas, but robots are unable to do it. suppose a teen is showing signs of depression it is difficult for a robot to make appropriate decision because it lacks emotional intelligence. Obviously, robots in certain areas are more powerful, faster, and smarter than humans but they cannot have a conscience, like humans. Artificial Intelligence (AI) robots can beat down people on the command as Maguire (2012) said, “Awareness in artificial intelligence machines cannot be created.”

Second, the majority of human work will be replaced by artificial intelligence (AI) machines.

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As technology continues to grow robots are becoming more intelligent than humans, they can perform tasks that are repetitive, boring and unhealthy thus taking over the jobs of the poor and needy people. In fact, we are entering a new industrial revolution that will eliminate millions of jobs around the world. Robots are starting to enter the service sector, replacing workers in fast food restaurants, security guards, cleaning staff, delivery people and many more. America's biggest job destroyers may be the driverless cars which are already on the roads. For instance, Pizza Hut announced driverless delivery services which will no longer need the human involvement of drivers because the robots can work full time without any complains. However, this will result in redundancy of the current delivery service employees. Even the professional jobs like lawyers, and bankers are at risk. Sadly, the owners of companies are now depending more on robots than on human labor because more robots means that less headache as they don’t have to worry about providing the robots with extra fringe benefits such as, accommodation, company vehicle and insurance. When behind the door’s it makes it clear to understand that humans are the reason why robots are functioning properly. The coding implemented in a robot are done by humans. But Companies are still choosing robots over human labor. Alarmingly, at every workplace, robots will one day emerge and replace all human labor. we need to start thinking about what's going to happen when large numbers of highly-skilled and narrow skilled human professional workers are displaced.

Finally, Robots are not creative they don’t have the thinking skills of a human. human intelligence will always be better or superior than computers because after all these are human creations. Computers can't think what is right or what is wrong for themselves. Robots cannot function like humans they work by algorithm almost by definition they have neither imagination nor creativity they don’t think out of the box they don’t think imaginatively. Computer. For example, Welding is still a skill that robots cannot reproduce what humans have learned about it (Malmgren,2015).

Updated: May 30, 2022
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