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Virtual Reality: A philosophical Investigation
Words • 4446
Pages • 18
Introduction The questions regarding the reality of our world has been a topic of important debate through out the centuries. Plato argued in his theory of forms, and allegory of the caves, that the world, and things within the world are not real, but shadows of the form of what is real. Descartes, in his philosophy, considered the possibility of an evil demon, who created the illusion of an external reality by controlling all that we see and hear. In…...
PhilosophyVirtual Reality
How Neuroplasticity Affects Perception And Performance?
Words • 952
Pages • 4
Visual displays are bombarding us daily. On a drive down almost any road, there are billboards, many of which are electronic. Computers are used in many jobs. Much of the population owns a smartphone. Televisions are blaring even in the gym. And the advent of virtual reality (VR) and virtual environments (VE) has added another visual display in both work and play. Our brains are constantly being bombarded by visual information. Therefore, vision is an important perception to consider when…...
Nervous SystemPerceptionPsychologyVirtual Reality
The Biggest Loser
Words • 902
Pages • 4
The series paints a magical world, a popular perspective in fairy-tales, the world where people ride on brooms, a shangri-la with a palace dimly loomed in the foggy veil of night, a newspaper contains moving pictures or a bizarre creature, all of these prospects were so real and vivid that audiences cannot determine those are actual in reality or 'molded' by special effects. Virtual reality also embodies in one of the most popular new media cultures nowadays: social networking sites…...
EntertainmentFictionInternetTechnologyVirtual Reality
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Tim Cook Laid Out the Playbook for Apple’s Next Big Thing
Words • 1947
Pages • 8
Apple is the most valuable company in the world, and it makes a lot of profit, but its long-term future depends on it coming up with a new product, a new ;one more thing.;The;Apple Watch, which has been selling poorly for Apple, isn't;going to do it.Apple needs a new platform. And Apple;CEO Tim Cook knows it. That's why he's been dropping hint after hint that Apple's next major technology;initiative is;augmented reality -- basically, integrating software into the real world. What is AR?"It…...
Apple IncComputersSoftwareTechnologyVirtual Reality
The History Of The Augmented Reality In Education
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Pages • 17
What is Augmented Reality?Augmented world is a computing machine system which has the ability to unite the existent universe and computing machine generated informations. With this system, practical objects are blended into existent footage in existent clip. Therefore, we can conceive of the high potency that this engineering might hold if applied in the field of instruction.In augmented world, the computing machine works as a mirror. With a camera and a black and white printed marker, we transmit to the…...
CameraEducationHistoryTechnologyVirtual Reality
Operations In Areas Using Haptic Interface Devices Computer Science Essay
Words • 2978
Pages • 12
Tele-operations in risky environments are frequently hampered by the deficiency of available information sing the province of the distant robotic device. Typically, ideal camera arrangements are non possible, and an operator is left with the job of executing complex manoeuvres in the presence of terrible 'blind-spots ' . A telerobotic attack can be adopted that allows a automaton to observe and avoid environment hits automatically, nevertheless while this simplifies the undertaking for an operator, entire automaton liberty is unadvisable in…...
Computer Science For ProgressDeviceTechnologyVirtual Reality
Object Detection And Tracking Computer Vision Computer Science Essay
Words • 1120
Pages • 5
The other most of import characteristics of practical world are submergence, interaction and imaginativeness [ 3 ] . Virtual world helps the users to interact with the fanciful universe and objects with real-time 3D artworks in a more perceptive and natural mode. This construct helps the users to understand, analyze, and communicate with the computing machines to make the practical universes or objects. The Virtual world helps us to change over the informations to the best ocular signifiers. The promotion…...
Computer Science For ProgressInformationTechnologyVirtual Reality
Hot Cell Facility And Virtual Reality Computer Science Essay
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Pages • 17
1. IntroductionHot-cell installation is a extremely shielded tight shell in which extremely radioactive substances are remotely handled by operators detecting the procedures through lead-glass Windowss. The chief intent of this shielding is to supply protection from high radiation of the radioactive stuffs located inside the cell, ensuing in no jeopardy to forces. These screening are designed to be flexible and let the insides to be revamped, when necessary, so work can be performed rapidly and at the lowest possible cost.…...
Computer Science For ProgressDesignInformationTechnologyVirtual Reality
Augmented ECommerce System With Laser Projection Tracking Computer Science Essay
Words • 3028
Pages • 13
Traditional electronic commercialism is limited, because it can non supply direct information required approximately merchandises to online consumers. The engineering presented in this paper shows the undertaking overview of how Augmented Reality ( AR ) can be used to assist get the better of the restrictions and heighten e-commerce systems. Progresss in web and nomadic communicating engineerings enabled transmutations of markets to the signifiers of E-commerce. However, current E-commerce engineerings can non supply adequate information on the physical dimension, stuff…...
Computer Science For ProgressE CommerceEngineeringOnline shoppingTechnologyVirtual Reality
Jamaica’s economy has benefitted this type of technology in many ways
Words • 743
Pages • 3
Jamaica's economy has benefitted this type of technology in many ways. Economic growth as stated by Dave Ramsingh (2015 p.274), in "Economic Growth" published in Economics for CAPE is the long-term growth in the productive capacity of a country. This brings about the increase in the country's Gross Domestic Product (GDP). GDP considers the country's entire economic output, which includes all goods and services that businesses in the country produce for sale. This is regardless of whether they are sold…...
TechnologyVirtual Reality
Extended Reality in Jamaica
Words • 700
Pages • 3
Extended Reality has many ways that it can support economic growth in Jamaica. All over the world countries have started to implement extended reality. Extended Reality allows us to create and provide a personalized learning experience. Many public schools in Arkansas have launched an initiative that will integrate VR headsets and equipment into classrooms across the state. The Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson stated during an interview that this initiative sets out to "empower Arkansas students to sharpen their computer science…...
EducationHotelJamaicaTrainingVirtual Reality
Yeh Li Zhou Chiu and Chen 2018 stated that in psychological treatment
Words • 429
Pages • 2
Yeh, Li, Zhou, Chiu and Chen (2018) stated that in psychological treatment, VR technology can present audiovisualexperiencesmorerealisticallycomparedtotraditionaltherapytechnologyandprovidesasafe and controllable environment where patients can be treated. The scenario in VR can be customized according to the patient's condition, so that the patient can express his emotions fully. The treatment can be operated along with various sensing devices to collect data and obtain feedback. The two published study cases analysed by the authors both showed positive results in using VR for psychological…...
PsychologyStateTechnologyVirtual Reality
Innovation in a Rapidly Developing World
Words • 1116
Pages • 5
Intro Our reality is entering a time of genuinely transformative change where huge numbers of us will be amazed by the scale and pace of advancements we just hadn't envisioned. These exponential mechanical advances offer gigantic potential, and with these open doors come gigantic new duties. Innovation is control, and there is no uncertainty that we have developed increasingly associated through time. However, in light of the fact that we are associated doesn't mean we are interfacing. Two positive patterns…...
InnovationSocial MediaVirtual RealityWorld
Smart learning report
Words • 1515
Pages • 7
Acknowledgement We take the opportunity to express our heartfelt gratitude towards the Department of Computer Engineering of Saffrony Institute of Technology that gave us an opportunity for presentation of our project in their esteemed organization. It is aprivilege for us to have been associated with Assistant Prof. Nimisha Sharma our guide during the project work. We have been greatly benefited by his valuable suggestions and ideas. It is with great pleasure that we express our deep sense of gratitude to…...
GratitudeLearningVirtual Reality
Technology and Elderly
Words • 497
Pages • 2
BACKGROUND Singapore ageing population is increasing rapidly than decades ago. The figure of citizens age over of 65 is expected to double by 2030, to 900,000. Ageing has often been associated to a decrease in independence. To maintain independence among the elderly, they are called upon to adapt to the new technology in this rapidly ageing society. Advanced technology helps the elderly to handle challenges like the rapid changing world better. Allowing them to continue living at their own homes…...
Elderly PeopleTechnologyVirtual Reality
Augmented Reality AR is a relatively new research branch of
Words • 2245
Pages • 9
Augmented Reality (AR) is a relatively new research branch of virtual reality (VR) technology. The ultimate aim of this promising technology is to connect particulars, add value to a real object and enhance the user's experience. The biggest difference between an augmented reality and virtual reality is augmented reality does not create a simulation of reality. Virtual reality technology can create a virtual world, while augmented reality superimposes computer-generated virtual objects, figures or information to the real world environment. The…...
RadiologyResearchVirtual Reality
Virtual and Augmented Reality Software
Words • 1863
Pages • 8
Douglas Engelbert Douglas Engelbert is considered to be one of the founding Fathers of Augmented Reality due to his work on human computer interaction his work at the Augmentation Development centre he also created Engelberts Law which stated that the essential rate of human performance is massive.Also his work on AR eventually led to the creation of the computer mouse.Ivan Sutherland Ivan Sutherland is another person who contributed massively to the creation of Virtual an Augmented Reality as his work…...
SoftwareTechnologyVirtual Reality
Chapter 1 practice Quiz
Words • 131
Pages • 1
Social media Is incorporated as part of a political strategy by many politicians Web 2.0 has led to a shift from just consuming content toward Producing content Examples of crowdfunding and crowdsourcing include Kickstart and mobile voice Being computer literate includes being able to Avoid spam, adware, and spyware. Use the web effectively. Diagnose and fix hardware and software problems. Computer forensics Analyzes computer systems to gather potential legal evidence Data mining T/F: The move toward access instead of ownership…...
Virtual Reality as Future Of Computer Technology
Words • 975
Pages • 4
Douglas Adams concluded in Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy that "There are those who think that VR may be the most important development since man first chipped flint, and there are those who don't know what it is yet". (2) We can say that VR is one of the most topics talked and discussed in our early days. First, we can call it a form of technology and there are many ways we can use it. New uses are constantly…...
Future Of Computer TechnologyTechnologyVirtual Reality
Haptic Technology
Words • 5001
Pages • 21
Haptic is the "science of using tactile feeling to human interaction with computers". The sensation of touch is the brains most reliable learning system-- more efficient than seeing or hearing-- which is why the brand-new technology holds so much pledge as a teaching tool. With this innovation we can now take a seat at a computer system terminal and touch items that exists on "mind" of the computer. By utilizing unique input/output devices (joysticks, data gloves or other gadgets), users…...
PerceptionTechnologyVirtual Reality
Virtual Reality for Society
Words • 1435
Pages • 6
Virtual reality as of recent, while still extremely new, has become the topic of many opposing viewpoints. It has caught the eye of the general public for several reasons. Perhaps, this is mainly because of all the possibilities which virtual reality creates. Note that the possibilities are not pre- determined as either good or bad, mainly because there are many different opinions to the future of this developing technology. However, despite the controversy this new technology has aroused, society should…...
Opposing ViewpointsSocietyTechnologyVirtual Reality
Technology and Social Change
Words • 1128
Pages • 5
Introduction This report will examine how changes in technology are affected by society, in turn, how the society that produced this technology is impacted by this creation. The paper will specifically address the impact of personal computers, cell phones, and the internet on society, and how these technological advancements relate to the three major sociological perspectives; equilibrium model, digital divide, and cultural lag. The excessive use of computers has drastically changed the lives of many users. As a multifaceted tool,…...
Cause And Effect Of TechnologyInternetMobile PhoneTechnologyVirtual Reality
Cyberspace and Real space
Words • 2219
Pages • 9
The relationship between the cyberspace and the real-space cannot be visualized only by indicating link between spaces. Synthetic space is the one in which we live in. This new image can help us understand the in-depth idea of the internet common culture. Everyday millions of people from around the world started changing different concepts such as identity and interpersonal interactions. Many of the changes have resulted because internet users agree to the relationship between real and cyberspaces (Brook Pg 24,…...
CommunicationCyberInternetSpaceTechnologyVirtual Reality
Cyberpunk and Science Fiction
Words • 2027
Pages • 9
Cyberpunk and Science Fiction in the Information Age Cyberpunk science fiction is considered to be the “literary manifestation of postmodernism” (Elements149). According to McHale, as a sub-genre of science fiction, cyberpunk stands as the product of the convergence between “science fiction poetics and postmodernist poetics” (Elements 149). In Constructing Postmodernism, McHale states “cyberpunk…as science fiction derives certain of its elements from postmodern mainstream fiction which itself has…already been ‘science-fictionized’ to some greater or lesser degree” (229). The correlation of cyberpunk…...
FictionMandalaPhilosophyScienceScience fictionVirtual Reality
Global Engineering Challenges
Words • 2034
Pages • 9
There are global challenges that engineers face in society from ways to lessen our dependence to oil and protect the environment to ways to improve our surroundings and expand our reality and minds. A lot of these challenges will need engineers with vision and passion in order to come up with the solutions needed to improve the world around them. The three global challenges that will be covered in this paper are ways to lessen fuel consumption, how to restore…...
Engineering Challenges For Knowledge EraTechnologyVirtual Reality
3D, Virtual Reality and Entertainment Industry
Words • 797
Pages • 4
Virtual reality has promise for nearly every industry ranging from architecture and design to movies and entertainment, but the real industry to gain from this technology is science in general. The money that can be saved examining the probability of experiments in an artificial world before they are actually carried out could be great, and the money saved on energy could be even greater. Virtual reality is something that personally excites me because uses and benefits of it are never…...
EntertainmentIndustryVirtual Reality
STA Travel Case Study
Words • 1271
Pages • 6
History/Situation: STA Travel is a subsidiary of a privately held company, Diethelm Keller Holding LTD, marketing as "the world's largest student travel organization helping students travel in over 90 countries". Historically, STA utilized retail travel agencies located near or on college campuses; however the Internet has introduced new online competitors. The internet is predicted to account for more bookings than offline alternatives. In response to STA’s global customer base, STA delegated the responsibility to the local level while using an…...
Case StudyCompetitionInternetMarketingVirtual Reality
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How Neuroplasticity Affects Perception And Performance?
...Overall, we must take into account how a person responds to the variables present in VR. We must particularly pay attention to vision both in what the person sees and what they feel regarding hand-eye coordination in order to decrease the mismatch of...

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