The Benefits of Using Robotic Technology in the Home

Artificial intelligence (AI), is the ability of a machine or a computer program to think and learn.1 AI was first introduced in the mid-twentieth century, and now has become part of our daily lives. To make this possible, machine learning algorithms, which is the instruction given to the computer to help it teach itself, has been refined to the point where computers can more accurately predict how a human would approach a problem. Although there are risks, if used correctly, artificial intelligence can be an immense benefit to society.

For example, it can enhance effectiveness of different tasks, increase energy efficiency, and keep our properties safe.

Artificial Intelligence is a branch of computer science that aims to create intelligent machines to work and act like humans. It has become an essential part of the technology industry and has been implemented into many household uses and further into home automation. For example, using Artificial Intelligence is extremely energy efficient. If you forgot to turn off the lights to your home, or simply left the television on, your AI system within your home could learn to automatically shut it off, saving money on electricity and fossil fuels.

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Increasingly, Artificial Intelligence has been used in home security systems. The systems implement cameras with facial recognition to unlock doors and disarm systems. This makes it very easy for people to get into their own homes, without having to hassle with keys or codes. Over a course of time, the AI home security systems learn to recognize regular visitors or deliverymen and can decrease the chance of false alarms.

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Moreover, these Artificial Intelligence systems always will have the attempt of hacking into, which can result in an invasion of privacy and loss of personal information. There would always be a margin of error, but if Artificial Intelligence were to make a mistake, it would learn from it, just as humans do. The facial recognition systems have only a 97% accuracy, which means that at least once a month it could leave you locked out.3 Worse yet, there is the potential for the system to inaccurately recognize a stranger as a authorized user.

Overall, Artificial Intelligence is extremely beneficial to society, and although it might have some flaws, I reason it will become a great tool for productivity and effectiveness within homes. AI will not only help homes become safer, but much smarter. Additionally, the self- monitored AI security systems are equipped with sensors and cameras that would easily evaluate a threat to your home. Artificial Intelligence systems are useful tools to help solve complex problems. Over time, these models will increase in accuracy and will become mainstream.

Updated: Apr 04, 2023
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