Benefits of Technology in Education

Technology helps us reform are education system to benefit students by allowing them to be more flexible with how they learn. Students utilizing technology can develop the school system in many ways. For example, Technology has been a part of are life since the 1930’s when the first computer came out, meaning we have grown up around technology, learning from technology since we knew how to press buttons. So why not utilize it in are schooling system? Technology has even motivated students to do better and be more enthusiastic about learning when it comes to electronics.

Technology can help both the students and teachers by giving the students more time to work on something and makes them less stressed out about being rushed.

Having technology can grant them benefits of real time news happening in the real world today unlike the old resources that go back in the day. Having more resources for the schooling system benefits everyone, the students, the teachers, even the parents.

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Granting all of them communication to understand and keep track of what’s going on. Communication does not end at just technology either it continues in person in the classroom also, meaning, teachers can now have one on one time with students that need extra help. Money may be an issue when it comes to this change but there is a way to fix that problem it is called the dominos effect. Growing up around something means that your susceptible to being use to it. Technology has grown up with us.

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Meaning it got better it got smarter and it got older. We use it every day of are life. For example, the television, are phones, are computers, or tablets, even are cars are part of technology.

Danny Mareco mentioned in his article called, 10 Reasons Today’s Students NEED Technology in the Classroom, that “Most students today have been using mobile devices like tablets and smartphones to play and learn since they could crawl. So it only seems logical to align today’s classrooms with the way that your students want and are used to learning.” Danny Mareco is trying to point out that we have learned throughout are lifes by using technology so we should continue with the path we were born on. Another example is from Forbes Technology Councils article said by Chalmers Brown, “More schools should switch to tablet learning and coursework submission at all levels.

Kids and adults love using them, and are therefore more conducive to real learning, especially when adding gamification and virtual reality.” Using technology brings back the child part of everyone because we have grown up with it so it makes us more excited to learn. Having motivation and spirit to continue in your learning process leads to being smarter. Technology brings out that spirit and motivation that students need when there learning. It helps students be more on task and excited about their work. For example, Janelle Cox believes “Subjects that students deem challenging or boring can become more interesting with virtual lessons, through a video, or when using a tablet.”

Janelle Cox is trying to say technology can help students that are struggling and help them understand what there struggling with making them more motivated to not quit and actually do there work. It also can help out people who are to shy to ask questions said by Vawn Himmelsbach, “Online polling and other tools help to engage all students, including shy students who wouldn’t normally raise their hand in class.” Being interactive with technology helps motivate students to be more enthusiastic about their work said by the article by Catchbox called, How Can Technology Help Education, “Interactive technology and devices encourage autonomy and responsibility. And, when students have more control over their learning and decision making, they become more motivated and invested in the learning process.” Technology makes us motivated by being interactive keeping us from being bored.

Matthew Lynch explains that in his article called, 7 Ways Technology is Impacting Modern Education, “Technology is interactive, and students learn by doing, researching, and receiving feedback. This helps students become passionate about what they are learning. For example, they may study geography using interactive software such as Google Maps or Google Earth, instead of looking at a picture.” Technology motivates students and can also help them not be stressed about their work. Having time to understand what your doing leads to less stress. Technology lets students learn at their own pace letting them be more in control of how they learn. For example, Janelle Cox believes “Today’s technology enables students to learn at their own pace.

For example, almost all apps allow for individualized instruction. Students can learn according to their abilities and needs.” Technology can allow them to learn in there own way of learning. Using technology will allow the education to incorporate learning time to be longer said by Justin Marquis “Individualized and adaptable education options facilitated by technology would allow education to shift to a 24 hour a day 7 day a week model that would benefit all students by allowing them to learn at times that best suit their lifestyles and goals.”

He also said “Technology and student-centered, individualized learning options make it possible for education to become mastery-based rather than dependent on fixed schedules. Each student can strive to meet their own objectives or societally prescribed ones at their own pace rather than at predetermined times. In this way, failure becomes unlikely as all students are encouraged to reach mastery.” This means that technology could help students learn better because there learning at their own pace and there more independent with keeping them self at the level they need to be. Using technology helps the students be more independent and even let them know what’s going on in the world today. Students are more into their work when it comes to learning about what there going to need to know when they grow up. Technology allows them to access what is going on in the modern world at this exact moment. Gives them information that could help them with a common problem there going over in class.

For example, Matthew Lynch mentions in his article that “By using the Internet, students can research real issues happening at that moment that are related to the classroom curriculum. This helps students understand that the lesson being taught refers to real problems and real people.” Letting the students know that there not just being taught useless material but there actually learning what could even happen to them. Once the students start learning what’s going on in the real world they can start giving their opinion. Justin Marquis states that in his article by saying “Technology helps to facilitate authentic experiences that allow students to apply knowledge, share their insights with the world, and participate in global discourse about real issues.”

Julia Morrison even stated in her article that “Digital simulations and models can help students not only better understand various disciplines, but also get acquainted with the wonders of the modern world.” She is trying to say that technology has a lot of resources that doesn’t just help with searching up the modern world but can also search up tools and resources that can help you learn. “Since a lot of time is saved during research, students are able to incorporate a lot of information and knowledge in their projects.” Said by Julia Morrison. Julia is trying to point out that we have tools galore using technology. It makes you question ‘Why wouldn’t we use technology for schooling?’. Julia also believes time has been cut for the kids when it comes to their research, “Gone are the days when they had to go through piles of books to find a specific reference to improve their assignments and projects. With technology, research has been quite an effective tool.”

The tools also help the teachers with how they teach. For example, Julia mentioned in her article that “Tech-savvy teachers are able to prepare their lessons in a more strategic manner by including different types of text, activity models, and interactive controls for students.” It also helps the teachers with the students. There’s only one teacher and helping multiple kids is hard so when it comes to technology it helps the kids get help immediately. Ragan Whiteside states in her article “Instead of the teacher being the only source of help in a classroom, students can access web sites, online tutorials, and more to assist them.” Technology helps the teacher help the students. Resources do not just end at research either. Technology grants not just students or teachers but also the parents. It allows communication from at home.

For example, students and parents can contact through email if either of them have any questions. The students can even contact other students if they want to work together. Matthew Lynch says this in his article saying “By using the Internet or software tools, students can create online groups, Web pages, and virtual communities that connect them in real time with students and teachers anywhere around the world. They can receive feedback from their teachers and share questions and concerns about their lessons.” This allows students to explore connecting with there piers. Students can even get tutoring online said by Ragan Whiteside “Students can also get help and tutoring at any time, whether from the teacher via email or online collaboration, or from a help website.”

Technology can really help students get better with there education by using all the resources they have right in front of them everyday of their life. Communication skills are huge technology can help with that. Technology does not just help communication at home it helps in the classroom also. Having technology leads to making the teachers job easier when it comes to helping the students with their work. For example, the teachers do not have to try and help fourty kids at once because most of them will be able to get help by searching there answer up on their computer or other device so the teacher can have more time to help the students who need it the most.

Janelle Cox points this out in her article saying “This form of teaching is also great for the teacher because it gives him/her the time to work individually with students who may be struggling.” It grants the teacher to not have to stay in front of the classroom said by Catchbox “Proactive, collaborative learning also moves the teacher away from the front of the classroom and allows them to take on a more advisory role.” Technology can also help with how she teaches certain subjects for example Vawn Himmelsbach states “At the beginning of the class, you can gauge familiarity with a subject by taking a quick, anonymous quiz on the subject you’re teaching—and this can also inform and direct what you need to focus on.”

Meaning she does not have to go over certain materials if the students already understand. Technology may be a good idea but the schools are complaining that it will cost a lot of money that they do not have. You have to think about the dominos effect. It goes both ways. It can lead to worse things or it can lead to better things. If technology was incorporated into the education system a lot of supplies that schools use now would not be needed. Ragan Whiteside points that out in his article saying “Money is always an issue in education and technology can help. Virtual field trips, electronic forms instead of paper, email instead of printed memo’s, virtual labs, electronic textbooks, and the thousands of free online resources can all save schools money and give students excellent educational experiences.” The only thing the schools would be doing is changing their ways.

Changing one factor leads to other factors being changed as well meaning what your afraid of is the least of your worries. These are some of the ways in which technology can help reform the education system to benefit the students. “Of course technology is not the magic wand to fix all problems, but it does allow for more flexibility of the learning process which in turn makes it easier for a wider group of students to stay in classrooms until the end of the K-12 Journey.” said by Matthew Lynch. Technology can not fix everything but when it comes down to the students growing up around technology leading them to get more enthusiastic about doing their work. The students being able to access there work and have more time to do there work and not stress helps them out greatly. The students being able to search up real time events meaning they have many tools and resources to use counting communication, and the teachers being able to help the students with there work one on one. Technology would be a great source to reform the education system to help benefit the kids greatly.

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