How Artificial Intelligence Impacts Today’s Society

Studies show that artificial Intelligence voices tend to be female because both men and women prefer a female voice. As artificial intelligence become more prevalent in society we as humans will go through many disruptions economically, physically, and safety as well as affecting many other industries. Artificial intelligence has created disruptions in many industries. Artificial intelligence is compared to a double-edged sword because the disruptions have both beneficial and unbeneficial effects on society.

The most obvious disruption by Artificial Intelligence is economic.

Many artificial intelligences are both economically beneficial as well as unbeneficial. In the article “The coming age of Robo-Everything by David Brancaccio. Brancaccio explains how artificial intelligence has created better business practices resulting in many American companies coming back to America from foreign countries. Resulting in bringing money and business back to the American economy. But this also brings negative effects because the American businesses are coming back because artificial intelligence has created more proficient business practices. Resulting in many americans losing their jobs to artificial intelligence programs that can learn and automate many American jobs.

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Brancaccio emphasizes in his article that artificial intelligence will a major driving force causing many people to lose their jobs which will cause an influx of people looking for work in other sectors of the job market as well as raise the unemployment rates in America. In the article “Three ways Artificial Intelligence is good for society” by Jillian Richardson. Richardson explains how farmers are using artificial intelligence to help improve their crops for the growing earth population.

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Many farmers have implemented this artificial intelligence in order to learn their crop patterns in order to make their growing process more efficient. As well using the same artificial intelligence and satellite imagery in order to detect irregular plant growth which could prevent the loss of crops. All these beneficial disruptions have a good economic effect for farmers who lose money every year because of outdated farming practices. Another industry affected by Artificial Intelligence is education. In the article 12 industries that will soon be disrupted by artificial intelligence” by The Great Performers Academy. The author gives many examples of sectors that will be affected soon by artificial intelligence one of them was education. The author explains how artificial intelligence will soon be able to create more personalized learning programs for every student. As well as the artificial intelligence will be able to analyze emotions from the students and affectively adapt and create a new lesson plan. This could result in many teaching jobs being loss because the artificial intelligence will be able to give students more personalized lesson plans and more one on one feel. This could also result in more parents opting out of mainstream school systems and preferring the new artificial intelligence teachers. The author also uses the driving industry as an example that affects many jobs. Self-driving cars are popular today, even though it is in its infancy stages right now. As artificial intelligence become more mature. Many jobs will be loss because self-driving cars will be able to transport goods and people more safely resulting in less accidents and less congestion on the roads. This is just another example of how artificial intelligence will disrupt not just the American economy but the world economy. Economically artificial intelligence is a double-edged sword, as more proficient business practices arise the more jobs will be loss to artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence has become more abundant in everyday life resulting in physical changes to human anatomy. In the article “Terrifyingly Convenient” by Will Oremus”, Oremus explains how we have become more depend on technology. Technology such as virtual assistance like Apple’s Siri and Microsoft Cortana. These virtual assistances are the beginning stages of artificial intelligence. As artificial intelligence becomes more advanced the more we will become more dependent on virtual assistances because it makes our day to day lives easier. Oremus states “are just beginning to insinuate themselves, sometimes stealthily, sometimes overtly, and sometimes a tad creepily, into the rhythms of our daily lives.” This quote by Oremus shows how virtual assistances have become more intrusive in our lives and we will become more dependent on them as they become more advanced. An example of this is Apple’s Siri can now detect your current location and give you the best possible route to take to your destination. Since this technology has become used more and more by consumers we are slowly the part of our brain that can detect direction. As well as losing skills such as map reading because now we have a virtual assistant that can take us step by step on where to go and take the fastest route to our destinations without us even thinking. Oremus also emphasizes how these virtual assistances are always listening to us waiting for a command and eventually the virtual assistances will learn our priorities, preferences, and habits from listening to us twenty-four hours a day. These virtual assistance’s will become our proxies and speak on our behalf as well as ask questions for us resulting in humans losing social skills as well as the ability to do simple tasks. Oremus compares this future to the Pixar Studios movie wall-e, where we as humans will become reliant on artificial intelligence losing most of our social skills, physical and mental abilities. In the article “Watson is far from elementary” by Baker Stephen explains how early artificial intelligence like IBM’s Watson are early signs of disruption. Stephens states in his article that artificial intelligence taking over jobs is inevitable. But we humans have to accept this reality and prepare and learn to adapt to artificial intelligence. Stephen emphasizes the need to learn how humans can benefit in ways that artificial intelligence can’t. As humans become more reliant on artificial intelligence resulting in us going through physical changes as well as losing social skills. We as humans need to find value in ourselves in order to compete with artificial intelligence. Stephen states in his article “How do we educate students for a labor market in which machines answer a growing percentage of the questions?” Stephen questions how we can teach our students to compete with artificial intelligence. He states that we will have to grade our students on different categories such as critical thinking, cracking jokes, and carrying meaningful dialogue, Stephen questions how we will grade students on these characteristics. These are the challenges that we will go through.

Artificial Intelligence has been portrayed as destroying humans and will be our downfall, but artificial intelligence is also being used to ensure safety to many people. In the article “3 Ways Artificial Intelligence is good for Society” by Jillian Richardson explains different ways that artificial intelligence is used to help improve safety and well-being in society. Richardson uses Intel’s use of artificial intelligence to diagnose cancer patients. By using artificial intelligence Intel is working on using artificial intelligence to diagnose a cancer patient and use the patients past medical history, lifestyle, and more in order to create effective plan for the patient. By using artificial intelligence for cancer patients, it will be able to cut the diagnosing and treatment planning process to twenty-four hours. This will help the patients heal faster and get them treated faster as well. Richardson also states that Intel is also using artificial intelligence technology in order to help prevent child abuse, sex trafficking, and molestation in America. Intel’s artificial intelligence will be able to scan for suspicious content and catalog it and learn from it to find patterns in order to prevent and catch child abuse, sex trafficking, and molestation faster and more efficient. The benefit of this artificial intelligence is that it will not put police officers out of a job because artificial intelligence won’t be able to arrest people. In the article “12 Industries That Will Soon Be Disrupted by Artificial Intelligence” by The Great Performance Academy. The author uses surgery as an example of how artificial intelligence is helping during surgery. Robots have now been able to do simple procedural tasks such as suturing and stitching in operating rooms leaving surgeons more time to focus on the more complicated part of the surgery. This will reduce human error in the operating room by using cameras and laser precision technology.

As artificial intelligence become more prevalent in society we as humans will go through many disruptions economically, physically, and safety as well as affecting many other industries Artificial Intelligence will become more and more dominant in society. Artificial Intelligence will take jobs from many people eventually. The good news is that we are far away from artificial intelligence taking majority of jobs away from people. Many of the sources have the same solution to this issue. All of the authors state that we as humans need to distinguish ourselves from artificial intelligence because artificial intelligence will become human’s direct competitor in the job market. We also need to guide artificial intelligence in order for both humans and artificial intelligence to coexist in the world.

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Updated: Feb 26, 2024
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