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Classical Music Essay Examples

Essay on Classical Music

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Romanticism in Art, Music and Literature

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749 – 1832) was a German writer and politician. His body of work includes epic and lyric poetry written in a variety of metres and styles; prose and verse dramas; memoirs; an autobiography; literary and aesthetic criticism; treatises on botany, anatomy, and colour; and four novels. In addition, numerous literary and scientific fragments, more than 10,000 letters, and...

Baroque vs. Classical Music Essay

I prefer Baroque music over Classical music. I chose Baroque music because it is a lot more interesting. Classical music is too simple compared to Baroque music. With Baroque music, more emotion is evoked. A great example of this is Vivaldi’s “The Four Seasons” where you could actually tell which season is portrayed by which piece by listening carefully. To me, Classical music is too boring...

Comparison of Beethoven's and Mozart's Classical Music Pieces

The development takes the closing theme and plays around with it, manipulating the melody and building rhythm before going straight to the recapitulation. The second and closing theme of the recapitulation are both in a different key, giving the two sections a different feel. There is a coda in “Eine kliene Nachtmusik” as well, but it is not as lengthy as the one in “Symphony No. 5”. It al...

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A Comparison of Haydn and Beethoven

As can be seen throughout Haydn’s symphony no. 95 and Beethoven’s symphony no. 5, the two composers were very similar, yet very different from one another. Beethoven uses a lot of what he learned from his time with Haydn, but is able to expand on those ideals and create something of his own being. His ideals, however, are soundly built off of the foundations that Haydn paved for him, which is ...

Analysis of Bach Fugue in D Minor

The fugue in d minor was one of the earlier fugues written by Bach during his time at Cothen. Many fugual devices are included in this fugue including stretto, episodes, a countersubject and three main voices. These were all heavily influenced by other composers of the time such as Buxtehude and Bureister. The main idea of the Well Tempered Clavier was taken from J.C.F. Fischer’s Ariadne musical...

Concert Attendance Report

The third movement is a scherzo and trio. Here, the trio (which is based on an Austrian Pilgrims' hymn[2]) is played twice rather than once. This expansion of the usual A-B-A structure of ternary form into A-B-A-B- A was quite common in other works of Beethoven of this period, such as his Fourth Symphony and String Quartet Op. 59 No. 2. The last movement is in sonata form. Donald Francis Tovey, wr...

Wagner's New Opera

The plot of Tristan and Isolde involves little external action which focused the center of attention to the inner psychology and emotions of the characters and Wagner takes special attention to match word and tone as they increase or decrease in emotional ntensity. For example: The first act of Tristan and Isolde involves a long narrative by Isolde relating the events which preceded the setting of...

Igor Stravinsky

Despite great stylistic contrasts, all the works of Stravinsky retain a certain distinctive identity rooted in his Russian origin and the tendency to use his trademark musical elements (such as ostinati, off-rhythms, etc. ) in the majority of his compositions. Stravinsky was a person of an inexhaustible enthusiasm and eagerness to explore new musical horizons and styles. He was a composer of a phe...

John Adams' Music Theory and Practice

An excellent response to the question. You have used an admirable range of sources and, most importantly, identified critical material arising from the premiere of the piece. You have not only used music examples effectively, but made your own harmonic analyses where none others were available. Your writing style is clear and concise and citation accurate. Countermarker’s comment: agreed. An out...

Classical Music

Students who listened to rock-and-roll or country had moderately lower scores. The study further indicated that students who used classical during the course of study had a significant leap in their academic performance; whereas, those who listened to other types of music had significantly lowered academic scores. The research was conducted over several schools within the Cherry Creek School Distr...

Johann Sebastian Bach’s Fugue

Normally, episodes do not contain any subject matter, but Bach cleverly placed fragments of the subject and countersubject to aid in modulating to the next closely related key. Measures 8-11, episode one, the fragment(s) are heard throughout every count in different voices, modulating to the relative major of B-flat.; this, as well, occurs in episode two. Episode three, occurring in mm. 24-27, is,...

The Burial at Thebes

To conclude the structure of the play is marked out by themes that are developed throughout the play. The role of the Chorus provides links between the episodes whilst commenting on the actions of the play and to contribute and interact with the characters. In this assignment I have aimed to show that the chorus makes several contributions at different stages throughout The Burial at Thebes. These...

Gabriel Faure

Written between 1887 and 1890, the Requiem was written not for the death of his father, but as another experiment in Faure's endless quest to write music that was new and different (“Requiem”). Despite the discouraging start, Faure's Requiem did become popular during his lifetime and was played throughout Europe. Today it is still very popular and has been recorded more than any of his other w...

Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina

His absolute works, in 33 volumes, edited by Franz Commer, Franz Espagne, Theodore deWitt, and from the 10th volume - by Haberl, are in print by Hartel and Breitkopf. Haberl presented the final volume of the concluded version to Pius X on Easter in 1908 (Gauldin 1995, pp. 45-46). Giovanni Palestrina was a tough and distinguished musician, demonstrating a pinnacle of technical faultlessness, but ac...

Opera Buffa

And this development particularly contributed to be such a notable feature of Mozart's comic operas. The opera buffa in the later 18th century was extremely important in terms of its influence on the Italian opera seria. The vivacity, expressiveness, and naturalness, the sense of real human emotions as opposed to the lofty gradually found in opera seria. And its characteristics became the precurso...

Hindustani classical music

The veena, a string instrument, was traditionally regarded as the most important, but few play it today and it has largely been superseded by its cousins the sitar and the sarod, both of which owe their origin to Persian influences. Other plucked or struck string instruments include the surbahar, sursringar, santoor, and various versions of the slide guitar. Among bowed instruments, the sarangi, e...

Classical Music and Jazz Music

To conclude, we can say that this to types of music have their unique style, but both of them represents two approaches to Art Music. This two types of music are important and carry a great and special history. Also this to type of music, allow people to relax while hearing this music. If I need to pick between this two types of music, I prefer the jazz music because is more accessibly for us and ...

Analysis of Badinerie by J. S. Bach

There are pedal points in bars 33 to 35, interesting to note that there is use of octaves. In bars thirty six the first beat has a loud dynamic marking and the second beat has a soft dynamic marking which is quite interesting. There is a crescendo in the next bar leading up to forte towards the second to last bar. This section is then repeated and the section time around there is a rit. 2 Volta wh...

A classical music international voices concert review

Brahms was not being totally flippant: despite the fact that over significant lots the music appears washed in southern daylight, the dull mists are not totally kept under control, and Gernon enabled the doleful trombones to make their essence definitely felt right off the bat in the opening Allegro non-troppo. This detail is itself a vital component to seeing how this ensemble functions: it is pe...

Classical Music in Pop Culture

Researchers at the college nursing program at Kaohsiung Medical University conducted a study in which they randomly assigned a group of women to classical music group and another to a country music group. “the classical music group showed significant reductions in stress, anxiety, and depression after just two weeks, using three established measurement scales”(Chung-Hey). Followed by “in com...

Beethoven’s Individualism in The Music World

So, to sum up, I have to say I won’t bias Beethoven’s achievements for his personality problem, that’s not an objective attitude. What I mean is that, it is necessary to have a fully recognition on Beethoven, so that we can really understand his music. Even though his over-individualistic personality makes him an arrogant and unpleasant genius, his spirit and art works are still highly admir...

Classical Music Concert Report

While listening to the piece, the vagueness in meter and rhythm, and the distinctive emphasis made on the tonal framework of the piece were tremendously identifiable. Specifically, the lack of harmony among musical notes in voice and piano was clearly recognizable, however the piano seemed to grasp on to every amplified tone of the voice. All the same, the music sounded much softer in comparison w...

Western Classical Music

In conclusion, Western Classical Music is still relevant in the 21st century as it provided a base for modern day music to take form with its song structure and melodies. In the midst of a fast-paced 21st century society, Western Classical Music has the potential to reduce the tension incurred from workplace stress and serve as a tool to improve on mental health. While there is the perception that...

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