The Baroque Period

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The Baroque period follows the Renaissance style and spans from the sixteen hundreds to mid seventeen hundreds that includes not only Western European music, but an extravagant style of architecture and art. There are many famous composers from this time period like George Frideric Handel and Johann Sebastian Bach that we will be talking about.

To begin, Handel and Bach are different yet similar. These two are both baroque musicians, composers and organists that were born in the same year and both born in Germany, 110 miles away from each other.

They both have Italian and French style of music. The composers both played the violin, the organ, and the harpsichord, they are also both keyboard artists.

To continue, a concerto is a composition type that includes these forms, sonata, suite, fugue, opera, cantata, mass, passion, oratorio, sacred and secular. All these forms have been mastered by both Handel and Bach, but it does not mean that they wrote or composed all these forms.

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Despite of the subtle similarities, thesen composers have their major differences. For example, their music, background, their childhood, career, and challenges throughout life.

With that being said, lets go more in depth and/or detail in the life of George Frideric Handel. Handel was born on February 23, 1685 in Germany. Growing up his father was not supportive of Handel wanting to compose music. He said that it was not a reasonable source of outcome.

He even prohibited Handel on owning any musical instruments. But on the other hand, his mother was extremely supportive and always encouraged him to develop his musical talent.

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On day, Handel met Frederic Wilhelm Zachow, a composer and organist, and became his pupil because he was impressed with his potential.

Around the age of sixteen Handel composed church cantatas and chamber music. He was a violinist at the Hamburg Operas Goose Market Theater and started teaching private music lessons at eighteen years old.

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The Baroque Period
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