Character Essay Topics

The cornerstones of character

Challenges are the cornerstones of character. They are natural parts of life that not only support change, but they also strengthen the mold of which we are made. Of the many forms challenges that appear, two challenges (one of which is inevitable and the other that is self-imposed) do their parts to alter who we… View Article

Anthem Analysis

Anthem is a novel which describes a future in which people have lost all wisdom of individualism, to the point where people don’t even use the words “I” or “me.” It is a tribute to one’s ego, as in the value of individualism and one’s uniqueness. By the end of the novel, the main character,… View Article

Candide Characters

In Candide, the character called Pangloss is believed to be a parody of philosophers who spent their time idly wondering about the world or debating points that have no real significance to life situations.  For instance, Pangloss keeps on saying that the world is good despite all of the misfortunes that have befallen him. Many… View Article

The Giver by Lois Lowry

Using specific examples from the book compare and contrast Jonas world with your world.             Jonas lives in a peaceful and structured community where people follow rules and instructions without hesitation (p.1). Most instructions and reprimands are transmitted over the loudspeakers that are placed around the community (pp.2, 22-23, 37). In Jonas world, children are… View Article

Everyday Use: A Question of Quilts

In Everyday Use, Alice Walker presents the reader with two sisters who are as different as two sisters could ever be. They have very little in common, and in fact they think, walk, stand, and talk, so differently that strangers would not take them for sisters. They differ in a more significant way in terms… View Article

The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros

The book The House on Mango Street written by Sandra Cisneros is merely a collection of different (and in some ways similar) traits, experiences, cultures, traditions, values and points of views of the girls and boys living at Mango Street. From these collections collating in 44 inter-related chapters create a single topic of how the… View Article

How Do the Novel Holes Deal with the Issue of Power?

Essay questions: how do the novel holes deal with the issue of power? . Intro: Holes, by Louis Sachar, are a very important novel for students to study when learning about power and justice. The novel explores these two themes closely as we are taken an a journey through \ around camp green lake with… View Article

The knights Galahad and Gawain

These two came from rather different backgrounds, yet there are similarities in that they both spent considerable time in search of the holy grail – a vessel or plate used a the last supper. Nowadays if we say we are looking for the holy grail we mean the almost unobtainable , perfect solution, but these… View Article

The Knight And His Internal Conflict

The introduction of the Knight in Chaucer’s “General Prologue” of The Canterbury Tales, albeit brief, presents an interesting, enigmatic portrait of a character whose external appearance seems to provide a cover for what might be a conflicted spirit underneath. In a way, the Knight embodies the concept, to borrow from the film Billy Jack, is… View Article

Lord of the Flies Ralph and Piggy’s Glasses Symbolism

The novel, “Lord of the Flies”, deals immensely with characterization and symbolism. William Golding packed his story with a great deal of literary color, making it alive and vivid to the reader. Golding’s use of symbolism is obvious throughout the entire novel. The character that stood out the most in the novel was Ralph, who… View Article

Reflection on the Character of Luke Skywalker

Luke Skywalker’s character is a classic example of man’s constant battle of good and evil—not to be simply put as the battle of the good versus the evil—but the choice to be good or evil. He outwardly struggles to find his place and role in the society even as he struggles inwardly to understand his… View Article

The Red Convertible Louise Erdrich by Louise Erdrich

The Red Convertible by Louise Erdrich is an inspirational story of two brothers sharing their happiness and companionship despite of all the changes that they had encountered until the time of death of Henry.  In the story, despite most of the time Henry’s journey in life and biography were discussed, it was Lyman’s character was… View Article

Othello and Faustus Blame Term Paper

Trust is an essential part of a peaceful society. The way people act decides whether they are trustworthy or not. One who manipulates trust to deceive people is to blame for the disturbance. Those who places trust in the wrong person are also to blame. Placing trust in an unworthy person is the initial fault… View Article

The Testament by John Grisham

The Testament by John Grisham is a story with a strong underlying moral base. The characters of Troy Phelan and his daughter Rachel Lane are opposites in every sense of the word.  Their philosophies towards other people are at two disparate ends of the spectrum.  While ruthless Troy achieves everything at the expense of others,… View Article

The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway Paper

1)What new things are added to the original problem as the novel progresses? ( I            mentioned in last classes assignment Chapter 1 that the original problem is that Robert        Cohn being treated as a Jew)             The rising action described in chapters 2-10  begins to show the development of a sexual relationship between… View Article

The Stone Raft by Jose Saramago

The Stone Raft by Jose Saramago carries the readers through an epic journey of five humans and a dog floating adrift on the Iberian Peninsula.  Jose Saramago writes with flair as this political satire unfolds before the reader’s eyes.  During a time that Portugal and Spain were breaking away from France to gain independence, it… View Article

Margaret Laurence’s The Stone Angel

Margaret Laurence’s The Stone Angel is a novel, which depicts the last days of life of the protagonist – Hagar Currie-Shipley. Pride, loneliness and final journey to death are the main themes of the novel.  The character of Hagar is transformed through the novel and the readers can see different stages this old woman comes… View Article

The Use of Heroes and Character Types in Jane Eyre

OUTLINE Introduction Thesis Statement In the novel, Jane Eyre, Charlotte Brontë uses classic Victorian heroes and characters to represent the stages of growth that Jane must go through in order to become a mature Victorian heroine. Quotes, Examples and Descriptions of the Heroes and Character Types Brontë used in Jane Eyre Victorian Heroine Definition and… View Article

The Two Trees

The relationship between Gene and Finny can be compared to the event that took place in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve partaking of the tree of knowledge. While the danger was always present, it wasn’t until the temptation overtook Eve and then Adam that the fall from grace took place. Comparing this… View Article

Thematic Critical Paper

Two stories, “Miss Brill” by Katherine Mansfield and “A Rose for Emily” by William Faulkner, are stories about two women’s lives, so different and yet so similar. Mansfield’s Miss Brill is a character which does not provide us with many details about itself. This is a woman who goes to the same park every Sunday… View Article

You Shall Know Our Velocity by Dave Eggers

Every person undergoes difficulty in life. Experiences in life may cause troubles in our way of thinking and sometimes even affects our principles. In the novel, “You Shall Know Our Velocity” by Dave Eggers, the character of Will Chmlielewski experienced difficulty in the form of losing his friend (Jack) and being beaten. He intended to… View Article

A Leap Further By Being Stiff

The concept of being inflexible or being stiff in making decisions has been conceivably one of the finest characteristic which has served the protagonists in the famous stories made in Asian literature.  Pak Hun in The Descendants of Cain, the student in Ya Dafu’s Sinking and Junshi in Creation, portray a character which in one… View Article

Graham Greene’s “The Destructors”

Graham Greene’s “The Destructors” is a real-life like story that shows how societal forces or the environment shapes the behavior and thinking of the protagonists. Moreover, the story becomes a manifestation of history and protests during a time of despair, dramatically presented by the author. In “The Destructors”, the protagonists are teens who call themselves… View Article

The Transformation of Lucius

The book”The Transformations of Lucius”, also known as Golden Ass, or Metamorphoses, is a story with magic, adventure and lesson. This was translated from the original Latin text into English by Robert Graves. The book by Lucius Apuleius, adapted a Greek story. The story is a journey spiced with mix of erotic, comedy, and romantic… View Article

Topdog/Underdog Worksheet

Overall comments on the Play. What did you like and not like? Why? I liked the dynamics between the siblings and how their past was a key factor in the men that they are now. It is very realistic, and it resonates with the reader/viewer.  Also, I like the role reversals that permeate all throughout… View Article

Towards the Better Light

The speaker in Elizabeth Bishop’s poem “The Fish” portrays someone who is rather inexperienced to what he is doing. An amateur in fishing if I may say due to several lines in the poem that suggests the speaker is confused with conscience upon catching the fish. The poem narrates a series of striking turns of… View Article

Paul Stultz

Paul Stultz, a character who has always admired me not as an individual but as a code that has the hidden formula that makes up a successful person. Mr. Stultz with his attractive traits which circles around self-motivation and persuasive attitude towards the core values, A Professional teacher and Sales Manager, he has un matched… View Article

The Bean Trees

In the book, The Bean Trees, Taylor is the central character and one whose outlook on life, sense of humor and intellectual make up, serve as the motivation behind the central themes in the book. Within the book, Taylor has three goals in life: to graduate high school without getting pregnant, to get as far… View Article