Character Essay Topics

Characters In Havisham, Hitcher, and The Laboratory

What similarities or differences are there in the way disturbed or disturbing characters are presented in Havisham, Hitcher, and The Laboratory? Necrophilic fantasies in Duffy’s Havisham, the impulsive murderer in Armitage’s Hitcher, the smarter premeditated plot in the Lab, and finally the darkened anger of Inversnaid. All of these poems contain elements of disturbed characters… View Article

How Golding introduces characters Ralph, Jack, Piggy and Simon

How Golding introduces characters Ralph, Jack, Piggy and Simon, by using physical description, dialogue and action to reveal the boys characters and roles within the novel Ralph is the first character to appear in Lord of the Flies, and the audience therefore assume that he is going to a main character. Golding starts the novel… View Article

Consider Pip from Great Expectations and Ralph from Lord of the Flies

Which character do you think gives the most realistic portrayal of childhood? Both of these novels contain depictions of childhood. An important fact to keep aware of is that in Dickens’ portrayal of childhood, there are adults present to mould Pip through his encounters with them, whereas Golding leaves his characters free from any guiding… View Article

The Ideal “Ruler” for Golding’s Island

* In chapter one, Ralph was given sole responsibility of chief on the island, with Jack becoming his hunters. Throughout the novel, we see things gradually begin to break up on the island, and much of this is down to Ralph’s poor leadership and assertive skills. Alone, Ralph was a very poor leader, leading to… View Article

Hugh’s character

The final story, which Hugh tells, incorporates the many criticisms of Hugh’s character. He covers up his own failings and inadequacies as a defence mechanism and reiterates this by saying to Owen, ‘to remember everything is a form of madness. ‘ This story is almost a turning point of Hugh’s character and for the audience’s… View Article

Character Study

Manus is the son of Hugh, brother of Owen and a teacher at the hedge school. * At first there is a great contrast between the brothers, however, as the play progresses it is apparent that they have adopted each others characteristics. Manus has strong views on the re naming of Irish towns but they… View Article

Creating a new character for a soap

The TV programme I chose to use as my soap is the American show ‘The O.C’ after watching numerous episodes of it in class and at home. I chose this programme because it was one that I was most familiar with, and a programme that I enjoyed watching. ‘The O.C’ is an American show, aimed… View Article

Consider Two Contrasting Characters In The Play

Consider two contrasting characters in the play. How does the playwright convey their personalities and their attitudes to the situation in which they find themselves? The playwright of ‘The Long, the Short and the Tall’ is Willis Hall and he wrote it in 1959. The play is set in the Malaysian jungle in 1942 during… View Article

The Sound and the Fury

Faulkner concentrates on the internal lives of his characters, their memories, and their stream of consciousness, to draw the reader into the specific world the characters create for themselves. Although Faulkner does not give Caddy a voice in the novel, by conjuring her presence through memories, her brothers revel the depth and destructiveness of her… View Article

In what ways are Gatsby and George Wilson similar or dissimilar, to whom is Nick more sympathetic towards?

In what ways are Gatsby and George Wilson similar or dissimilar, to whom is Nick more sympathetic towards? Fitzgerald purposefully contrasts his characters throughout the novel, in order to compare contrasting worlds that were present in American society. Although there are some clear differences between Gatsby and George, there are also superficial similarities between them… View Article

Joe, a Filipino Rockssical: Play Review

We were assigned to watch a stage play entitled Joe, a Filipino Rockssical last July 22, 2012 at St. Scholastica’s College, Manila. Actually, I have no interest in watching stage plays but after witnessing the presentation, my point of view changed. The play was about our national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal, but who is Rizal?… View Article

The cornerstones of character

Challenges are the cornerstones of character. They are natural parts of life that not only support change, but they also strengthen the mold of which we are made. Of the many forms challenges that appear, two challenges (one of which is inevitable and the other that is self-imposed) do their parts to alter who we… View Article