Change Essay Topics

Promoting Change

As a way of improving the level of users’ involvement and making the process an effective one, it becomes necessary that consultative mechanisms that tend to produce feedbacks to users, and the ability to integrate them in every stage of service delivery is put in place. Through their interaction with nurses and the nursing body,… View Article

Bereavement and Spiritual Change

This article aims to determine the causal connection between bereavement and a person’s decision to effect changes in his spirituality. It is the position of the author that “bereavement is a life crisis that challenges one’s assumptions about human existence and provides the grounds for spiritual change” (Balk, 1999). Methods. To test the hypothesis, the… View Article

A Good Manager in the Face of Organizational Change

Introduction Every business needs a good manager – may it be a small family business or a large multinational corporation. There is no magic formula for being a good and effective manager – it is a continuing process and becoming one entails knowledge, skills and ability. It is not just a title but also a… View Article

Management and University Simmons Case

In time of economic crisis, companies are looking for innovative methods to improve production and to meet the needs of a diverse workforce in order to improve or maintain the organization’s profit margin in a stress global economy. Indeed, companies are extremely concerned about their future, as well as, preventing closure of their establishment. SimmonsCompany… View Article

The Tipping Point

Change is a rule by nature that will never change. Shifting from one state to another state is nature’s law. No one can override this rule. Tipping point by Malcolm Gladwell is all about changes that happen frequently. No one is stable in this world; nothing is stable in this world. Every thing must change… View Article

Theories of Change

Continuous improvement can be described as a progressive improvement of day to day aspects of work with the major focus being on the improvement of quality. This does not translate to attaining perfection but conformance to the laid down standards based on the requirements and expectations of the stakeholders in an organization. The main focus… View Article

Portfolio Trading Strategies

Profits in equity are a function of timing and costs. Trading strategies are essentially focused on maximizing profits through cost maximization which in turn is linked with transaction costs. Thus cost of trading in also a consideration for determining trading strategy. Transaction costs are said to include commissions, execution and opportunity costs. (Collins. Fabozzi :… View Article

Transformational Management

Summarize the problem.( 32-42, Table 2:1) The main problem for the transformational leaders is to destroy the apartheid law and bring reforms in the political structure of South Africa. Further, it was necessary to transform African National Congress (ANC) to a more powerful, practical and unified political body. The constitution needed to be changed and… View Article

Transformative Change

INTRODUCTION Transformation is the introduction of new ideas/ ways of doing things. It is a move from one way of doing things to a new way. It is the alteration of the status quo in an organization that impacts upon the work environment of an individual or group. Transformative change entails in- depth planning and… View Article

Victor Marie Hugo: The Catalyst of Change

The human soul has still greater need of the ideal than of the real. It is by the real that we exist; it is by the ideal that we live. – Victor Hugo- Victor Hugo was a saviour of his time. With his sensitive and open-minded nature, he focused himself on educating the people and… View Article

Organizational Change

An organization is a social system that consists of individuals with a common or agreed objectives (Barzilai). The study of the kinds of systems involved in an organization, which help it meet its different concerns, refers to organizational theory. Organizational theory consists of “individual processes, group processes and organizational processes (Barzilai).”             When an organization… View Article

Corporate Re-initiation as a Change-Management Program

Corporate organizations have adopted a number of knighthood-based investitures as methods to infuse the delicate but significant management of change among their old/senior managers.  A number of published business reviews state that the Japanese and Danish shipping companies are known for their unique change management techniques through “initiations” or corporate “baptisms of fire”, where the… View Article

How to Bring about Change to What You and Others Say

ABSTRACT This paper would be discussing a reflection on the article “How to Bring About Change by Paying Attention to What You and Others Say”. This paper is divided into three parts. The first part discusses the summary of the article. The second part discusses several example and application of the article. The last part… View Article

Managing Transitions Making the Most of Change

This is the second edition of Bridges’ popular 1991 book that has sold 400,000 copies. He says that people do not have problems with change itself, but rather with transitions. The change is the situation, i.e., the new boss, the move, the reorganization, etc. The transition is “psychological. It is the three-phased process people go… View Article

Change: Its Positive Effects and Possible Reasons for Resistance

It is quite common knowledge that change is inevitable, permeating all aspects of human existence – from the physical, the macro-social to the personal. Police work is no exception. As society changes, the institution of the police force needs to recognize, respond and adapt to these. Change is becoming an increasingly important part of the… View Article

Change and Innovation

The Governor of a certain Province has been plagued by problems on low-productivity turnout and project implementation troubles that delay project completion and reduce effective delivery of services to its constituents. This has also been voiced by the previous administration, so to correct this possible relapse a thorough revamp of the department has to be… View Article

Process Paper

One of the most important skills that we must learn in life is to change a flat tire.  When riding a bike, it is also important to carry all the tools at all times.             When removing the wheel from the bike, use a bike wrench to loosen the nuts or the quick release mechanism. … View Article

Project Design

A project team includes all the individuals that are working on a project who report to project manager. Every individual in the team has an area of expertise for which he is given responsibility. The team members must be able to work independently as a team to achieve the project target within the given time… View Article

Museum of Natural History: Holden’s World

“The best thing, though, in that museum was that everything always stayed right where it was.” –Holden. In the story Catcher in the Rye, author J.D Salinger delivers many reasons that show how strong the symbolism of the Museum of Natural History is. The Museum of Natural History holds sentimental value to Holden. That place… View Article

Change the Culture of an Organisation

The culture of an organization can be defined by the ‘way they do things’, this means the way they make decisions, operate and how they choose and achieve their objectives. As culture is a set of values and practices, changing it may be difficult and a long process, especially if the change is organized by… View Article

The Agricultural Effects of Climate Change

In the current world, it is known that climate change is one of the problems in which is very evident for every one. Changes in the systems of the weather and temperature have created impacts on the agricultural resources of different states and especially those that are very reliant to their agricultural industries. Few of… View Article

The Advent of Change

Modernization brought international revolution as Western countries rose into powers and began subjugating many lands for their political and economic advancement. European domination has obviously occupied and penetrated into Asian countries. The Western colonization transformed Asian countries into the idea of industrialization and capitalism. China for instance with its tolerant attitude with Western traders turned… View Article

Role of Communication & Employee Involvement

1.1. Introduction Change, in general, indicates any act of making something different. The factors that necessitate change in organizations are broadly categorized into people, technology, information processing and communication, and competition. Some changes in the organization occur suddenly without the conscious efforts of the people. These are called unplanned changes. On the other hand, some… View Article

Write About How Faulks Introduces the Story in Part 2 of Birdsong

Write about how Faulks tells the story in the first section of Part 2, beginning with the words “JACK FIREBRACE LAY forty-five feet underground” .. And ending with the words… “A rising melody under the scratch of a thick gramophone needle…” (Pages 121 to 138 Vintage Edition). (21 marks) Faulks tells the story of Birdsong… View Article

A Health and Fitness Company

You are a top executive in your corporation. After careful consideration, you were selected to work on a project to use MIS to change the way business is run. In a group of 5, you will be responsible for researching the practices in your industry, identify the strengths and weaknesses of the industry, and make… View Article

The Contemporary Context of Educational Change

If there ever was a time in which schools could operate in isolation, that time has long since vanished. There are now many actors and players who would like their say in shaping what is taught, to whom, and how, and who want to take a lead on the education stage. Some will have greater… View Article

The positive change

Economic growth implies the positive change or increase in the level of production of goods and services by a given economy or country over a certain period of time. Economic growth can either be nominal economic growth or real economic growth. Nominal economic growth in an increase in production which also include inflation. Real economic… View Article

The Underworked American

After having read the ‘Underworked American’, I find that this article was very one sided. Even though you might have expected that, given from the title. I think that this should not just criticize the one country, but should explore the faults of other countries with their work/education and perhaps compare them. Although not everything… View Article

My Favorite Chinese Festival

The Mid-autumn is my favorite Chinese festival. It always falls on the 15th day of August, but this year is on 29th September. “This wonderful tale is a depiction of a Chinese family coming together and preparing to celebrate the moon with a nighttime picnic that embraces their Chinese customs with glowing lanterns and includes… View Article