“The Eight Rings of Organizational Influence. How to Structure Your Organization for Successful Change”

Article Review.

Ron Rosenberg in his article “The Eight Rings of Organizational Influence. How to Structure Your Organization for Successful Change” focuses on the problem of managing change in organizations. He approach which the author chooses in managing change is very efficient, unique, and sophisticated. Ron Rosenberg states in the introduction that in the present world of rapid changes, all the organizations have to be ready for change, and it’s necessary for leaders to know all the ways of managing change.

Organizations are very dynamic systems, therefore by understanding the concept of “Eight Rings” leaders can get a key to managing change in their organizations successfully. The concept of “Eight Rings” embodies the characteristics of those organizations which succeed in the circumstances in which others fail. Ron Rosenberg devotes lots of attention to the analysis of every component of “Eight Rings” concept: vision: external environment- patterns and cycles; internal environment- people (passion, focus, balance) and process (learning and support). Even those vision of the changes is the crucial element in the model, efficient change management needs to take into consideration all other elements of the model as well.

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The analysis of external factors is important for the leader in order to predict possible changes which organizations will inevitably face. However, internal environment is just as important. As Ron Rosenberg states, “nothing happens without motivated and aligned work force”. Therefore, he suggests in change management to devote sufficient attention to making work interesting, well-balanced for employees, and make sure they have minimum of distractions.

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Such components as learning and support are also very important in the model, and the leader has to do his best in encouraging learning by employees and providing all the necessary support for them. The approach to managing change suggested by Ron Rosenberg can be used at different kinds of organizations. By applying this approach, leaders can achieve maximum results during the change process in their organizations and ensure that productivity level remains at the same high level. The author’s opinion is absolutely correct, from my point of view. He has chosen the main factors which have to be managed during the change process in the organizations. As long as leaders apply approaches suggested by Ron Rosenberg, they are going to meet very little or no resistance from employees, and the employees will be performing on the same high level. Besides, this approach is very useful in predicting changes in external environment which might touch the organization, and the leaders will already have well-balanced policy to meet all the changes.

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“The Eight Rings of Organizational Influence. How to Structure Your Organization for Successful Change”

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