Humble Heroism: Frodo Baggins as Hero in Lord of The Rings

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We always come across so many heroes in literature, history, or daily life. A hero is a model for humanity. Adults, youths, and children wants to behave like a hero; however, we know that a hero has so many different features like supernatural, emotional, and physical aspects. These features are changeable according to matter. “A hero leaves his comfortable, ordinary surroundings to venture into a challenging, unfamiliar world “(Zimbardo,2017). So that a hero must start new beginnings to protect in needed people.

If someone does not make any self-sacrifice, and empathy to somebody else, we cannot define him a hero. Because these aspects make an important contribution to be a hero. In literature, we can read so different adventures of heroes and we may establish a bond with them. For example, Frodo is one of the famous heroes in literature. Frodo is a hobbit and ring-bearer, he chooses to help people so that he must throw “the Ring” to Mount Doom to save his people in an evil situation.

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So, this study aims to demonstrate in what way Frodo becomes a hero and his personality. Frodo is a courageous, self-sacrificing, honest, and loyal, persevering, responsible, and benevolent hero.

First of all, Frodo is a courageous hero in Lord of the Rings. He is a stunning character in the novel because he chooses to give up his life due to saving the Middle Earth. The Ring is given Frodo by Bilbo Baggins and Gandalf realizes that the Ring is the ruler of the other rings.

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So that Gandalf wants Frodo to destroy it and throw it in the fire of Mordor. But Frodo does not know what to wait him in these situations so at first, he is afraid of starting this journey. When they meet at Rivendell nobody wants to take heavy responsibility for the Ring, Frodo chooses to be ring-bearer and he said to Gandalf “But this would mean exile, a flight from danger to danger, drawing it after me. And I suppose I must go alone if I am to do that and save the Shire. But I feel very small and very uprooted, and well-desperate. The Enemy is so strong and so terrible” (Tolkien, 1954). So that his willingness demonstrates his brave personality. Also “There are as many stories that take the hero on an inward journey, one of the mind, the heart, the spirit. In any good story, the hero grows and changes, making a journey from one way of being to the next: from despair to hope, weakness to strength, folly to wisdom, love to hate, and back again” (Zimbardo, 2017). Therefore, Frodo makes a journey from weakness to strength under these situations.

Later on, when we analyze Frodo, we can realize that he is a self-sacrificing hero. He and his eight friends also his allies set out on a journey to save the Middle Earth from Sauron’s evil. In this journey, they encounter so bad and hard times. Frodo’s allies consist of so many important names like Aragorn, Gandalf, Legolas, and Gimli. they are always struggling in the battle to protect Frodo; therefore, Frodo can reach the Mordor and those battles may be ended by Frodo. He is the last hope for the goodness of the world because if Frodo cannot achieve to throw the Ring in fire, Middle earth and Shire stay under the bad circumstance and all hope and the good side of the world die away eternally. Frodo knows that he must achieve and stay in life for the good future of the world. At first, he does not take this responsibility, but Gandalf knows that the Ring must be taken by a powerless person because the power of the ring and someone can create huge darkness for the Middle Earth. So that “He sets out to undo a huge evil motivated by the love of his people and the values of his world “ (Darling, 2001). And he does not think about his life, so he prepares himself to the end of his life at the end of this journey because he loses his hope under the hard circumstances.

On the one hand,” the whole world is going to the war; the story rings with galloping hoofs, trumpets, steel on steel. On the other, very far away, miserable figures creep (like mice on a slag heap) through the twilight of Mordor. And all the time we know the fate of the world depends far more on the small movement than on the great “(Lewis 1982, 88). So, he faces a lot of challenges, for example, he and his friend Sam have limited food and water, Nazgul always follows him to take back the Ring and when Nazgul finds him, he attacks the Frodo so that Frodo doesn’t feel fine. On the other hand, Gollum deceives Frodo and Sam about the right road of Mordor because he takes the Ring and makes mischief for the relation of between them. Moreover, Gollum takes him a cave, and Frodo is bitten by a big spider. However, he never gives up he always tries to stay a life and strength. Finally, he reaches to Mordor and throws the Ring in fire, so all evils and battles come to an end thanks to the Frodo’s self-sacrificing.

What is more, Frodo shows us his honesty and loyalty towards his people and allies. Frodo carries so powerful ring and the Ring affects the carrier’s power. “The Ring is a constant temptation to power, playing on the desire for the greatness of those who carry it” (Dalfonzo,2007 ). Even if his allies protect him, some of them want to power of the ring to dominate the world and combine his power with the Ring. For example, Boromir behaves like a friend of him and sets out a journey with them, but he is not a loyal and honest person because he wants to take the ring and save the Gondor. However, Frodo resists against him and escapes there. “Frodo does not possess any great physical strength, but he does display other attributes such as love, loyalty, and determination” (Webb, 2018). Furthermore, he does not use the Ring to bad things because his love for his people and Shire makes him an honest and loyal hero. Although he experiences so hard times, he does not return on his way and he always knows that the ring is a burden off him and he must keep it safely until throws in the fires.

Moreover, Frodo’s actions demonstrate his persevering personality even if he encounters hardness during the journey. Normally, his life is so simple and humble, so he lives happily with Bilbo and his friends. However, Frodo’s duty is especially hard because the biggest power follows him and wants to take the Ring. Wherever Frodo escapes, Nazgul finds him and fights against him. Once Nazgul has stabbed him so Frodo is wounded deeply. Thanks to Aragorn and his love help, he is saved but this wound always remains with him. After that, he returns a different person because these experiences make him powerful, angry against the enemy, and determined. Furthermore, he wants to eliminate them and their evils. “Someone to encourage and inspire us to greater achievements” (Saxby,1989). So that Frodo inspires us to be patient and perseverance to make a tremendous impact on people. The journey of Frodo to the goodness of the Middle Earth changes Frodo in a good way. For example, he becomes strong, merciful, and determined after these challenges. “The active response to violent upheaval in the established order” (Colebatch, 1990). View of Colebatch describes the action of Frodo because he and his allies struggle against the big and powerful established order. The order wants to eliminate goodness in the people and governs them with evil. However, persevering Frodo always fights against them because he believes that if he dies for that, his people continue his life in peace. Therefore, his perseverance becomes a good example for all humanity, and still, he is a known, important hero.

The next one, Frodo is a responsible hero because he never thinks to give up, so he always continues to achieve his duty. Normally, nobody wants to take responsibility for somebody or something, but Frodo is not one of them. Because he takes the responsibility of the Ring and his people. Everybody knows that if Frodo cannot reach and throw it in the fire, evil surrounds the world. So that Frodo never rebels to the challenges and goes on his way. “Loss of hope is a tragic side-effect of the isolation of psychological abuse: loss of hope and insidious doubt that anything will ever change or improve” (Wilkerson, 2008). So that Frodo experiences psychological problems due to the impact of Ring on him. The Ring really has special powers and when he approaches the Mordor or the Black Riders, the ring gains control on Frodo so Frodo becomes tired and loses his power. Furthermore, The Ring affects his thoughts and emotions, and sometimes he mistreats Sam, but Sam knows the burden of the Frodo and he always stays with him. Also “ The Dead Marshes, Sauron rules from Mordor, a barren lifeless wasteland riddled with smoke and ash and dust, the air filled with poisonous fumes before you can say “brownfield” , Frodo volunteers to walk into Mordor to destroy the One Ring in the fires of Mount Doom in which it was forged. Frodo’s courage and commitment demonstrate how one must directly confront these environmental challenges, however difficult, rather than shirk responsibility” (Amodeo, 2003, p.42). According to Amodeo’s view we can see how Frodo struggles against every one of these challenges and he overcomes the difficulties under these bad circumstances. So, his responsible personality makes him a hero eternally.

Finally, he shows his great benevolent side during his journey. Benevolence is one of the important features of the to be a hero. Because if you are not a benevolent person, you cannot understand the emotion of the needed people and you cannot empathize with them. For example, “the hero who goes on a quest – usually to some dark and dangerous place- to win freedom for others and who gains self-knowledge in the process “(Campbell,1972). Therefore, Frodo is a helpful hero and he never hesitates to leave his comfortable life in the Shire, so he leaves immediately to save his people.” Heroes circulate the life force of goodness in our veins” (Zimbardo, 2011). So, he is a defined symbol of goodness and benevolence. Thanks to the Frodo people get rid of wars, evils, and tortures. Therefore, Frodo has an important impact on his people, so his benevolence returns him from a normal human to a hero.

In conclusion, Heroes have so special features and their personality are different from us. And Frodo is so important hero also he is a good example to all humanity because he demonstrates to us the importance of courageous, self-sacrifice, honesty and loyalty, perseverance, responsibility, and benevolence personality how to impact the goodness of the humanity. Actions of the Frodo create a peaceful world for his people, and he saves them from tortures of the Sauron. Furthermore, he is a willingness to be Ring-bearer throw it in the fire of the Mount Doom even if he knows the hardness of achieving his duty successfully. However, he never gives up continuing his duty and he struggles with challenges to his people. Also, he loses hope to return his home because he tries to get rid of the powerful Ring. But then he continues towards his aim and finally, he throws the Ring in fire and he saves his people and allies. And ”Heroes should not be judged by the size of a person, but by the size of their hearts” (Lozowski,2015). So, his stunning personality makes him a hero, not his appearance. Therefore, the most important things are that having a good personality and heart makes you a role model and maybe a hero. So we never give up making goodness and helping people.

Updated: Nov 01, 2022
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