Bilbo Baggins in “The Hobbit” Essay

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Bilbo Baggins in “The Hobbit”

Firstly, it is necessary to outline that Bilbo Baggins is the protagonist and title character of “The Hobbit”. He is the most important figure in the novel, because his emotions, feelings and actions shape the plot of the story. Bilbo’s appearance is rather original and even funny as he is only half the size of a man. In the beginning of the novel Bilbo appears to be comfortable and complacent like most hobbits. For example, he likes drink, food and security as well as he has his snug little hole at Bag End, Underhill.

However, starting from the chapter 5, when Gandalf “enlists Bilbo’s help in Thorin’s quest for the treasure under the mountain”, Bilbo gradually changes, develops and transforms from a cautious homebody to a confident and brave hero. With novel progression, Baggins displays inner cunning, strength and, certainly, he becomes the dominant force which holds the group of hapless dwarves together. Bilbo gains their respect, because he saves them from the goblins by shouting for Gandalf and then he helps them to defeat the spider and wood elves in Mirkwood.

He is respected for finding the way into the mountain and leading dwarfs to the desired treasure. Furthermore, Bilbo discovers the weak spot of Smaug and tries to thwart Thorin’s greed. Simply saying, Bilbo wants to bring peace to the feuding dwarves, elves, and humans. Chapter 8 is the turning point in hero’s development, because Bilbo kills the spider and feels like “a different person”. Further, despite dwarfs’ stubbornness and inability to make proper decisions, Bilbo develops his newfound qualities of initiative, courage, and heroism.

It is necessary to underline that when other participants of the journey become corrupted with greediness, Baggins tries to maintain common sense and courage. Throughout the novel, Bilbo discovers new capabilities unknown to him earlier. Moreover, he doesn’t become arrogant and follows his principles and values. Bilbo learns how to thrive and how to draw strength from the simple source trying to stay true to himself all along. References Tolkien, J. , Gardner, P. (ed. ) & Phllips, B. (ed. ). (2002). The Hobbit. New York, NY: Spark Pub.

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