Who is Elijah Cummings? His Bio, Age, Wife, Family and Net Worth

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Being the third child of seven children, born to working class parents Ruth Elma and Robert Cummings on the 18th of January 1951 is an American politician and U.S. Representative for Maryland's 7th Congressional District- Elijah Eugene Cummings. Congressman Elijah Cummings was born in Baltimore, Maryland, U.S. where he was also raised and remains his residence even currently. Congressman Cummings graduated from the Baltimore City College in 1969 and proceeded to attend Howard University in Washington D. C. where he efficiently served in the student government as first a class president, then student government treasurer, his diligence and efficiency showed while occupying these posts gained him the student government president.

He was also a member of the Phi Beta Kappa Society and graduated in 1973 obtaining a Bachelors Degree in Political Science. Congressman Cummings later on attended Law School at the University of Maryland School of Law and graduated in 1976 with his J.D. Degree. Later that year he served in the Maryland Bar where he practiced law for 18 years.

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In 1983, he started his public service where he gained his first public office to the House of Delegates in Maryland where he judiciously served as Chairman of the Legislative for an uninterrupted 14years, becoming the first African-American to be elected Speaker Pro Tempore in the history of Maryland. In 1996, Congressman Cummings won the Democratic primary and defeated his Republican opponent with over 80% of the votes, and all through his other elections, his votes never dropped below 70% and even in the year 2006, he was unopposed.

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Achievements and Awards

Congressman Elijah Cummings uses his reputable office and influential position dedicating his life of dynamic service to uplifting and empowering the people he was sworn to represent. To effectively and efficiently serve the people in his onerous responsibilities, he joined membership on various boards and commissions in and out of Baltimore which includes; university of Maryland board of advisors, Board of Visitors to the United States Naval Academy, the Elijah Cummings Youth Program in Israel, SEED Schools of Maryland Board of Directors amongst others. He also joined committees and headed few of them in bid for enabling better and safe community. As a Chairman of the Committee of Oversight and Reform, he upheld a magnified standard of effectiveness, efficiency, diligence and excellence in the part of the U.S. government actions. He introduced appropriate reform measures that seeks to eliminate waste of resources, fraudulent activities and abuse of all forms governmental power and ensures government capability in meeting the needs of the people. Congressman Cummings participated in the movement of ensuring gun-control and measures to be taken in owning or using a gun, as his nephew-Christopher Cummings- was killed in a random shooting in Old Cominion University in Virginia 2011. Elijah Cummings himself reported that the 20 years old Christopher was a promising, amazing young man who had a bright future and was admired by many people for his brilliance and ambitions. Congressman Cummings ensured that his generation and the next to come had undeniable access to quality health care services, standard education, a solid economy with the responsibility of right taxing and other benefits. He is also a member of the committee charged with the responsibility of safe transportation system and standard infrastructures. He is a honorary member of the Baltimore Zoo Board aiming at protecting the rights of animals as well. He is also an active member in his place of worship-Psalmist Baptist Church. He also led legislative efforts in creating awareness about AIDS, treatments as well as preventive measures. He supported the 'Smart Saving Act' and also aided in enhancing the urban economic development by involving private sectors to come in partnership with the government. He introduced 'All Circuit Review Extention Act'. Congressman received over 12 honorary doctorates degree from universities across the nation and all over world as well as his most recent degree which is an honorary doctorates in Public Service from the University of Maryland which was in 2017. He suffered a damage in his aortic valve which led to his absence from Capitol Hill as he underwent surgery and the final outcome was successful.Congressman Cummings is regarded as one of the most renowned politicians in the United States. He is currently a member of the Democratic Party. His career as an American politician is well established indeed.

His Wife and Family

As stated earlier his parents were Ruth Elma Cummings and Robert Cummings. His mother Ruth Cummings was the founder of Victory Prayer Chapel. She died at a good old age of 91 in her home due to stroke complications. Congressman Cummings is married to Maya Roockymoore Cummings. Maya Roockymoore is not just a wife to the long-time serving congressman, she is an entrepreneur, a humanitarian, a policy consultant, she was also a congressional aide and the Chair person of Maryland Democratic Party. She's aged 47 and married to Mr Cummings in 2008. Maya Cummings is a native of Texas and daughter of U.S. Air Force Soldier-Thomas Charles Roockymoore and her mother- Hazel Brown Roockymoore. She was raised in a military family with her siblings-Meredith her sister and Mark her brother. The family was active in both community and church service. Maya Roockymoore Cummings prior to being the Chair of Democratic Party for Maryland, ran for Maryland's gubernatorial which was her first run for public service and would have been the first black and the first female governor of Maryland but she suspended her campaign due to 'personal considerations' she said. Maya Cummings has an impressive and very sound academic background and she boasts of a Bachelors degree in political science and government which she obtained upon graduation from Praire View A&M university in 1993. It did not just end there, she's also a Masters degree holder which she acquired from Purdue university, Indiana in 1996. Further more, she received a PHD degree in the same Purdue university in year 2000. She's specialised in various studies which includes; international relations, public policy, American politics and African-American studies. She is the CEO of the consulting firm-Global Policy Solutions in Washington D.C. upon which it seeks public relations, analysis, strategy developments and securing grants donors. She has also contributed to a significant number of publication concerning; women's issues, insurance, social, Youth empowerment and civic participation. She also received 2017 endorsement from Emily List. Congressman Cummings and his wife Maya Roockymoore Cummings are still married though the union produce no children, Cummings from his previous relationship with Joyce Cummings has three children-amongst which his daughter Jennifer J. Cummings was in the news at one time for using her father's official car with the congress plate number on it as taxi aiding other people to their various destinations. In all the family seems to be happy and together. His Net Worth; The congressman is said to be having an impressive and attractive overall net worth of more than $2million dollars this is according to his most recent personal assets disclosure. Somewhere around 2015 his net worth was estimated to be around $1.1milliion with real estate being his top assets but as time went by, his net worth increased to a fine sum of almost $1.5million. His finances has always been on the increasing rate as its now presently estimated $2million dollars most of his proceeds comes from his successful career, his Baltimore home-which is roughly estimated to be yielding almost $800,000 dollars and also real estate which is one of his top assets. Congressman Elijah Eugene Cummings is said to be financially balanced and successful in his careers.

Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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