Miranda Pak – Bio, Personal Details, Facts About Terrence Howards’ Ex-Wife

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Although she already had an impressive résumé and was considered successful in her own right, it was Miranda Pak's marriage to a Hollywood star that catapulted her to fame. The aspiring perfectionist who considers herself to be heartily honest is presumed to be the woman that has ultimately won the heart of Empire star Terrence Howard, as the lovebirds can't seem to stay away from each other for long. Explore lesser-known facts about the racy model-turned-restauranteur.Miranda Pak's Bio, Personal DetailsUntil late 2013, Miranda Pak was relatively unknown to many because she lived low-profile.

The former model is apparently a pretty private person as there are just a few details of her personal life available to the public. However, it is common knowledge that the California native was born on June 1, 1977. There is no information about her parents, family background, early life, and elementary education. But for her tertiary studies, the Asian-American model and restauranteur is an alumna of New York University.

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Facts About Terrence Howards' Ex-WifePak's modeling careerEndowed with gorgeous looks, Miranda Pak ventured into modeling after college. There is a scarcity of information about her earlier modeling gigs but Pak gained attention in 2012 after she posed at HIN Hot Import Nights with Model Vanity Magazine. Although mostly behind the scenes, Mira also has a few credits in the entertainment industry.She is a restauranteurMiranda is apparently an independent lady who was comfortably earning a living as a model turned restauranteur before her marriage to a Hollywood star.

The businesswoman owns a California-based restaurant Shabu Shabu Bar.

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Mira obviously loves to keep her love life on a low key as she left her co-workers and staff at the restaurant located in Santa Ana totally clueless about her romance with Terrence Howard. They were shocked when news emerged that the lovebirds had tied the knot.Mira Pak is Howard's third wifeDetails regarding Mira and Terrence's romance from the outset are quite uncertain but the lovebirds are believed to have dated for a short while before tying the knot in October 2013 in Canada. The couple's union which lasted for two years was mostly kept on a low key. Mira and Terrence's separation was very quiet as they secretly parted ways in August 2014 and officially called it quits in July 2015, citing irreconcilable differences. Miranda filed for divorce while still pregnant with their first child.Miranda Pak and Terrence Howardimage sourceHowever, the couple reignited their flame a few months later as they were spotted together at a red carpet event in September 2015. In fact, the next month, Pak and Howard were seen kissing at a charity event and the Empire actor also wished his 'love' a happy anniversary on social media.While their union was a first for Miranda Pak, the same cannot be said of her famous ex-husband. Prior to the model turned restauranteur, Terrence Howard was previously married twice. His first marriage was with Lori McCommas. The union which is Howard's longest so far lasted for 13 years until they called it quits in 2005. Next, the actor found love in the arms of Michelle Ghent.

The former couple married in 2010 but their union was also shortlived as it notoriously ended in 2013 after three years together. It was later that same year that he tied the knot with Miranda Pak.Pak and Howard have two kids togetherMiranda Pak's marriage to Terrence Howard produced two sons Qirin who was welcomed in May 2015 and Hero who joined the family in July 2016. However, Pak has three stepchildren from her ex-husband's previous marriage. Terrence Howard's first three children - daughters Aubrey and Heaven and a son Hunter are from his first marriage with Lori McCommas.Miranda Pak got engaged to her ex-husband more than 3 years after their divorcePak and Howard secretly parted ways in mid-2015 but the duo apparently never got over each other. After more than three years apart, Terrence Howard proposed to his ex-wife, Miranda Pak, with a stunning engagement ring in December 2018. The Empire actor popped the question at the restaurant Crustacean Beverly Hills and shared footage from the magical moment via his Instagram account.

Professing his undying love to his fiancee, Howard vowed to make their love last ‘for eternity' this time. The former couple had reportedly begun living and together in Chicago earlier in the year and have also been raising their children together all along. Plans are underway for Miranda and Terrence who are presumably happier and tighter than ever to get married once again.

Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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